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Written by Arceon
Axel Vasilyev beautiful disaster

I came into this world screaming and covered in someone else's blood. I'm not afraid to go out that way, too.
NameAxel Mikhail Vasilyev. Used to be Diana Galina Vasilyeva.
Birth PlaceKhaborovsk, Russia
Relationship StatusCrushing
ResidenceTechnically, he lives with his aunt, dad, and his older brother, in a custom-built fancy-looking wood cabin near the lake. Eventually his crazy self will move out. Yeah, I know.
LanguagesRussian, English, and Sarcasm.

He has a pretty thick Russian accent, it's too late to get rid of it now, but Axel's embraced it; its name is Boris.
RecreationalMuay Thai boxing ( this is actually outside Luxerion, he's been into MT since he was 13 )
Horseback Riding
Used to be on the soccer team, but he quit a long time ago.

He also owns a horse, Tamlin, he is a Friesian / Irish Cobb ( Gypsy Vanner ), big black and white draft horse. Believe it or not, he barrel races this horse.
Reborn OfDeath/Rebirth
In ways most necromancers don't, Axel holds impressive rule over souls. While he may not entirely be aware of the full extent of his capabilities as the reborn god of death and rebirth, he does tend to just know what's next for almost anyone, if he thinks about it enough. Unlike other necromancers, he never had to learn how to communicate with and understand spirits, he always just, did, almost as if all other souls are a part of him, and he a part of them. Unfortunately, this does have the ostensibly bad side-effect of making him a little more emotionally invested in the stories of those he helps move on. He does not have trouble understanding them, and their pain tends to hurt him a little more intensely than it would almost anyone else.

He's also got almost innate capability in calming frenzied spirits down, and while he has not actually tried, because everyone knows you don't, when he does get to the stage where he's trying to calm down shades ( very angry spirits that cannot be reasoned with anymore ), he'll find he can do so actually rather easily, just instinctively. Axel's also a tiny fraction more popular than other necromancers, as he is a bit more attractive to wandering souls; they can sense he is the god of death, even if they can't really put words to it.

He exists to ensure that life, and death, keep going, and while he may not yet be the Daeva of Death, he's almost acting as if he is already, in some capacity. Yes, he is the next Daeva of Death, and someday, he'll take over that set of duties from the Light. Axel is wildly unaware of this.
Play ByLiam Hemsworth

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Axel was born Diana Vasilyeva, in a little city near the southern edge of Russia called Khabarovsk, it's on the Amur River right off that pointy bit of north China, bout 30 miles off the border. What's funny about this is, Khabarovsk is nowhere near the permafrost, and yet Axel acts like he can't tolerate heat ( being fair about it, he's used to mid-sixties, not low-hundreds ). Being fair about it, Khabarovsk isn't exactly a tiny city, with a population of about 570,000, but you know, when you move to a city with 1.2 million people in it, it seems a bit smaller than it did before. Just a bit.

In any case, unfortunately, his mother died when he was born, leaving his dad, Viktor, to figure it out on his own. By then, though, Mikhail, Axel's older brother, was already five, and took to helping take care of his then-little sister. Their dad, on the other hand, fell into rather the depression, and while he might've been a little harsher than he needed to be, snapped sometimes, he was mostly just absent. Occasionally he and Mikhail fought, but, it was usually short-lived. Mikhail eventually got into Bratva, to help make ends meet, given their dad was drinking so much, the bills kind of suffered for it. And then their aunt Natalia intervened, when visiting one day. Their dad and Mikhail got into another argument and Natalia sort of stuffed herself in the middle and flatly told her brother what a dick he was being, albeit much kinder than most might've.

It worked, fortunately. He stopped drinking eventually, got his life back in order. Things around the house calmed down a good deal, but there's probably some resentment and upset that neither Axel or Mikhail ever fully dealt with. Honestly, though, most of the time, Axel's just glad Viktor cared enough to stop, and while things aren't perfect, by any means, they're certainly better. Natalia moved in, and Axel eventually came to the conclusion he was a boy. Natalia didn't seem surprised; Viktor might've been a little, but, after a point, he just kind of accepted it, and thinking back on it, Axel's confused and grateful and wonders how that went as well as it did.

Ultimately, though, they decided if they were going to let Axel be the boy he actually was, Russia would just destroy him, if not actually kill him. Russia's tolerance of LGBT individuals is notoriously bad, of course. So, using the vitamorph abilities his mom passed onto him, Diana became Axel for the first time, and when they immigrated to the US, all his paperwork marked him as a boy, and used the name Axel Vasilyev, instead. Technically, he could mostly get away with never admitting he is trans again, but there are a small handful of people he'll tell -- his close friends, some of his teachers know, and his doctor knows.

Axel felt a lot better, after that. He actually became rather the social butterfly, outgoing and always making friends. Strangely, as he got older, his necromancy hit levels his dad's never really did, but at least by that point, he had his dad to turn to for guidance. By then, he was also in Luxerion International ( aunt Nat insisted ), and had his necromancy teacher, too. Despite always having lots of friends, he's never really had particularly close ones, except Aren. Axel met Aren not long after they moved to the US, and they became pretty fast friends, close enough many tend to think of them as one unit. It's almost disgustingly cute. Probably, it wasn't surprising that, eventually, one fell in love with the other, and it's debatable if the feeling's mutual or not. Axel's never said anything, and generally doesn't intend to, either.

In his mid-teens, he got into Muay Thai boxing, later going competitive and having a few silver medals under his belt. He also saved up his own money and bought himself a horse, Tamlin. Tamlin's a draft horse, but somehow, Axel manages to compete with him in barrel racing. The world will never quite understand how he manages to barrel race a draft horse, but here we are. Unfortunately, because he makes friends all over the place, he eventually ended up making friends with the wrong people, and fell into dealings with the Ivory Tigers, a street gang based in Luxerion. It took a few years, but he did eventually work up the courage to leave, and that... well, let's just say he still has nightmares about that.

Now, he's pretty sure he's pregnant, he has no idea which one's it is and even if he did, it doesn't matter, and somehow he's still on the Tigers' shit-list, so he gets shot at a lot. Mikhail, when they moved here, joined up with the Drago di Napoli, to get Bratva to let him go. It worked in his favor, and being honest, Axel's pretty damn tempted. Mishka never has anything bad to say about the Drago, maybe it might even be something he can live with, instead of eventually wanting to quit.

Yeah, Aren's always on about how he can do stuff that doesn't include crime, but it's not like Axel knows what.

A stupid drug possession charge ( he smokes weed recreationally ) got him in jail for a bit, and he failed one year, so he's a senior, a year late. Eh, better late than never, he guesses.
Potion Making
Spell Casting

Given his already relatively impressive innate bond with other souls, it shouldn't be surprising the only place left to go is control. Not only is necromancy capability in his blood, it is also what he was destined to become, as he is the reborn of death and rebirth ( and, of course, always has been, through varying incarnations ). When he fully realizes this side of himself, he'll find his command over souls is a bit abnormally strong.

His control over his vitamorphing is very well refined. Able to shift physical gender between one and the other, and sometimes somewhere in-between, as easily as breathing, to say the least of it, he's kind of a pro by now. Vitamorphing was the thing he manifested and focused on early, albeit he's always had mediumship/necromancy early on, too. But hey, when you're twelve and what is this, you go with the one that's easy.

While he only has this in relation to ghosts and the Undead, his empathic abilities are actually more powerful than they rightly should be, for one as inexperienced as he. It ties in with his reborn abilities; he has a connection and kinship, of a form, with spirits, that most typically don't, and when he feels their pain, he really feels it. This is actually rather detrimental; while he can figure out what they need quicker than they can figure out how to say it, particularly upset ghosts can knock him on his ass. Literally.

Logically, as a young, inexperienced Necromancer, Axel would be incapable of this, but as the reborn of death, he can manipulate the energies of death. These can be used to either trigger certain feelings in others, whether physical or emotional, or cause psyche-based damage to something or someone else. He is also very capable of manipulating the very plasma ghosts are made of.

As mentioned above, albeit he has yet to discover this ability, he does have the ability to manipulate raw plasma, both of the scientific kind, and the ghostly kind. By being able to manipulate plasma and death energy both, he can, if he so chose, completely destroy another soul. He is actually quite dangerous to daevas because of this; he is one of the very few people that can outright kill one, even if he doesn't consciously know how, just yet.

Actually rather good at it by now, though he has not reached the stage he can consciously generate flame. If he gets too stressed out, his body temperature may go up a tiny amount, and the air around him become hotter ( he used to set things on fire, very flammable things, by being near them, but generally no longer does ).
  • He's actually pregnant and will eventually shift female and stay that way, just because it's less awkward.
  • Technically, he left the stupid Tigers a few weeks ago, but there are still a handful of Tiger members that are after his ass. Also, a few that are probably personally affronted because he left. Yeah. He gets shot at a lot.
  • His brother's Drago, though, if he got smart, he could scare the Tigers off him.

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