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Written by Arceon

I can't change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to.
NameJesse Lin. He goes by Julian Tiao now.
Birth PlaceTaiwan
EthnicityHan Chinese
Relationship StatusDating
Poly?What's that?
ResidenceJulian currently lives in the Luxerion International dormitories, the high school levels. He isn't really sure who his roommate is yet, but he supposes he'll figure it out eventually. Given he died, and now owns nothing, his dorm's liable to be pretty basic and boring.
LanguagesEnglish. He used to be able to speak Mandarin, and if he doesn't think about it too hard, he can understand it, mostly, but yeah he can't speak it anymore. He does still have a slight, noted Mandarin accent, though.
RecreationalRobotics Team
Science Club
Play ByMoon Jongup

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We begin with Jesse Lin. Jesse Lin was the first, and incidentally, only child, his parents had. He grew up in a fairly loving home, his parents weren't terrible, or anything. Really, his parents were very loving and supportive, and while they may have been stricter than he'd have liked, they meant well. Despite his child-self really hating it, when they got on his case about schoolwork or something similar, he understood they just wanted to make sure that his life was in order, and stayed that way, because when it got out of order, it could be rather the fight to fix it.

Eventually, his magic awoke. One parent was witch, but the other wasn't, and they took it decently well. ... which is fortunate, because, Jesse's affinity just happened to be water, and he cannot, on one hand, count how many times he'd burst the pipes and broken faucets on accident. He was transferred to Luxerion International, as he'd already reached middle school age, and, while overwhelming, Jesse was bright enough a personality, he did alright, and made friends pretty fast.

Being the sort of person to make friends with the underdog, one of his friends was Adrian White. For a while, there, it seemed like Jesse was his only friend, and it was always pretty sad, to him. He ended up inviting Adrian to basically everything; birthday parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Chinese New Year, shit, bowling on Sundays when he got bored... his parents half-adopted him, and, by the end of eighth grade, Jesse understood why.

It was the kind of thing that'd just snuck up on him out of nowhere. One moment they were just close friends, and the next, Jesse was staring at him like he was the only important thing in the entire world, and to him, yeah, he was. It took him a bit longer to tell him, but, eventually he did, and they started dating. When he told his parents, his father actually laughed at him, and his mother shook her head, waved her hand, and said they knew he was gay already. They'd just been waiting for him to figure that out. Wow, guys, burst his bubble... but, he was lucky, and Jesse knew it.

About a year later, Jesse and his cousins were on the way home from a birthday party for one of their other cousins. It was late, it was Friday night, and Ethan, the cousin driving, looked away from the road for just a split second. That was all it took, and a drunk driver slammed into the side of the car, hard enough to split the car almost completely in two. Jesse survived, long enough to have Vivian bleed out on him, both pinned under part of the car frame. The paramedics arrived, and Jesse lost consciousness. He was declared dead six hours later.

And then there was singing. The most beautiful, calming song he'd ever heard. It sounded like a chorus of chimes, some seemingly chiming a different melody, but somehow, all in harmony. A bright light explained that he was a daeva, set to guide mortals. He just had to wait. The brightness had already created a new body, but he'd not processed anything and needed to learn a few things.

But from where he was, Jesse could hear it, could see it, the things Adrian hadn't ever told him before. It hurt. Why hadn't he said anything? It was a stupid question, but he kept thinking it. He wasn't staying. Adrian needed him, damn whatever the talking brightness wanted straight to hell, if it even existed. Given heaven apparently does, maybe.

Probably long before he should've, Jesse went back. He has no idea how to fly. He can't use light magic. He doesn't even really know how to protect his focus, and truthfully, he doesn't care much. He'll figure it out. Now, he goes by Julian, and, as one would expect of Jesse, where there's an Adrian, there's a Julian not far away.


These are abilities that are typical of all magical beings.

Potion Making


Spell Casting


These are all from genetic sources.




These are abilities that are innate, personal abilities.
  • If you're curious what Jesse-Jesse looked like, Lu Han. (That's why Lu Han is a retired PB.)

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