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Written by Arceon
If I were the rain, that binds together the earth and sky, would I be able to bind two hearts together?
NameRowan Lorna McKenna
Birth PlaceBillings, Montana
Relationship StatusCrushing
Poly?What's that?
ResidenceCurrently, she lives in a pile of boxes.

Joking, mostly. Her brother managed to get a decent split-level, three bedroom, one and a half bathroom house. It's not terribly big, or fancy, but it's good enough. Her room's half box, and half picture.
LanguagesEnglish, she started learning Spanish but stopped.
Play ByDanielle Campbell

CreatedJun 15, 2018, 05:55 PM
AcceptedAug 08, 2018, 05:00 AM
Last PostedNov 12, 2018, 02:24 AM
The youngest of a pair of siblings, Rowan was born with an older brother, named Drew. Primarily, it was Drew that looked out for her, when she was a toddler and later as a child, because their parents were... well. Their father was always working, and their mother was constantly drunk. To say the least, being drunk never looked good on her. Drew often fought with her over stupid things, like what he made dinner out of, and how the dishes were stacked in the strainer, and varying other dumb things. When Rowan reached grade school age, she made a friend in third grade, Skylar, and after that point, Drew often sent her to Skylar's house, instead of letting her come home. She gained a bit of weight, after she started staying with the Sorrensons, because she actually ate more often, and she started managing to keep up with her schoolwork better, as Skylar's mother Alison helped.

When Rowan was twelve, their father filed for divorce, and they never saw him again. Presumably, he lost the custody battle, for some god awful reason. Drew eventually had a son, and when their mother tried telling him and the boy's mother how to raise him, Drew blew up at her, and left. Rowan was left by herself, with her stupid drunk of a mother. Nothing she did was ever good enough for the woman, and Rowan became even more frequent an appearance in the Sorrenson home. Eventually, she kind of just, stopped going home altogether, and it seemed Miss Sorrenson tried fixing it, sort of. She actually made it worse, and Rowan wasn't allowed over to their house anymore, her mother having screamed her up one side and down the other for 'telling that immigrant trash' their personal business. Rowan hadn't said anything; Miss Alison just isn't stupid.

In any case, she still saw Skylar at school, and they often talked over the phone and such. But, then Alison got transferred by her work, to Nebraska. It was quite a ways from Montana, and Rowan tried not to make it obvious she was upset about it, but, she really was. They kept in touch over the phone and by then, over the internet. And then Rowan got a boyfriend.

Thinking back on it, she doesn't remember how. Brett was one of the star jocks in school, on the football team. Rowan can't remember if he was a linebacker or a quarterback, but she supposes it doesn't matter. Someone made an off-hand comment about how she seemed upset Skylar was gone, and suggested she find a football star; Skylar was a soccer player, and Rowan actually often went to his games. She was probably one of the louder ones in the audience, and it seemed nobody missed it. Something about how she should pick a real athlete to cheer for, anyway. Not that she ever really gave two craps about football. It'd probably have been a different story, if that was the sport Skylar had decided to get into. In any case, Brett just, started acting like they were dating, and, being as Rowan is a shy thing to begin with, she didn't correct him.

She should've. By the fourth week of their relationship, Brett had cut her off from her friends, and she was often over at his house, instead of at home. Her grades started dropping, and eventually, he decided she wasn't allowed to talk to Skylar anymore, probably due to jealousy on his part. At the end of the third month of their 'relationship,' Rowan had missed a period. She managed to finally go home, after two weeks of not, and when she walked in, her mother said, "Oh, I forgot you were gone." Rowan didn't say anything back, just went to her room. Eventually she managed to get a hold of and take a pregnancy test. It came back positive. She tried a few more times. They were all positive.

Not knowing what else to do, she told her mother. Her mother blew up, told her that she wasn't fixing her mistakes, and she'd better goddamn graduate, but she wasn't babysitting the little demon, either. Rowan locked herself in her room for a few days, only coming out to eat and shower, as it was thankfully summer. Finally, she did the only other thing she could think of to do; she found her brother on the internet.

Drew wasted no time at all. A few days later, they were packing Rowan's things into a U-Haul. Their mother had some stupid diatribe to spill, threw a hissy fit at him, but in the end, she signed the paperwork to make him her legal guardian, and let them go. Rowan's not sure what he said. He asked her, later, what had happened to Skylar. Rowan told him he'd moved to Luxerion, but she hadn't talked to him in a while. Some back and forth, and she told him about Brett. Even just mentioning he said not to talk to Skylar was enough for Drew to nope right out of Billings. They, too, moved to Luxerion. All she knew, at the time, was that Skylar went to Luxerion International, so Drew found a place nearby, and this year, Rowan transfers to Luxerion International, too.

She's nervous. What if she does run into him? It's not that she doesn't miss him, it's just... it's complicated.
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