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Written by giratina

It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live.
NameBorn Octavius Julius Caesar Cygnus, he's now Cygnus Essair.
Age2,109 ( 17 )
Birth PlaceCapua, Rome
FactionDrago di Napoli
Relationship StatusMarried
LanguagesHe speaks perfect Italian, understands smatterings of most European languages, at the very least, and the most common Asian ones, along with Arabic. His ventures into English are new, however, so his English is pretty rough and unrefined.
Reborn OfThe Future
Icarus remembers, Kassander does, and Cygnus dreams.

Kassander is not, technically, supposed to be a seer, so much as have a clear grasp and understanding of what is presently going on at any one time. Cygnus on the other hand, always knows what's ahead. Unlike Kassander, he can see which direction a single decision will go, how many branches off that one decision can be made, and being honest, it's kind of headache inducing. The hindrance of this ability is that he cannot see into men's hearts, so guessing which way something will go is actually much harder than it sounds. People do not always do what he, or even they themselves, expect, when actually placed in certain situations.

Many of his visions come in dreams. Often, he'll forget them eventually. Some of the things he sees do not happen, actually quite a many few things he sees don't. He is aware of the twists and turns of the time stream in a manner most aren't, and generally knows when someone will die, when they're meant to die, and where they end up in their next incarnation. In some sense, he decides those sorts of things, but not really consciously. He is also quite prone to having migraines.

Fun fact: Icarus, Kassander, and Cygnus, are shards of the god of the universe, that which keeps the universe functioning. Cygnus has command over this being's dreams and the command over souls, so in some sense, he is a necromancer, except he's not. He can rip souls apart, forcibly return one to the collective, and, like Kass and Icarus, severely damage a daeva, or completely remove a daeva from being one.
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The youngest of the Essair triplets, though admittedly, most don't know that, anymore, given he's been dead for nine hundred some-odd years ( and we don't mean that colloquially ), Cygnus was born during the tail end of the Roman Republic era, about the same time-frame as the Third Servile War. His eldest brother Kassandros, now Kassander, was, of course, the house's heir, Icarus was the backup, and Cygnus was the backup for the backup. Hey, at least he wasn't their younger brother, who was the backup for the backup for the backup? Something like that.

Their mother went away when they were six years old, leaving them to their father, Vopiscus; Cygnus still doesn't know all the details, exactly, he just knows their father never really paid him or Icarus any mind. At some point, his attention started steadily pulling Kassandros away from the other two of the triplets, and to say the least of it, Cygnus became something of a wreck, perpetually trapped as a six year old demanding attention, any attention he could get. Oh, he messed up plenty of times, fell in with the wrong people, made some severely bad choices, and by the end of it, he and Kassandros were almost always at one another's necks over something, and Icarus was just kind of stuck watching and eternally making the 'what the fuck' gesture. Things did and did not get better after their father died, because Kassandros was then too busy keeping the house afloat, and Cygnus really didn't understand that; all he knew was, he missed his brother, and any of his attention he could get was good enough for him.

Eventually, though, he finally hit his rock bottom, and decided he needed to figure himself out. Back then, of course, they had no words for what was wrong with him, but Cygnus is rather schizophrenic, with severe social-emotional agnosia; essentially, this means unspoken social cues, like body language, tonal inflections, and facial expressions, did not initially make sense to him. He just missed them outright. It led to a lot of miscommunications. This was compounded by his inability to make sense of words a lot of the time, his seriously stunted executive and cognitive brain function, and his general inability to think beyond surface level. Further, while he is and has always been a wildly emotional person, he did not always understand his feelings beyond the very basic ones, as no one had taught him what was what, or how to handle any of it.

While he realized these shortcomings, eventually, he did a lot of inadvertent damage to those that cared for him before then, much to his regret later, and Rome had no answers for things like schizophrenia. With his brothers' help, and later their mother's, and even later, Sepheres', he started figuring it out, little by little. Eventually, he still tripped up sometimes, but never so badly as he used to.

Their house later offended the Licinia Crassa line, and while Kassandros did what he could to try and prevent their branch of Julia Caesara from falling, it was ultimately not enough. Kassandros and his guard, Sandalio, disappeared for a friggin week, and the rest of the house later came under direct attack. Many were lost in the fight, but a good number were saved by the Lucains, and became vampires. Cygnus was one of them, and, thankfully, so was Icarus and their mother Ksenia. Kassandros and Sandalio later came back, both also vampires, but Kassi took another week to wake up, and when he did, he didn't seem to remember what'd happened.

By then, Cygnus could guess. He never directly asked, because he'll hear it from Kassi when he remembers and wants to talk about it. After that, they dropped their nomen and cognomen, and became just the Ardent Cobras. While they kept to themselves, even moving out of Capua, their birth city, to Salernum, what eventually became Salerno, they were never terribly good at minding their own business. Even then, most of their cluster of vampires continued to save lives, stick their noses where they didn't belong, and later, Kassandros moved the Cobras to prevent some of the backlash of the Republic's fall on commoners. Of course he did. Kassandros usually was concerned about the common plebs.

In any case, Kassandros later took to driving street gangs that proved to be rather terrible out of Naples, and became known as the Dragon of Naples. This name later extended to the Cobras, which became the Drago di Napoli, the Dragons of Naples. At some point, the triplets decided their family name was Essair, and Cygnus became Cygnus Essair. In time, through work, and learning to shift around Sepheres' insecurities and trauma, Cygnus started filling in the holes that were in him, and he did the same for Cygnus. It took a bit longer than it should've, for them to put words to what they were to one another, but it was never any question. It was stupidly obvious, probably mostly by how Cygnus often looked at him like he was the most important thing in the world to him. Several hand-shaped glass flowers later, and Sepheres was, as far as anyone was concerned, Sepheres Essair, Cygnus' husband.

Life went on. Things were never terribly easy, by any means, but together, the Drago weathered most storms. About a hundred years or so after their formal founding as a vampire coven, territory-based conflict with another vampire coven cost Cygnus his life, after being shot with a light bolt out of a tower he was using as a kiting location. He remembers staying, a bit; Sepheres' mother Victoria also died in that battle, and she and Cygnus remained for a bit, watching, but then they decided those they loved would be okay, because they were strong, and walked into the light together.

Victoria moved on. Cygnus did not.

He doesn't know why, right now, but he thinks he's been somewhere in Kassandros' soul. Eventually, he became rather quite aware of some kind of corruption that was trying to reach the glimmer of silver in Kassi's heart. Cygnus doesn't have a name for it, but he knows that silver shine is very important, so he's been hiding it, to keep it away from whatever it is that wants to steal it away. That silver shine is Kassi's, and only Kassi can use it. That's all Cygnus needs to know.
Potion Making
Spell Casting

Shadow Stepping
Shapeshifting -- he turns into an Oriental goshawk

Dream Leaping
An ability he's personally always had, but never been aware of having, not really, he is capable of jumping into the dreams of others. Sometimes he just sits and watches, but other times he'll manipulate those dreams. Most often, he'll do this unconsciously, and then morph unpleasant dreams into better ones.

Precognitive Dreams
He hasn't always remembered them, but Cygnus has had dreams of future events, and parallel worlds, for as long as he's been alive, pretty much.

Innately, he can see and interact with spirits. Albeit, he is not always aware of when he's talking to living person versus a dead one. He gets it mixed up sometimes.

This is the first power Cygnus ever developed, and pretty much the only one he is consciously aware of the existence of. From a young age, he could generate and command electrical currents, albeit not always very skilfully, we'll say. In hindsight, his electrical alignment makes sense. He can charge conductive objects with a current, and fire electrical bolts, quite skilfully now.

Like his oldest brother, Cygnus can and does receive visions of events; most often these are future events, but not always, sometimes they are historical events, and other times they are something going on at the present moment. It is actually from Cygnus' soul being in his that Kassander even has outright visions to begin with. It is not really possible to control these visions, they come at will.

Cygnus eventually developed the ability to channel other magical beings' powers; he can, at least in the presence of them, copy someone else's powers, and for as long as they are within a handful of yards of one another, he will continue to have access to their powers.
He'll... pop out of Kassi shortly, in the interim, he cannot be out of him when Kassander is awake. No idea why.

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