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Written by Arceon
Kassander Essair light from the shadows

Never back down, you could never wear my crown, cause it weighs too much and I crush every mother fuckin' thing I touch.
NameSextus Julius Caesar Kassandros, if you wanna get technical.
Age2,109 ( 18 )
Birth PlaceCapua, Rome. Would be Italy now.
OccupationFigure Skating Coach; Mafia Overlord
FactionDrago di Napoli
Relationship StatusMarried
ResidenceIn downtown Luxerion is a cluster of buildings, about four or five blocks all sequestered to the side. Each of these buildings has marble columns topped with dragon figures; this is the Drago di Napoli complex. Some of these buildings are business offices, others warehouses, but the bunch to the north side are residential, essentially very expensive condos. The taller building with the cobra on the front doors, that's the one Kassander lives in, toward the top, with his husbands. His brother Icarus and his mother Ksenia are probably in the same building.

Their condo is fairly large, stainless steel appliances, the kitchen and living room have floor-to-ceiling windows (with blackout curtains that can readily be drawn over them, of course), lots of plant life scattered around. The living room's got hardwood flooring, a shiny mahogany, and the hallways and dining room too, the kitchen's got a slate grey tile, and then off to one side is the parlour, which is carpeted with a beige carpet. The recreational room downstairs is also hardwood, the bedroom's got a silvery blue carpet. There's an indoor pool, which goes into the recreational room, and can be seen into, to one side, it's open to the outside in its last four or five feet, basically making it function like a balcony pool.
LanguagesLong list, here we go:
Latin, Vulgar Latin, Basque, Catalan, Middle Persian, Ancient Egyptian, Old French, High German, Old English, Old Norse, Swedish (by proxy, Norwegian and Danish), Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Greek, Eastern Baltic, Old Prussian, Castilian (Spain Spanish), Scotts Gaelic, Welsh, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Swahili, Tagalog, Malay, Tamil, Samoan, and, most recently, American English.

While he speaks several of these quite well, many of them are very old dialects, but usually he can be at least vaguely understood by native speakers of the modern versions. He does not tend to use Basque or Middle Persian with anyone but Sandalio, Haku, and Apollo, the Drago di Napoli's security system. Most often, he has a notable Italian-sounding accent to his ... uh, anything, actually. If you've never heard an Italian speak English, his R's just naturally roll, and he tends to 'eh' at the end of words that should end with a consonant.
RecreationalOccasionally, Kassander still skates in charity events, and will still take part in publicity things for organisations and companies that he believes in.
Reborn OfLight/The Sun/The Present
Nobody is more capable in using Light sorcery. Unlike most with Light affinity, his Light sorcery is blue-white, not gold. There are things Kassander can do with it that no one else can, primarily, he can hear the whisper of the world. Everywhere there is light, Kass's gaze can reach. This means, he basically knows anything that is going on at any one time, and often, he can see future events, based upon what has changed and been decided. In contrast, the god of shadow, his husband incidentally, can dig up what used to be, and find truths hidden in lies. Between the two of them, you're not getting away with shit.

With his two identical twin brothers, Icarus and Cygnus, he forms the modern concept of the Viking Norns. Icarus is the past; he remembers. Kassander is the present; he does. Cygnus is the future; he dreams. They all have some part to play in the course of fate, but their influence is somewhat thin, these days.

Kassandros specifically is, in short, an agent of change. The present, of course, is kinetic; it is potential, it is constantly moving, and most generally can't keep up with it. Kassander can. He can see every direction things may go, and influence which way they do. If there was to be a god in the background pulling strings, it'd be Kassander. In this sense, he works with Cygnus pretty heavily, in that Cygnus sees the futures Kassander creates, and Kassander creates the futures Cygnus sees. Yes, sometimes, the order of that makes a difference.

Incidentally, Kassander is also The Light. He chooses, ascends, and guides, daevas, on some level. For the most part, Natalia has taken over this duty, but older daevas will remember there being a male voice in their head, not a female one, and sometimes he does still talk to them directly. At the moment, he's more concerned with keeping the cycle of life and death moving in the absence of the daeva of death, but he was not meant to do this and it's tiring. With Cygnus sleeping in his soul, he has his younger brother's dreams of the future, and visions, but he was also not meant for these, and they are also tiring.

The three are also the gods of the universe; that which holds reality aloft, but this is only apparent in very specific situations.
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Born in Rome, luckily for him, right at the start of the Roman Republic's decline, Kassander has not led an easy life. Most that pay any sort of attention to him can figure that out pretty easily, if they're any sort of intelligent, despite Kassander himself not generally making this particularly obvious. He was the eldest of his family, one of a set of triplets, the other two being Icarus and Cygnus, another younger brother, and a younger half-sister. He did also, in another House, have an older half-brother, Cyprian. House Julius were, at the time, beginning their long trek up the societal ladder of Rome, and his branch of the family (Julia Caesara) were pressured by other branches of the lineage to bring status and honour to the gens.

Kassander, at the time named Kassandros, was raised and groomed to take over as paterfamilias for his branch of the Julii. His mother disappeared when he and the other two of the triplet set were six. Everyone said it was because Kassandros was too much for her to handle, as he was, and had always been, a special child. His father, Vopiscus, was rather the piece of work, constantly undermining all of his accomplishments, criticising everything he did at every possible turn, occasionally turning outright abusive but only occasionally, and consistently underestimating his eldest son. Kassander tolerated it, for quite a long time, but then his commentary turned often to how pretty Kassandros was becoming, and despite the comments being seemingly harmless, he never did take his father for being harmless. There were two others in the House that looked exactly like him, and until that point, Vopiscus had outright ignored either existed. Kassandros decided he would rather Vopiscus continued to ignore them, than he turned to abusing them.

Kassandros killed him.

In the following years, he gathered together a cluster of ne'er do goods. Good guys, by the books, given the rest of Rome was so terrible at the time, the small cluster became one of the earliest street gangs in history. He joined the military when he was old enough to do so, climbing the ranks rather rapidly. In the interim, he made it seemingly a personal goal to collect and reunite separated and scattered slave families and close friends, reuniting probably around six or seven families when he had the chance. He saved many lives, merely because he could, gaining one husband as a guard and sparing him any further time in the gladiator arena, or very harsh handling in another House, and the other husband after a Roman had gotten very rough with him and did brain damage, putting a huge dent in his ability to control his own body. He gained many friends in similar ways. Each of his small number of slaves had a story to tell, but they all ended the same; Kassandros saved them, from something.

Kassandros understood them in ways most didn't, because just as Rome had turned on them, it turned on him, too. He has precious few good memories of Rome.

It was, perhaps, not surprising, that when the Licinii Crassii took offence to the rising star that was Sextus Julius Caesar Kassandros, his entire house rose in defence of him and what was his. Kassandros brought them together, and staying together, they'd decided, was worth risking their necks. Unfortunately, that ended very badly. Kassandros isn't entirely sure, anymore, what happened to the vast majority of his House, but by the end of it, a few were missing, and the rest were vampires. While his street gang had reacted, eventually, to the House's distress, they were still not enough; half of it were killed, the other half became vampires.

Kassandros himself was essentially tortured to death, over the course of a week, an event he no longer remembers. He woke up some time later, Sati not far away, also having been turned. His street gang, and what remained of his House became the Ardent Cobras, essentially the beta-Drago.

Over time, both Kassandros, and his cluster of undead, carved a name for themselves essentially out of blood; Rome was kind to no one, and never had been, and Kassandros held no illusions about it. Marcus Licinius Crassus later died of unrelated causes, and Kassandros did what he could to mitigate the damage from the fall of the Republic on commoners. He later also worked on pressuring Rome to put in better regulations on the slave trade, and eventually, slavery was outlawed entirely. For the most part, though, Kassandros merely focused on taking care of his, because quite frankly, he's always felt like he owed it to them, for essentially dying for him, because he never did ask them to do that. None seemed particularly displeased about it, but it didn't mean Kass wasn't.

Eventually, he earned the nickname the Dragon of Naples; he'd been helping commoners ravaged by the activities of varying street gangs in Naples, and eventually drove all of the worst ones out. Kassandros, as it happened, shifts into a dragon as his vampire animal form, and used this form to make quite the bit of headway against them. When they were gone, some figured out he was the dragon, and started calling him the Dragon of Naples. Within about thirty years of this title being randomly bestowed on him, it extended to his Cobras. They evolved into the Drago di Napoli, the Dragons of Naples.

They were, officially, formed as a coven in 1052 AD, in the Norman Duchy of Apulia and Calabria, but they had been together for so long, most of them don't consider that their founding date. The Drago continued to stand as the world changed around them. In 1148, Cygnus, and Cygnus' husband's mother Victoria, were killed by a nearby rival coven; it was the first, and so far the only, time the Drago initiated war with another group, rather than being on the defending side. In the years following, they remained the major vampiric power in south Europe, based in Naples, and remaining there for quite a few hundred years.

Kassandros, eventually having modernised his name to Kassander Essair, had an about 17 year career in figure skating. He was quite well-loved for his artistic style, known for moving across the ice without actually skating and pulling off elegant spins, and was rather popular. He then, after retiring, went on to eventually start coaching several different big-name figure skaters, the most recent of which is Kaspian Sorrenson, a six time world champion, and the only figure skater in history to successfully land a quad-axel jump in competition. Occasionally, Kassander will perform as a guest skater in galas, and has organised, sponsored, and skated in, several charity events.

About ten years ago, the Desert Storm moved to Luxerion, Nebraska, for a specific reason that Kassander was aware of. The Drago di Napoli, thus, soon followed, and have settled into Luxerion as if they have always been there.


These are abilities that are typical of all magical beings.

Potion Making


Spell Casting


These are all from genetic sources.
High Resistance


Shadow Stepping




These are from being the effective "god" of light.




These are abilities that are innate, personal abilities.



These abilities will eventually go away.
  • He's a seer. He knows your name. He may not know why, but he knows your name. He knows a lot of things besides, and yes, it can be creepy and unnerving, he's used to it.
  • Kassander is not as impulsive as he seems to be. It may look like his decisions are last second or on a whim, at times, but he's been pondering and planning it for a long time. He acts exactly when he should, not a second before or after. In everything, there's a reason behind his timing, and reasons behind everything he does or doesn't do, even if it seems it's random.
  • Listen, he's very hard to piss off. But when you do manage to do it, you're highly unlikely to ever live it down. Kassander's anger runs cold. Which is very weird, because you'd think it'd be hot given his element, but here we are.
  • Forget what you think you know about light and dark. You're probably wrong when it comes to Kassander and Sandalio.
  • Rather powerful magic user, and very good at combat otherwise. He may not like fighting, but he can do it, and pretty well. Don't ever mistake his aversion to conflict as a sign he can't handle it. You'll be sorely mistaken, and it may well be the last mistake you ever make.
  • Kass wears a sun necklace, rarely ever takes it off. It's made of gold, with an amber centrepiece, designed like a wheel. Some realise it's a sun, but most probably mistake it for a wheel.

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