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Written by Lenara
Age2121 ( 24 )
Birth PlaceOutside of Athens, Greece
OccupationNone, currently.
FactionDesert Storm
Relationship StatusMarried
ResidenceHome is wherever Sati and their other partners are staying. Apparently this is in the Desert Storm's dome on Luxerion grounds, and that suits Alexios just fine.
LanguagesLatin, Arabic, some Egyptian. Spanish. Japanese. Cantonese, conversational mandarin. (Weak) English.
Play ByJackson Rathbone

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Alexios and his older sister were born to a Greek farmer and his wife. Their family lived on a reasonably sized farm outside of Athens. Their mother died giving birth to Alexios, and so he does not really know the woman whom he was named after, he only knows of her. Life was simple enough, as he grew up. His sister was five years his senior, and took a role in raising him as they both got a little older.

One year weather caused some issues with the harvest, and Nikias had a much harder time making ends meet than usual. That was the year the Romans came. Nikias had been trying to reason with them, to get enough time to manage to pay off the taxes owed. But Nikias wasn't home when they came, he was in Athens, trying to sell what goods he did have that they didn't have to keep to survive the winter.

Alexios doesn't really know if the two were actually linked as closely as they seemed to be. It was fully possible that they were just unprotected at the wrong time when slavers passed through - it happened, sometimes. At any rate, he and his sister were both taken to Rome proper - and then separated, of course.

Let us just say that life as a Roman slave was unpleasant, and Alexios eventually angered one of his masters enough that he was transferred into the Ludus to either shape up or die. In a sense Alexios did neither - he survived in the Arena, but did not become much more amicable to his Domini. Eventually he was sold and bought by another house.

It was in this house that he would meet Sati. Sati was... terrifying, at first, if Alexios was honest with himself. There was something unsettling and scary about Spartacus paying attention to him. Eventually though, he did become friends with him, and as things were in Rome, they became more. Alexios was certain he was merely a distraction, but... Sati never quite let go.

Eventually they were sold together to house Julia Caesara. Alexios was reunited with his sister, and surprisingly, his father. And then, of course, he was able to meet the nephews he didn't know he had, his sister's children. This was, of course, quite a step towards making Alexios trust his new master - though only marginally at first. Sati was reunited with his brother, and got to meet his nephews as well. It was surprising to see so many family reunions within those walls.

They, the ex-gladiators, served as house guards, which as it turned out was mostly light work. ... Mostly, because the paterfamilias Kassandros certainly had enemies. Still, knowing he had enemies didn't entirely prepare the house for what happened when Marcus decided to turn on them openly. Kassandros and his personal guard disappeared, and the the house fell. In the aftermath, most of the survivors became Vampires - not all of Alexios' family was lucky enough to make it.

Sati and Surya brought Kassandros and Sandalio home. Some time later, he left and sparked a rebellion - Alexios went with him. It didn't go well, ultimately, but they had ignited the fires of rebellion, and reminded the Romans of the fire they lived with every day. Alexios, Sati, Surya, and Inetkaes were among the survivors, and they ended up in Egypt.

They rejoined (or, well, in Alexios' case, joined) the Desert Storm, and for the first time, he was faced with the spark of recognition as he was faced with the father of Vampires. It was a very strange sensation, but he got used to it. The Storm was a good place to heal from the damage the Romans caused - it became home, there alongside Sati, even if he didn't understand why the other was still interested in him after all this time.

Eventually Sahura would die, and Sati and Surya would collectively gain the 'spark'. Unbeknownst to Alexios, this would one day become a very helpful marker for whether he was actually facing Sati or not. ... More on that later. The spark is fainter with the two of them than it had been with Sahura, but it is still unmistakably there.

Alexios remained with the Storm as the Vampire Council was formed, and has followed them all across the world to assist in enforcing the laws that Sati laid down to ensure their people could remain quietly existing alongside the burgeoning human populations.

In time, about 800 years ago, stories of another rogue vampire began to circulate. Sati, of course, investigated. Instead of one rogue, he found two - one completely insane, one less so. The Ten no Ikari was formed around this pair to give the insane one something to ground into. But in time... in time they came to care for this pair in other ways, and at some point their pair became a quad.

It works for them. Despite initial concerns that Rakaia didn't really understand, it worked for them because Rakaia did care about all of them, and wanted all of them around.

Fifteen or so years ago, Alexios died. And after a while, he was returned as a Daeva. He went to return to the storm at that point, but Azrael apparently decided he was having none of it. At any rate, he ended up in a nightmare cage. And that is where he's been for the last decade and a half or so.

Needless to say, his mind is a little hazy.
A hold over from the years he spent as a vampire - he's extremely skilled with this. Given enough time he can probably use his ability to manipulate air currents to assist in flight. He's also good at using it in combat.

Energy Balls
The ability to throw electrically charged energy balls. This is a bit newer and a little less practiced.

Only for his charge. And only sensing, as far as he knows, Aquila has no idea how to project consciously. And... hopes he can't do it on accident because that could be troublesome.

Aquila's sparks are white to silver, generally. Aquila can spark to places he has been before or to his charge. ... this is only somewhat of a hindrance given Aquila has seen, uh, a lot of the world.

Super Strength
Having magically-augmented physical strength and stamina.

Divination, Scrying, Spell Casting, Potion making, Aura Manipulation.
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