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Written by Arceon

They gonna see us from outer space, outer space, light it up; like we're the stars of the human race.
NameGeneva Esther King-Essair
Age139 ( 20 )
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan
EthnicityAfrican-Native American
OccupationTeacher (ESL)
Relationship StatusSingle
ResidenceDespite her flamboyance, Geneva has a fairly simplistic, not-too-big apartment in downtown Luxerion. She could, theoretically, stay with the Drago di Napoli, it's not like they don't house their members, but, she occasionally gets into, how you say, trouble, and would rather not drag it to Kassander. Dude's got enough problems, right?
LanguagesEnglish, Italian, Spanish, French. If she tries, she can remember a decent amount of her father's language (Myaamia, or Miami-Illinois, it's Algonquian), but typically these will be restricted to phrases and sayings that her father said multiple times.
Play ByNyane Lebajoa

CreatedJul 14, 2018, 04:31 AM
AcceptedAug 08, 2018, 05:00 AM
Only a handful of years after the official abolishment of slavery in the United States, Geneva was born, to a former African-American slave woman and a Native American of the Miami tribe. By now, Geneva has mostly forgotten her early life, but she remembers small snatches of time on a farm. At some point, her family moved from Detroit, where she was born, toward the west, and much of her childhood and teenage years were spent in and around Colorado.

Logically, she can guess that her early years were fairly difficult, if only because she was half-black and half-Native. As normal, for bi-racial people, she looked like a Native to the blacks, and black to the Natives, and fit in with neither. By this point, she's long gotten over her insecurities in regard to such matters, but in her younger years, they consistently tripped her up. For quite a long time, she felt like she didn't belong anywhere, and was actually quite happy when her family moved so far from the rest of civilisation. She didn't have to deal with the judgemental looks, which were even worse back then, given hardly anyone mixed ethnicities that way back then unless under... specific circumstances. When she was a child, her hair and eye colours changed randomly, but her father understood; he was the one she got it from. He called it vitamorphing, and taught her how to control it, how to change colours and manipulate her appearance on purpose, instead of wildly.

It was accidental, her ending up a vampire. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her sire was a fairly new vampire herself, being only a few months old at the time, and still learning. While Geneva didn't realise, at first, that the wild dog that had jumped at her had managed to turn her, oh, she figured it out relatively painfully by dawn. Her father had taught her how to defend herself decently well, and through some odd twist of fate slash miracle, she'd managed to ingest just enough of her sire's blood, by stabbing her in the neck, to turn instead of die. Geneva, originally, tried to hide, stuffing herself in her room during the day, and pretending as best she could that nothing had changed. It didn't work.

She nearly killed her mother, during a bloodthirsty frenzy, and Geneva ran. Incidentally, straight into her sire. Even then, though, the vampire covens were often at one another's necks. Geneva was young, even by human standards, maybe only about thirteen or so, and there were things, at the time, she didn't understand and couldn't, just yet. Her sire took her in, brought her to her coven, and tried teaching her the things she was learning from her own sire. But, as these things sometimes go, those things Geneva didn't understand eventually cost her sire her life. Now, even, she doesn't know, for sure, how she lived, and her sire didn't, but a rival coven took her sire down, and Geneva remembers howling mournfully for hours... and then she wasn't alone, anymore.

The one she met first called himself Icarus, from the Drago di Napoli. The second one that followed not a minute or two after called himself Thana. The Desert Storm had intervened, it'd seem, and asked the Drago for help. Geneva learned soon enough, just one of them by himself probably could've dealt with it easy enough. Whether Thana would have survived it, were he on his own, that was maybe in the air somewhere, so in a sense, Icarus was there mostly to make sure Thana didn't kill himself.

Geneva, at the time, didn't even know what the Desert Storm was, but she learned. She became a member of the Drago di Napoli, travelling to Italy, at the time the Drago were in Naples, to stay and learn with them. The Drago were massive to her, but she was only really aware of covens as small, splintered fractures across the United States, not large clusters of vampires in single locations. Her former coven had only maybe a few dozen vampires to it; this one had hundreds, and many were many times her age, used telepathy and shifted as easily as breathing. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

She got used to it.  In time, the Drago became home in a way that she hadn't thought possible before. For the first time in her life, Geneva belonged somewhere, even if it was a rough road to get to that point, she found the struggle was worth it. As Icarus and Thana were the first ones she'd met, she stuck to them, for the most part. Kassander was inherently intimidating to her, probably at least partly purposeful on his part, given he was the main alpha (sure, the Drago has like a thousand fucking alphas, but it's pretty clear Kassander's the main one), though she made easy friends with most of the Essairs. One of them, even, understood her wanting to have somewhere to belong, because he, too, didn't have one, once.

Despite their not originally intending to really adopt her, Icarus and Thana did (or maybe she adopted them), and Geneva became Geneva King-Essair. In the Drago, it doesn't matter where you came from, what matters is where you're going, and for a while Geneva didn't really know that. She eventually discovered a love of language, and started writing for a while, stories and translations, journalist columns, but after the Drago di Napoli left Naples and came to America (my, it's different than she remembers it), she took on a teaching role at the International Academy in Luxerion, teaching English to those whose native language isn't English. Funny enough, several of the Drago were her first ESL students; English, of course, is her native language.

While she doesn't live in the Drago complex, anymore, there's always a place for her there, with them. Geneva often goes home, because for a long time, she didn't have one, and she's determined not to take it for granted now that she does.


These are abilities that are typical of all magical beings.
While not a stranger to the ways of divining, probably thanks to the particular family she was adopted into, Geneva's never really been a big fan of it all. Mostly she uses it as hints and guides rather than taking it as absolute truth, and really, her life's much less stressful for it.

Potion Making
Raised around probably some of the best potion masters there are, Geneva's potions tend to have a bit extra bang for their buck, so to say, a little more oomph. She may create potions for other magical beings, but once in a while, if she finds someone open-minded enough, she'll make potions for non-magical beings; is it a real potion she gives them, though? It depends. Most often, it's just coloured water. Placeeeeboo....

While decently skilled with scrying, there is the tiny problem where she tends to find more or less anything she might've lost in a recent time-frame. Looking for a friend and finding about five different pens she misplaced over the last week is quite fun indeed.

Spell Casting
Her wording is still a bit off sometimes, but generally she's not too bad at it.


These are all from genetic sources.
High Resistance






These are abilities that are innate, personal abilities.





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