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Non-Player Character
Sati Lucain son of the shifting sands

If you don't live for something, then you'll die for nothing.
NameSati Asante Lucain. Being fair, it's all made up.
Age5,166 ( 28 )
Birth PlaceAlexandria, Egypt
FactionDesert Storm
Relationship StatusMarried
ResidenceThe Desert Storm called a magically created dome in the Sahara, somewhere in Libya, home, with careful climate controls, and a sun-barrier that mimicked the sky, and Sati had a house on one side, not far from his brother Surya's.

Sati, when the Storm moved to Luxerion, Nebraska, recreated this dome on Luxerion International Academy's grounds, toward the back out of the way, and Sati has a similarly modest home there, too. It's really only got a living room, small kitchen/dining hybrid, and a bedroom in it, enough space it's not cramped, but there's really not much excess. There are a few pictures on the walls, usually of his brother, nieces and nephews, or his own kids, several of his two husbands and his wife. One or two have him in them. There's a strand of glass beads and seashells hanging from the doorway between the living room and kitchen, Rakaia made it a while back. Otherwise, it's fairly simplistic.
LanguagesSati's been around for a very long time, and for some reason, he remembers probably too much. As such, he's learned a wide range of languages, and remembers quite a bit of them. Admittedly, though, he takes a bit to remember how to parse and formulate sentences in very obscure or dead languages, and just languages he doesn't typically use -- he'll remember Hindi much faster than he remembers, say, Polish, because he doesn't often have a reason to use Polish, whereas several vampire covens use Hindi.
Reborn OfWar
The god of war is split in two; Sati is the action half. He is the decisive blow, the one that actually attacks, and he's quite good at it. Skilled enough by now to redirect Surya's plans mid-battle. Surya, his brother, is the planning part. Surya decides, Sati does. It probably kind of looks like Surya points and Sati kills, which, being fair about it, really isn't entirely wrong.
Play ByShemar Moore

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Sati was born a very, very long time ago, back before the Egyptian dynasties. He remembers this only because he remembers his father, Sahura, being the one to unite the tribes in the vicinity under one banner, and establish the first Egyptian dynasty; yes, Sati, and his younger brother Surya, are the sons of Scorpion King I. Neither managed to take the throne after him, and by now, they can't remember if they were related to Narmer or not, but it doesn't really matter now.

In the early years, magic was new and interesting; back then, sorcery was a far-off dream, and maybe Sahura got a little carried away. The god of light, at the time, cursed Sahura for getting too wild with his toying with raw aura, and his sister Inetkaes was cursed too, something about needing to keep someone around so he can think straight, and the two were the first, and second, respectively, vampires. Sati and Surya were born later, making them the first born vampires.

He doesn't remember much of his early life, and honestly it's not terribly interesting. Egypt flourished, the world changed. The Desert Storm was formed somewhere amid here, and then, Sati got in trouble with a couple Romans ( don't judge him, it wasn't hard at the time to piss off a Roman ), and ended up enslaved in Rome, during the Roman Republic era. He hardly ever claims it, but the gladiator known as Spartacus, the one that started the Third Servile War, that was Sati. Gannicus was Surya, who is a dumbass, and followed him right into chains, too.

In Rome, Sati became a well-known gladiator, quite skilled at that death business, and Surya wasn't bad at it, either. Sati eventually came to House Lentula Vatia, where he met, and over time fell in love with, a Greek gladiator called Aquila, but his name was Alexios. Surya was in the same house for a while, but later was sold ( he was having rather the affair with the lady of the house, voluntarily at least, and fathered two sons by her ), and ended up in house Julia Caesara. Later, Sati and Alexios followed, where Alexios was reunited with his sister and his father, and Sati finally got to meet his nephews, and then their aunt found them.

The paterfamilias of this house had gladiators merely to serve as house guards, and intended, it'd seem, to eventually free them. Unfortunately, this was not to be. The boy pissed off the wrong Licinia Crassa, Marcus in fact, and he and his personal guard vanished for a week, and the rest of the house were left to deal with an overnight siege by themselves. Sati and Surya did what they could to mitigate the damage, but Marcus' forces were too numerous, and the Caesara numbers too inexperienced in actual battle ( arena fights are not the same thing ). Despite their best efforts, the house fell, anyway, and by morning, he and Surya had turned the ones they could save to vampires, because their healers just couldn't keep up with it. Alexios lost his entire family in the fight, but Sati gave him the choice of turning, or eventually bleeding out. He chose to stay, and to this day, Sati's not really sure why.

With the house stable, at least, he and Surya went looking for Kassandros and Sandalio, and arrived just in time to catch the ass end of Sandalio's ending spat with Marcus. Sati speared the fucker, and then went to free Kassandros. He was already dead, by then, but somehow, Sati knew he could bring him back, and he did, in the end. Many have questioned his decision to; many have argued it would've been more merciful to let him die and move on, and despite agreeing with them, to some extent, he does not regret his choice. The now undead Julia Caesara house would not have come under his command easily, nor Surya's, and while Kassandros' brothers may have been able to command them, they knew nothing about leading. Further complicating matters, Kassandros was the one that brought them together. Losing him, after all he'd done for them, would've been a blow to their morale that they likely would've never really recovered from. Yes, he brought him back; because he was the sun they had begun to orbit around.

Surprisingly, his soul had not moved on, and Sati managed to turn him. The damage was extensive, though, and it took him another week to heal enough to regain consciousness, and, when he did, he didn't remember anything that had transpired, anyway. Sati left him in care of his house, eventually, and turned eyes on Rome; all of them would pay for what Marcus had done. While he managed to gain rather the huge number of followers, and give Rome one hell of a run for their money, he did ultimately fail. Some of the rebel numbers escaped Roman persecution, over the Alps, and Sati, Surya, Alexios and Inetkaes were among that number. In time, they made their way to northern Africa, traveled into the desert, where none would dare follow, and stayed there, rejoining the Desert Storm, and building the original magically constructed dome.

Time eroded away most familiar things, but the Storm remained constant. When Sahura was killed in battle with Romans later, the spark of recognition that all vampires had with him seemed to have transferred to Sati and Surya; so he hears. Sati cannot feel his own, or Surya's. In time, it became commonly accepted that he and Surya were the first vampires, and Sati just kind of went with it. He established the Vampire Council, to prevent vampires from being bloodthirsty psychos, implementing laws against blatant disregard for life, sociopathic or sadistic tendencies, and siring new vampires and then abandoning them. He and the Storm became known for enforcing these laws personally, and there are few rogues left in the world; those that do remain are generally not a problem, and Sati has thus far let them alone as they cause no trouble.

Some eight hundred years ago, word came from one of the East Asian covens that a Japanese vampire had gone rogue, or perhaps a new one was made and abandoned, they weren't sure. Sati went to investigate, and the blood trail the rogue had left was easy enough to follow; he found something he didn't expect to. Two new vampires, not just one; the young woman was quite crazed, and the young man explained she'd been tortured to insanity, in effort of curing her vampirism. He'd startled her, and she'd turned him on accident. Sati took both under his wing. While the woman, Rakaia, never fully regained her ability to function normally, Sati managed to help the man, Makoto, calm her down, and learn how to keep her that way. Wands were an instant trigger; just seeing one lying around caused a panicked and violent frenzy, as did seeing her own reflection, but they managed to learn to work around it and ground her in reality, as well as one can be expected was possible at the time. The Ten no Ikari was constructed around her, to give her a 'home,' a safe place.

Surprisingly, he and Alexios, over time, came to love the both of them, and Rakaia and Makoto eventually came to mean a lot to both. The pair became a quad, and while it was often debatable if Rakaia was fully aware of anything going on, she did, in her own Rakaia way, truly seem to care for all three, and so they didn't really question it too hard. She didn't seem unhappy, nor that she wanted one or even any of them to leave her alone, at least, and that was essentially the best they'd get. Eventually, though, she did manage to find, mostly on her own, a healer that was capable of reconnecting the dots in her head, making her keep her handle on reality better, and she forgot things less and less. These days, she's mostly sane and steady; she does still refer to herself as 'we,' but she hasn't forgotten her own name in years.

Then, during conflict with a coven that had turned nasty, Alexios died. And Sati really shouldn't be surprised, because people die, sometimes, that's a thing that happens all the time. It still hurt, in ways that make the word hurt not explain it well enough, in ways he can't find words for at all, because in many ways, Alexios was the other part of him. By now, Rakaia and Makoto are, too, and he remained standing, for them, for Surya, for their kids, but he's fairly sure he'll never be the same again. Unlike some, Alexios didn't come back. Sati waited, for a while, but then decided if he was going to return as a daeva, he'd have done it by then, and tried to heal some and let go. He's only had marginal success with that. The Jaaliska's alpha is not helping, with her blatant flirting with him ( he's about ready to throat punch her, and rip her spine out of her neck, for some of the shit she says ), but no. He's kept his temper down, so far.

Kassandros later asked him to move the Storm to Luxerion, Nebraska. Sati didn't understand why, but he never really makes a habit of questioning Kassander too much. He's always right, and he always has good reasons, even if Sati doesn't know them. A few years later, though, a recent Russian immigrant transferred to Luxerion International, the place where Kassander said to go, and Sati understood. The Daeva of Death was changing, and that kid was the next one, but someone up there on the floating islands did not want to let him ascend. The Storm's job was to protect him until he was ready. The Ten no Ikari and the Drago di Napoli followed the Storm not long after, and all three have been quietly defending this kid, while doing their best to keep his identity hidden, ever since.

Sati's biggest regret, now, is that he didn't follow Alexios, wherever it was he was going next.
Potion Making
Spell Casting

Consciousness Link
As the current acting father of vampires (Sati's father Sahura originally was the first, and now Sati and Surya have assumed that position), he has a strange empathic-like link to other vampires. They know when they're facing him, as an internal spark of recognition sets off at sensing him, and they tend to understand him much easier than typical, almost as if "feeling" what one another is thinking.

High Resistance
Night Vision
Shadow Stepping
Shapeshifting -- Sati is a hawk. One of the ones from Africa, I forget which.
Super Strength

Enhanced Intuition
Molecular Combustion

  • Had a wand once. Eucalyptus and Lapis Lazuli. He's lost it.

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