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NameBjorn Wulfric Casey
Age365 ( 24 )
Birth PlaceGermania, somewhere
Relationship StatusSingle
ResidenceCurrently living in a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment with his brother Soren. It's actually pretty fair-sized, got an electric fireplace in the living room, faux wood flooring and carpeting in the bedrooms, and there are blackout curtains throughout. The ceilings are also about fifteen feet high.
LanguagesGerman, Latin, English, Italian. His German is very old German, he would not be understandable to anyone that speaks modern German. It'd sound like it should make sense, but it won't.
Play ByKellan Lutz

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Being technical, Bjorn is several thousand years old. Quite some time ago, he hardly remembers it now, Bjorn was a Germanic slave in the Roman Republic. Actually a gladiator, which, he was decent at, but really didn't excel at, either. Bjorn's never been much for killing, but, that was life. He doesn't remember where in Germania he came from, and by some odd twist of luck, was reunited with his twin brother Soren, by one Julius Caesar Kassandros. He and Soren ended up part of the Julia Caesara house, as house guards, effectively, and stayed there for several years.

Somewhere amid this period of his life, he discovered he occasionally could see and converse with... well, at first, he didn't know what they were. Eventually, Bjorn noticed one of the other gladiators could see them too, Axelius, owned by gens Livia, the Andronicii branch. Axelius explained they were the souls of the dead, and they saw them because they needed help moving on; that was their job. Back then, there wasn't a name for what he and Axelius were - now, they're called necromancers, and the ones alive now gained the trait from Axelius' bloodline, primarily. Bjorn never fathered any children that he knows of.

As fate is wont to do, it eventually threw the house a curve-ball, and Kassandros and one of his personal guards disappeared, and the main house was hit by the Licinii Crassii line. The two had been at a cold war with one another for quite a long time by then, so it surprised no one, but, it did hit them pretty hard, during a time frame they weren't ready for it. Despite Kassandros' street gang eventually coming to their aide, it still wasn't enough, and the house ultimately fell. No one really said what'd happened, exactly, to Kassandros, but it was pretty obvious it wasn't a very good thing, when Surya and Sati came back with him and Sandalio. By then, those that had survived were already vampires. Kassandros was, too.

In hindsight, Bjorn occasionally wonders why, exactly, Sati and Surya chose to bring Kassandros back, but he knows, ultimately, the two wouldn't have been enough to keep the house in order and under control. They'd have done whatever it was they wanted, maybe some following Surya, others following Sandalio, but a larger number not following either. Icarus and Cygnus may have been able to bring those under their control, but it was much smoother and easier to just put Kassandros back at the lead. When he woke, he didn't remember what had happened, anyway, and life continued on for them. Perhaps differently, but, not so differently.

Bjorn stayed with them through the years, from being the Cobras, to becoming the Drago di Napoli. A few hundred years ago, though, Bjorn and Soren happened to die at the same time; it was probably pretty purposeful on the Light's part, because both Ascended into daevas. Bjorn, incidentally, was the Daeva of Death, the one that oversaw the flow of souls from one life to the next, sustained the daevas, and kept the cycle of living and dying moving. An integral part of the universe, as it happens, and Soren, unsurprisingly, was there to support and protect him, so that he could do what he needed to without distraction.

Things went alright for about a hundred and fifty years, that way. Bjorn counts his age starting at when he ascended as Daeva of Death, because the two thousand something is kind of intimidating, and he remembers so little of it, it doesn't matter, anyway. In time, one of the other daevas, Azrael, became jealous of the Daeva of Death's power, and decided he wanted it. While both put up a good fight, and Bjorn almost managed to overpower him with necromancy, ultimately, Azrael won that war, and both Bjorn and Soren were tossed off Maharaja. One of Bjorn's wings was broken in the fight; it eventually broke down and decayed off of him, and now, he only has one.

Incidentally, it was Kassander that saved them both, by turning them back into vampires. As it happens, vampires and daevas are not mutually exclusive, and one can be both. They'd have died, most likely, if it weren't for him, and they became the first true fusion of light and darkness. The two went back to the Drago, for a time, but eventually went their own way, not long after the Drago moved to the United States. Bjorn went through medical school, and became an EMT, and he works, now, at Luxerion Regional Hospital. As it happens, Luxerion Regional has a supernatural department, and he's made a few friends in both the supernatural department, and the mundane one. Once in a while, he'll be a guest speaker at Luxerion International Academy on the varying dangers of drugs, drunk and reckless driving, and unsafe sex.

... listen, that last one? Ah, it's so easy to make an auditorium of 15-16 year olds giggle uncomfortably. At least he doesn't fluster at it, anymore.

Since he died, the Light put off choosing another Daeva of Death; Azrael still seeks it, and Bjorn knows it, as does the Light. He does know, in the last year, finally, another was chosen, and that was what the Desert Storm and Drago di Napoli moved to the United States for. He has a vague idea of who it is, and, when they're ready to ascend, he's ready to act as mentor, and help them figure out how to do this running the life-death cycle thing.


These are abilities that are typical of all magical beings.
While not terribly good at it, he does understand the basic concepts of varying divining methods. He is most capable of interpreting dreams, but he has some minor ability in tea leaf reading. Minor. He's wrong a lot.

Potion Making
Bjorn loves potions and loves making them go boom. He actually grows several of his own ingredients, and sells his excess potion stock to varying shops. He just finds making them to be therapeutic, helps him think. Which is weird, but he's not complaining.

Look, he might be able to find your lost cat, but chances are, it'll be while looking for your sister. Yeah...

Spell Casting
He isn't the best spell caster ever, but he's not bad. Mostly his spell mastery revolves around necromancy- and spirit-related things. Oooh, yeah, he can even make ghosts visible to those that typically can't see them!


These are all from genetic sources. He is rather the mutt; a daeva, a necromancer, and a vampire.
Very few are quite as skilled at the art of healing as Bjorn. The only thing he can't do is bring back the dead, and you know, some days, that's kind of questionable. It's not like he'd flaunt it, but he could be good enough, by now, to manage some somethin' with spellcasting. (No, honey, he can't bring back your boyfriend that's been dead for 20 years, sorry.)

Only in the face of his charges, but, Bjorn can understand whatever language his charges decide to speak. He's had several very multi-lingual charges decide to randomly switch languages on him and then become very Annoyed when he understood it, anyway.

His sparking is a deep green colour. Generally speaking, he won't spark unless he really has to, so he occasionally is a bit off when he aims.

This also falls under the Daeva header, because he is empathic with his charges, too, albeit occasionally. He was, at one time, the Daeva of Death, and it shows. He is very capable of parsing the emotional confusion of a ghost, helping them make sense of it, and keeping it separate from himself. Further, he can occasionally reverse the empathic connection, and exude calm toward distressed ghosts.

As a daeva, and a necromancer, yes, he sees that.

One of, if not the current most powerful necromancer alive (unalive?), Bjorn used to be the Daeva of Death, or the one whom oversaw the flow of living and dying. Bjorn has mastered necromancy, having learned it from and with the first necromancer, to the point he can even exude some measure of control over Sati Fuckin' Lucain (yanno how hard that is?), if he tries. Key word being tries, because he's usually not stupid enough to try commanding one of the first vampires. The fact he can, though, is kind of impressive. Kind of.

High Resistance
He is very difficult to damage, thanks to being a vampire. Fortunately, he's not stupid and will try to avoid damage anyway.

Yep, he'll live forever. Well, until something kills him, anyway.

Generally, Bjorn won't telepathy at other people, but he does often telepathically communicate with Soren, and their bond is great enough, Bjorn can often hear him quite some distance away and vice versa.


These are abilities that he himself had, or was intended to have, before dying.
It's not an ability Bjorn uses often, so he is not very skilled at it, actually. Well, Bjorn's never really been an attacker.

A side-effect of empathy, so he can only channel the powers of other undead beings, or ghosts (plasma balls happen sometimes).

Nature Control
Hey, he has no idea why, but here we are. Bjorn can make things grow. He's taken to keeping a small garden at home, growing simplistic things like tomatoes and some kitchen (and potion) herbs.

He heals quite quickly. Small cuts and scrapes tend to go away within a few minutes, while broken bones only take usually a week or so to heal.
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