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Written by Lenara
NameCaderyn Adair
Age1028 ( 29 )
Birth PlaceModern Day Northern France
OccupationNecromancy teacher at LIA
Relationship StatusCrushing
ResidenceCade currently lives in a rather small home not too far from the school grounds. He could afford something larger - but it's enough for him. 2 bedrooms, one bath. Sort of an open layout where the living and dining area are basically the same space, with a wide opening into the kitchen.
LanguagesEnglish, French, some latin. Cantonese, and conversational Russian. There are probably some others if he tries. Italian, that's a thing.
Play ByJake Gyllenhaal

CreatedJun 14, 2018, 01:33 PM
AcceptedAug 08, 2018, 05:00 AM
Last PostedNov 14, 2018, 01:33 PM
Cade both does and does not remember his life as a living human. He remembers fragments of it, but they are faded these days, as that was a long time ago. His death is a somewhat distant memory as well these days, he died in battle, in war. His wings are a red to remind him of that fact - though Cade tends to keep them glamoured out of the way these days.

Cade has had a number of focus' over the years. And for a long time, he went into stasis with each focus, as a Daeva is supposed to. Caderyn isn't sure how long ago it was that he decided he hated the Hamadaeva. Azrael, as it turned out, twisted the Light's words in the most unsettling ways.

As a result, Caderyn does not go to Maharaja very often these days, instead he tends to ignore the summons in favor of listening to the whisper of Light inside of him, for as long as he can Hear the light, then he knows that he is on the right path.

About fifteen years ago, Cade had a brief fling with a mundane woman. It ended abruptly when she ceased all communications with him and stopped answering his calls. Cade withdrew gracefully, and some time after that ended up settling in Luxerion. He's teaching at LIA - mostly necromancy, but he also does Daeva 101 at times.

As it turns out, he has a daughter from that fling, and suddenly he understands why most recently his focus' have not been putting him in stasis when they are over. Instead when a major focus ends, he is 'reset' to the school.

Now he's finally aware of the girl, and well. It's going better than expected, honestly.
Highly skilled, enough so that he teaches Necromancy himself.
Only with ghosts, yay him.

Force Fields
Aura Manipulation - Learned.

Daeva: (Assume these are limited to his charge, except healing)

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