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Written by Arceon
NameNoelle Aria Essair
Birth PlaceSalerno, Italy
EthnicityMiddle Eastern
FactionDrago di Napoli
Relationship StatusSingle
ResidenceGenerally speaking, Noelle lives with her fathers, in the residential section of the Drago di Napoli complex. The taller building with the cobra on the front doors is the building most of the Essairs live in, and Noelle's no different. She has her own room, of course, much bigger than she can ever really deal with, and usually coated in toys and art supplies. Yes, she's constantly being told to clean her room, go figure. Once in a grand while, though, she actually stays in her dads' room instead of hers, because nightmares happen, and she feels safer where they are.

Their condo is fairly large, stainless steel appliances, the kitchen and living room have floor-to-ceiling windows (with blackout curtains that can readily be drawn over them, of course), lots of plant life scattered around. The living room's got hardwood flooring, a shiny mahogany, and the hallways and dining room too, the kitchen's got a slate grey tile, and then off to one side is the parlour, which is carpeted with a beige carpet. The recreational room downstairs is also hardwood, the bedroom's got a silvery blue carpet. There's an indoor pool, which goes into the recreational room, and can be seen into, to one side, it's open to the outside in its last four or five feet, basically making it function like a balcony pool.
LanguagesItalian, getting the hang of English.
Play ByIvy

CreatedJun 29, 2018, 05:19 PM
AcceptedAug 08, 2018, 05:00 AM
Her parents were immigrants to Europe, seeking to escape the chaos in the Middle East. They settled in Salerno, Italy, and despite sticking out somewhat, they did alright for themselves. Noelle vaguely remembers making friends with their neighbours, helping the older lady that lived across the street with her garden work. Noelle doesn't know why, now, and quite frankly neither do her dads, but something went wrong, and a scary man broke into their house one night. The man that came later, and made the scary man go away, he said her mommy and daddy had gone somewhere else, somewhere Noelle couldn't go, but someday she might see them again. She still doesn't entirely understand, and generally thinks her parents are on vacation or doing something adult-y that she would be in the way for, but the nice man took her to the United States, and left her with the Drago di Napoli.

Almost everyone in the Drago di Napoli speak Italian, and Noelle's settled in okay, as one of Kassander, Sandalio, and Haku's adoptive kids. Things are weird now; she does and doesn't like normal food, these days, but likes this drink that kind of tastes like tea they keep on-hand. Daddy (Kassander) often has at least one bottle in his desk, but dada (Sandalio) and Popop (Haku) know where to find it, too. Sometimes, she's Noelle, and other times, she's not, but she doesn't really remember when she's not Noelle, just the impression of being furry. By this point, she's decided these are weird dreams.

When she's old enough to understand better, daddy, dada, and popop will explain. In the meantime, she's happy just pulling books they said not to read off the shelf and handing them to uncle Ici. Sometimes he reads them, sometimes he doesn't. Uncle Sephy helps with maths, and Gigi (grandma Ksenia) has been teaching her English and geography. Popop lets her do art, and she likes making things out of paper. Noelle likes learning, though, so she's not too upset. Once in a while, though, she has dreams about the scary man, and she'll climb in daddy, dada, and popop's bed and hide under the covers. It's safe there.


These are abilities that are typical of all magical beings.
None yet


These are all from genetic sources.
Noelle turns into a tiger.


These are abilities that are innate, personal abilities.
None yet
  • All her photos are just labelled as Ivy. I don't know if that's even her real name, but she's a young girl from Malaysia. I presume her lack of a full name is to protect her, so I won't dig further than I have, sorry.
  • All photos are by Gansforever Osman. I did not take them and do not claim ownership of them.
  • Most likely, she will be accompanied by somebody else, when she's in a thread, and there's not much to really do with a five year old, so it's okay if her plots are loose and coffee-shop-y by nature.
  • I promise you, she's safe, even if she's not with Kass, Sandalio, or Haku, at least one of them knows where she is at all times. Even if she looks unaccompanied, she is not.
  • When she's stressed out, or panicked, she turns into a tiger cub.

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