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Written by Arceon
NameJordyn Amarie White
Birth PlaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana
OccupationRegistered Nurse
Relationship StatusCrushing
Poly?What's that?
ResidenceJordyn lives in a fairly nice house a few blocks away from Luxerion International, with her daughter Spectra (Emilia). It's a two storey, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, hardwood floors. They are a pretty nice medium coloured solid oak, waxed and buffered to a slight gleam. The kitchen off the dining room has grey stone tiling, and then the L shaped stairs are carpeted. Everything upstairs has a cream-coloured carpet, except the bathrooms, and they are blue tiled.

Because the floor is real wood, Jordyn tends to be pretty serious about taking care of the flooring, and there's a shoe rack in the entryway, and the floors are kept sealed and waxed.
LanguagesEnglish, conversational French.
Play ByGabrielle Union

CreatedJun 16, 2018, 02:53 AM
AcceptedAug 08, 2018, 05:00 AM
Last PostedNov 12, 2018, 03:03 AM
Jordyn was born to a very big family, originally hailing from Louisiana. Admittedly, Jordyn didn't spent a whole lot of time in Baton Rouge, as her family later moved up to Nebraska. Why? Jordyn never did figure out. She presumes it had something to do with her father's work. Her mother never got a job, not wanting to leave her kids, and spent most of her time making homemade jams and preserves, and occasionally selling off anything they had in surplus from the garden. Funny enough, her mother always told her, "Don't worry about working someday, just find you a nice man and let him do it." Well, one problem with that, mama, the world don't work that way anymore.

Even young, Jordyn was probably a bit more headstrong than her parents would've liked. Despite always being told that her people were dark skinned like her, her best friends in school turned out to be Mexican or white. Jordyn, of course, too young to really know what racism was, but old enough to be made uncomfortable by being around it, never did bring her friends that weren't black home, nor did she ever ask to go over to friends' houses if they weren't black. As far as her parents knew, all her friends were black, and they were perfectly happy with that. She had a few boyfriends through middle and high school, but none of them really stuck.

You know, until Cade, anyway.

Most would probably say she was too young to even know what love was, and sure, she was sixteen, he was over, like, a thousand, maybe she was. Maybe she should've waited. Probably, she should've. But, young love can often feel stronger than it actually is, and, well some things happened. Debatable mistakes were made (Jordyn doesn't regret it), and things led to other things. It took her a while to tell her mama. Her daddy threatened to shoot his "cracker ass" if he ever came back, and her mama decided she wasn't allowed to talk to him anymore, stole her phone, and shipped her back to Baton Rouge to live with her grandparents.

Yup, that turned out fan-fucking-tastic.

Her grandparents are strict little gits that quite bluntly, need to get laid. Jordyn just, dealt with it. Emilia was born a few months after she moved in, and her grandparents fussed over the infant, always trying to tell Jordyn how to raise her. She eventually couldn't really deal with it anymore, and moved out the second she turned eighteen. That was rougher than she expected it to be, but, admittedly, she didn't have any weird ideas that it'd be easy by any means. Just to take care of her daughter, she ended up working multiple jobs, which helped, but only marginally. She managed to find a friend to watch her daughter while she worked, cutting out babysitter costs, but her "friend" wasn't actually watching Emilia at all, and probably, she nearly died. It took a long time before she managed to get a management position somewhere, and her time loosened up, and Jordyn started at college.

Things got easier, and harder. Strangely, though, once in a grand while, when Jordyn was too busy with her schoolwork, and Emilia wanted something, sometimes, Jordyn would pull away from her essays or whatever, and Emilia would already have what she wanted. Sometimes, these were baby bottles, and Jordyn would've had to go make one. How Emilia was getting them by herself, Jordyn never really knew. Certainly, she wasn't strong enough to pull open the fridge door. It was a blessing, though. Jordyn didn't question it too hard, figuring she'd probably left it where Emilia could reach and didn't remember.

Between working, and vaguely trying the dating thing again, she just, lost time for most things. Once in a while, she thought maybe she'd try finding Cade, but, every time she went to, something else came up, or Emilia threw up on something, or she got distracted taking out the trash and then washing dishes and then... By the time she had time to, it just seemed so stupid to call him out of the blue, like, hey, I know we haven't spoken in like ten years, but... it got lost, somewhere amid finishing medical school, and kicking one of her boyfriends out of her house. He threw a lamp at her and flipped her coffee table, and Jordyn just wasn't about that.

Despite all the crap they made her deal with, she did remain in touch with her family. When she moved back to Nebraska, she chose Luxerion, mostly for its international academy, which, made some pretty successful alumni, and Jordyn was hoping to get Emilia to go. When Emilia turned twelve, she started talking to things that Jordyn couldn't see. While concerned, Jordyn sat down with her, and talked about it. She said she didn't know what they were; mind you, Jordyn was a bit freaked out, but, Emilia was more freaked out, and Jordyn just, stuffed it all in a corner, because Emilia didn't understand, and someone had to keep their head on. Jokingly, Jordyn suggested they were spirits; too right she was, but she didn't know, at the time.

Finally, Jordyn finished medical school, and started as a nurse in Luxerion Regional. That was a huge pay raise, and Jordyn shot for buying a house, a nice two-storey, three bedroom two bathroom a few blocks from Luxerion International Academy. ... despite her poking and prodding, Emilia, by then having decided to go by "Spectra," didn't want to go to the big school. So, instead, Jordyn left her in her private school. And then she started doing weird stuff, like tying people's shoelaces together without touching them, and blowing up china cabinets when she was frustrated. In something of a desperate, hairbrained move, Jordyn finally looked Caderyn up, and worked up the courage to call him, just to ask if he was a vampire (hey, one of the EMTs is a vampire and she swears by that). Turns out, not a vampire, but something else.

But someone has answers. Someone can help Emilia where Jordyn's just kind of winging it. Worth it. You know, except, now she has to deal with the thing where she never did quite get over him. Joy.
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