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Hello, and welcome to Aphelion! Also known as "Many Vampires in Nebraska" ( jokingly, of course ), we're a supernatural / modern/urban fantasy with a crime streak, and an optional boarding school. The school permits both supernatural and non-magical students, and features a middle school, high school, and college on the same campus. We're a no application, no word count, no strict activity check, no cap/ban/ratio, sandbox-y game with larger optional plots to partake in, and feature only six member groups, with a mere four distinct races ( you can also play reborn gods! ). Quite honestly, we're very easy to join; the easiest thing to do is create a mundane human for your first character, pretend we're slice of life, and learn as you go, you legit only need to read the rules and joining guide with this method. This first mundane human can also technically spontaneously develop magic later and become a witch, because magic can manifest at any age. Disclaimer: feels may occur. Disclaimer two: anyone that asks for threads in cbox will probably be told to post an open thread, join an existing one, or post in plotters. If this is off-putting to you, this is not the site you're looking for. We are default rated 3.2.2./high PG-13, but we do go above that via users inputting their birth date.
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Getting Started

Everything you may need to know to play with us can be found here. You are always welcome to ask questions, so don't be afraid to, but you should be able to find most of what you're looking for, if not all of it, here.
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All new information regarding site changes and updates will be posted about here by a staff member. Questions and concerns regarding these changes can be addressed over PM, or in the Help Desk.
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If you have questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, here is where you can address these. Please keep all of the above that are of a sensitive subject, to PMs. This is a guest-friendly board.
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All the stuff you'll need for plotting and planning with other players, getting personal character connections, and such, can be found here.
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Sati Lucain on Jul 20, 2018, 04:03 AM
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All paid-for city services, such as police, hospitals, shelters, fire department, and other such places, as well as municipal and government buildings such as the courthouse and Department of Motor Vehicles, can be located here.
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There are many sprawling streets throughout Luxerion, and some of them are even twisty, bendy, and confusing, because downtown, one would guess. Luxerion's streets are numerous, and some areas can be walked around in without trouble. Notably, the area of downtown near the Drago di Napoli is the safest set of blocks available downtown, and the neighbourhood around the International Academy are safe.
History Often Rhymes
Daren Caely on Jul 11, 2018, 03:47 PM
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If you'd like to start threads for a character's letters, social media, internet blog, or have need of a mobile phone call or text conversation, you can do so here. Unfortunately, doHTML templates do not work on this board.
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Downtown Luxerion, Nebraska, full of tall buildings, bright lights, and horrible traffic. Beware driving around down here in some places, as it's actually rather difficult to get around in sometimes. Ah, but isn't that any downtown. There is a large complex near the central-eastern side of downtown, where the Drago di Napoli, a notorious criminal mafia and vampire coven, have set up shop; interestingly, the area around it within at least ten miles is almost completely crime-free.
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Icarus Essair on Jul 15, 2018, 11:51 PM
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With such a large population, it makes sense Luxerion has a wide array of options for shopping and entertainment, from indoor and outdoor malls, to specialty stores not found anywhere else. Luxerion also boasts an active and adventurous nightlife in some places, if you know where to look, and you might occasionally come across Native American stores selling handmade Native goods.
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Kassander Essair on Jul 20, 2018, 04:22 AM
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The campus of LIA is one of the most beautiful, well-landscaped and designed. There are seven buildings, six departments, arranged in a circular configuration around the campus grounds. The main building features a man-made waterfall, which is fed from the small river that winds through the grounds, and falls back into it from the main building's roof. The river eventually feeds into a stone-lined lake, which is open to the public and students alike as a swimming spot. There are many plants scattered around in the buildings, as well as outside the buildings, and the lawn is kept neatly trimmed.
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Houses and apartments are highly numerous, with residential areas being found all over the city. Like most cities, Luxerion has its middle class neighborhoods, and its ghettos and slums, as well as its richer neighborhoods.
Pieces of Home
Aquila Lucain on Jul 19, 2018, 05:35 AM
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While transportation in the city is easy, there aren't quite as many options as bigger ones, like New York. Luxerion has a bus line, a tram line (street cars on cables), an active taxi service, and a wide range of options with ride-share services like Uber and Lyft. It also offers two different airports, one domestic and one international.
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Admin Building

Generalized out of character interaction can be had here. Just be sure to behave and treat other members how you yourself would like to be treated. Guests may partake in the conversations had here, if they so desire; this board is guest friendly.
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  • Esmera: For us when we go.
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  • Delara Essair: my plot thread
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  • dragonborn: i think at this pt hes allowed to be lazy
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  • dragonborn: lmao
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  • Esmera: Also it does do some of the focusing for you, so, there's that, I won't pretend he doesn't get lazy sometimes. xD
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  • Esmera: Tbh, if Kass didn't know everything, he'd probably have lost his, too, because he uses it like once in a very wild blue moon.
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  • Skylar Sorrenson: lol
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  • dragonborn: He also had a wand once, and it was a sycamore something, but he also lost it. ... the Lucains are great at keeping track of their wands. -- nah, yall suck at it.
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