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Written by Lenara
NameArina Belinskaya
Age17 ( 17 )
Birth PlaceLuxerion, USA
OccupationStudent, Waitress
Relationship StatusSingle
Poly?What's that?
ResidenceArina lives in a small two bedroom home with her mother. It's a nice place - all wooden floors, gas stove, and a dishwasher. The living space is neat, as that is her mother's main request of Arina living at home.
RecreationalArina does some horseback riding and showing in dressage and jumping classes (the jumper she rides is actually owned by a riding stable).
Play ByMegan Fox

CreatedJun 15, 2018, 06:33 PM
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Arina was given up for adoption as an infant. The woman who adopted her was a witch who was unable to have children of her own for various reasons, but wanted to raise a child. She was in no way concerned about her child coming out non-magical, because in her mind it was no different than if a non-magical family ending up with a magical child.

As fate would have it, Arina did turn out non-magical, though she would grow up with at least tangential knowledge of the magical world and the creatures that existed within it. Her mother gave her a good life, raising her to be polite and reasonably respectful.

Arina was about five when her mother first noticed there was something... off. It took another year and a great deal of personal research (and fighting with doctors) before Arina was given the right tests to confirm diagnosis and get her on proper medications for the disorder. She continued to have some attention issues in class, but these did improve over time as Arina got used to managing her own condition.

Arina's seizures disappeared shortly after puberty began, and life continued onward.

A few months ago Arina got a little carried away at a party, and ended up pregnant. Her main regret there is that she's a little young, and still trying to finish school. But Arina... well. She's going to do the best she can for the little one, and she tries to remember that that is all she can really do to try and give the kid the best life she can manage.

Her adoptive mother isn't exactly thrilled though, of course. But Arina isn't in danger of becoming homeless or something.
-- People who have known Arina for 5+ years probably know that she had absence epilepsy. Her seizures were very short, but she tended to suddenly stop what she was doing staring into space and then continue on with what she was doing or saying a few seconds later. These weren't extremely common because she was medicated for them, but she would have warned her closer friends. They stopped right around puberty and she's been off medication for several years.

-- Arina is currently right at the end of her first trimester of pregnancy, her close friends probably know this as well.
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