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Written by Arceon
Natalia Vasilyeva miss sunshine

In all things, be kind; everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
NameNatalia Lena Vasilyeva
Birth PlaceKhaborovsk, Russia
OccupationSocial Worker
Relationship StatusSingle
ResidenceNatalia currently lives with her brother, and his two sons, in a custom built wooden cabin about a quarter mile from Lake Luxerion. The cabin is three storeys, with six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a half bath on the top floor, two fireplaces, two car attached garage, and a loft over the great room. It's also got a recreational room downstairs with a pool table. It's kept fairly tidy, generally has a few plants and a bunch of pictures all over the place, little knick-knacks and a few drawings from the kids she works with.
LanguagesRussian, English, consciously, but unconsciously, everything.
Reborn OfThe Light
This is where shit gets weird.

Natalia is the Light. Except, she also isn't. The long and short of it is, she is and is not a shard of Kassander Essair that he shed off purposely, in order to make it more manageable to handle both the Daevas, and keeping the life-death cycle moving. The latter is not something the light is supposed to do, it just happens that it has to, right now. Even she isn't sure why the shard that Kassander freed from his soul attached to her, but they are and are not one.

So, sometimes, she will remember being the light. She'll know everything. She'll look at you with that glint in her eyes that says she is many, many times older than she seems. But most of the time, she's just Natalia, and while the two seem to go hand in hand, they don't.
Play ByLina Shekhovtsova

CreatedJun 14, 2018, 01:23 PM
AcceptedAug 08, 2018, 05:00 AM
The younger of a pair of siblings, Natalia was born with an older brother, Viktor. Their mother was a necromancer, and Viktor inherited it, but Natalia did not. She's not terribly upset about it; it seems like a giant pain in the ass, being honest. She did pay attention, though, interested in what her mother and her brother dealt with all the time, and she got quickly accustomed to how odd ghosts could be, when they weren't sure how to say what they meant. Strange things happened in their house all the time, growing up, and Natalia just, got used to it.

Being frank, it was strangely boring, when she moved out of that house.

As was expected of her, she graduated from school, and then went to college, taking psychology, a few courses in child psychology, specifically, and basic nursing courses. Technically, she could be a nurse, if she put in another year or two in medical school, but she chose to take her psychology degree, and become a social worker. Russia's child protective services are, in many ways, lacking, and she was often backed into corners put there by stupid regulatory semantics, and really, she was just frustrated, the entire way. Save the children from the gays, but hey, who cares if their parents beat them.

Unlike Viktor, she never did marry. Some could say, she was too busy saving kids. Funny enough, she even saved her nephews (at the time, one of those was still trying to fit into a niece mould), and honestly, if she was going to help any family, she's glad it was her own. People hit lows. Some things hurt too much to see or think around. Viktor's actually rather an emotional creature, sometimes, and Natalia knows it, knew it even then, and when he started down those wrong pathways, she had to stop him, or she'd lose him forever, and she knew that, too.

Thankfully, he listened. He may not have been happy about it, at first, but he did listen, he did let her in. She got him to stop drinking, helped him deal with and process the pain. There was a lot there, and it probably didn't help that his being a necromancer meant he had a lot of pain that wasn't his to bear, too. She helped where she could. And things got better, the future became brighter. Mikhail, unfortunately, had already joined Bratva, to help make ends meet. Diana, Natalia eventually figured out, was actually a boy, and struggling with his own self-concept.

Eventually, Diana announced he was a he, and Natalia, knowing Russia would tear him apart for it, if they let him be who he was, and there was no reason he shouldn't have been able to, suggested they leave the country. Somewhere more accepting of transgenders, would be nice. They settled on the United States; it wasn't the best choice, frankly Natalia liked Denmark and Sweden better, but hey, it was infinitely safer. If nothing else, Diana could become the boy he was, and no one would be any the wiser. When they came to America, Diana was registered as Axel Vasilyev, not Diana Vasilyeva, and indeed, none were the wiser.

In America, Natalia has had a lot more luck helping families and saving struggling children. People make mistakes. They fall into dark places. And in some way, she's thankful to Viktor, for helping her really understand that not all of these parents she deals with are really the monsters they seem to be. In a way, he made her better at what she does, by helping remind her that humans are imperfect, and sometimes, they just need a little light.

These days, she hosts kids for the international study programme at Luxerion International Academy, and this year, she's gotten Russians. At least the Vasilyevs speak their language. She's so excited, but there's a corner of her mind, barely a whisper, that knows, these kids are hurt, and they, too, need a little light.


These are abilities that are typical of all magical beings.

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Okay, this is a wee strange. But, sometimes, Natalia is the Light; most of the time she's not, so these abilities are very random and relatively fleeting.





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