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Written by giratina
Kaspian Sorrenson Ice Prince

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war.
NameKaspian Kian Sorrenson
Birth PlaceOskarshamn, Sweden
OccupationFigure Skater
Relationship StatusSingle
ResidenceKaspian technically lives in Ljung, Vastra Gotaland, Sweden. It's a six bedroom, five bathroom, two story manor, on 4.15 acres of land, bordering a lake. It's got a private beach, gardens, several fountains, about six fireplaces, and his bedroom alone is probably about as big as most low-end houses.

Since he's moved, recently, to Luxerion, for the time being, he has a little apartment-style flat probably about as big as his living room back home. Surprisingly, he's not having trouble with that. What he is having trouble with, is dealing with the press, considering he doesn't have a gated fence anymore.
LanguagesSwedish, Russian, French, English. Conversational Italian and Japanese. Some Mandarin Chinese, enough to get around Beijing.
He speaks English with an odd accent that sounds somewhere between Scandinavian and Slavic. More melodic that Slavic, but a bit harsher than Scandinavian.
Play ByJacey Elthalion

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Born in Sweden, Kaspian is the youngest of two siblings. His older sister Alison is only about four years older, and technically she's his half-sister, but, they don't tend to qualify that. Their mother, Kelly, was a single mother, twice over, and to say the least of it, they were never very fortunate, as far as finances go. When he was old enough to do so, Kaspian ended up helping the neighbors with chores around the house, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, helping take care of garden plants and pets, for extra money. The neighbors didn't really mind, and sometimes ended up giving him more than they should've, as a gesture of goodwill.

This was how, by chance, he discovered ice skating. Kaspian was helping an older lady take down, wash, and put back, the curtains in her house, and dust places she couldn't safely reach anymore. As it happened, the lady was watching the figure skating segment of the Olympics that year, and Kaspian... well, he kind of fell in love with the ice, being honest. The neighbor lady was quite happy to talk about figure skating, telling him all the things he needed to know, and it was with her help that he managed to save up enough to buy his first pair of skates. He wouldn't be where he is now if it weren't for her -- she has passed, by now, but he often mentions her name during interviews and such that bring up relevant topics.

In any case, with his first pair of skates, and her encouragement, he learned how to ice skate at six years old. He was a bit late, but not too late, thankfully. His mother, grandmother, and older sister, later helped him find a coach. For a while, he kind of bounced between coaches, until he reached old enough for the juniors, to compete internationally. Being honest, he got goddamn lucky, and he has no idea how he did it. Somehow, for some reason, the friggin Kassander friggin Essair showed up to a regional competition he was partaking in, and arranged to become his coach, only asking for payment if and when Kaspian earned a decent amount from skating. He was so lucky, and he knew it. Kassander Essair had, back then, and still does now, turn heads, make the rumor mill turn, and nobody ever really has anything particularly terrible to say about his skating.

He'd learn, eventually, that there was a pretty good reason why, but to a very young aspiring skater like Kaspian, perhaps thirteen at the time, Kassander was practically fucking god.

Funny story, he basically is.

Anyway, under Kassander's guidance and tutelage, Kaspian flourished as a skater, and managed to make his senior debut one of the most anticipated of his generation. And, he did not disappoint; his senior debut was, much to Kassander's cussing, the first time he tried to land a quad-axel jump in a competition. He did fall, and over-rotated a bit, but his hands didn't touch the ice, making the risk worth the points. Kassander didn't yell at him, didn't even really seem all that upset about it, instead going through the judging and scoring part with a completely flat expression. After, though... at the end of the next practice, Kaspian had never done as many quad-axel jumps as Kassander made him do that day. Kassander decided if he was going to be a fucking idiot, he was going to at least look like he knew his stuff doing it. Incidentally, the next time he pulled a quad-axel, Kaspian only slightly wobbled. And the next, it was visually perfect. By the seventh time he pulled a quad-axel, he was getting full points for it.

His sister, in a perhaps odd twist of fate, ended up a single mother, too, and Kaspian spent a lot of time with her son, Skylar, and became something of a father figure to him. When Kaspian turned twenty, Kassander retired from skating, and focused entirely on coaching. The following seven years were the best of Kaspian's career, and he has his family, and Kassander, to thank for it. He's competed in the Olympics, twice, once in 2006 and again in 2010, and has six world championship gold medals under his belt.

He met and rather quickly made friends, and got a weird... friend-date out of a skater he'd almost been beaten by in the 2006 Turin Olympics. He and this skater started dating, for a short period, then decided they'd rather be friends ( albeit, neither ever really got over the other ). Following this, Kaspian had a brief relationship with another man, not a skater, named Jason, who, while he meant well, ended up becoming extremely possessive and borderline abusive. That didn't last terribly long before Jason just, disappeared, and Kaspian has a feeling Kassander had something to do with it, he just can't prove it, and Kassander has never admitted to it. At the end of 2013, he had a girlfriend, also a figure skater, for about three or four months. Kaspian's unwillingness to give pair skating a try eventually broke them up. He did not bother with dating again.

At the end of Worlds last season, Kaspian's plane home unfortunately took a nose dive into the open ocean. He remembers the plane going under, and then his memory cuts off. Presumably, he and the rest of the passengers on that flight drowned. Unlike them, however, that was not the end of him. The Light chose him as a daeva. Despite her warning not to return to his life before, despite the opportunity to go back to leading a quiet, unassuming existence, he did return to earth as himself. His sister and his nephew, Skylar, do actually know he legitimately died, but to the public, he missed the flight and got detoured.

Now, however, he's presented with a new issue: aerodynamics on the ice with wings. And of course, Kassander is trying to push him into retiring. He's 28, it's about time to, anyway, and some part of Kaspian does want to; another part never wants to let it go, because being honest, he has no idea who the fuck he is if he's not skating.
Potion Making
Spell Casting

* He can do these, but none of them is he really aware of.

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