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Residential / The Future Freaks Me Out
« on: Nov 29, 2018, 07:06 PM »
"I know," he answered, quiet. Being fair, yes, he did know that. He knew they'd listen, if he wanted to talk. It was just that - well, maybe anger wasn't the right emotion. No, it was. It just wasn't that he thought they'd be angry at him, not necessarily. On the one hand, maybe they might be, he shouldn't have gotten himself in that mess, and even after he did, he should've been able to get himself back out of it on his own. Mostly, he had. Anyway. It was more that he didn't want to upset them, just, in general. It wasn't like he'd really trust a therapist, either, at least not for a long time, so maybe that was moot, too.

"S'just, you know, it'd probably be upsetting just, in general? And, and also I should probably not have done that, that was very stupid, so even if you did get mad at me, it's not like I wouldn't understand it." He would. Honestly, he was mad at himself over it. Because that was stupid, and he should've been able to get out of it much cleaner than that. Sometimes you did, and sometimes you didn't, he guessed. It was too late now, anyway. What was done was done.

And... "And, I'm not very good at trusting people, so, kinda worried I'll be seeing a therapist for ten years and still never talk about it." Being fair, that was entirely possible!

Downtown / Trail to the Stars
« on: Nov 27, 2018, 06:27 PM »
Did - no. That was a stupid question, he realised that even as he thought it. Of course they'd made up something about how she wasn't. Hasan did have to wonder why; there were things going on up there on the Kinaan Islands he wasn't so sure he was alright with, but he had been the one to walk away from Maharaja. How, exactly, he was still part of the Host, that was baffling. On the other hand, Kassander did whatever it was Kassander wanted to do, and perhaps, just maybe, he'd purposely put Hasan in the Host because somebody had to fix it. Clearly, Kassander was busy with something else, though what that something else was, Hasan had never figured out. He hadn't asked, either. Kassi would either tell him, or not, and sometimes it was better that he didn't. The less he knew, the less he could accidentally tell, of course.

"I imagine not," Hasan answered, turning to lead the way through the complex. It got to be a bit of a maze, if you didn't know where you were going. "The Light does tend to be insistent, even though he's supposed to be sleeping," he mentioned, his gaze flicking to the ceiling. Funny enough, a slight scatter of lights fired to life across the marble in response. "Don't you sparkle at me, mister. He's here, we're going, get some rest." Eesh.

Hasan arched an eyebrow, slightly, at that. "I take it she's not supposed to be?" Admittedly, they'd lost several people they weren't supposed to lose, Sandalio among them, and then Ryan a few months back (note to self, don't attack Maharaja head on, Ryan was damned lucky Kassander managed to save his stupid ass), but getting to Ksenia, first of all, and then managing to take her down, were two very difficult feats. "But yes, she's fine. She was asking about you just the other day, actually." He almost said something, and then, changed his mind. That was her business to share, not his.

News Board / Nov 15, 2018 - Lore Stuff
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 08:36 AM »
Just a quick heads up, I'm rewriting the lore pages at the moment, kind of partly done. This is partially because I wanted to condense the information a bit, also organise it a bit better, and partially because some of it changed/got expanded on with the sudden plot shift.

Fuggit, guys, we're an angels vs everything else board, I give tf up, and the Daeva Wars are our actual main plot now.

Um, I also wanted to make certain aspects of the board more prominent, so that's also a thing. I've been reposting wanted ads, too, if you need an older wanted ad reposted, let me know, I can dig it up for you.

I'll eventually also be working on a new theme, whenever the heck I finally feel like coding. Lol I'll also be bringing back our quote and want ad generators shortly.


Wanted / stars
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 05:46 AM »

Adoptive Kids

Any Age / Probably plenty of all genders, pick one / Open races / Open PBs (he's primarily been in Italy, but when you can teleport, that hardly matters)

Kass has a habit of disappearing, and coming back with kids. Usually these are abandoned children, late-term abortions that didn't work, etc etc. He's strong enough a healer, yes, he can keep late-term abortion babies alive long enough to save them, he's got a small handful of those. May have even picked up kids right off the street. In any case, whether these kids later became vampires or not is essentially up to them. If they weren't already, Kass and his husbands, Hasan and Sandalio, would leave that choice to them, when they were old enough to understand what being a vampire actually entails.

In the meantime, there are three of them, they're all male, and they are pretty decent parents. Kass is a bit of a helicopter dad, in some ways, but Sandalio and Hasan are a bit less overprotective. Hasan is also a psychologist, so he's pretty good at teaching others how to manage their emotions, and reach any life-goals they may have. All things considered, they're probably among the best parents to end up with.

These can absolutely be school age, most likely would attend Luxerion International, and yes, dads... well two of them, come to pretty much every school function (Sandalio is presently in a nightmare cage, so he's been missing for a while, long enough any kids of theirs younger than twenty would have never met him). They may also get off school to come to skating competitions, at least the galas, because Kass does still skate in gala exhibitions sometimes. They're also pretty familiar with the different overall needs of most ethnicities (so, yes, they can braid African hair, and manage curls and that thick Asian hair), they're all having of very good senses, and can easily catch illnesses and diseases quickly, and Hasan's speciality is mental-things, so he'll catch the early signs of varying disorders, too. Ah, probably cannot get out of school faking sick, though. May still get out of it anyway, depending on why they want out of it. Mental health breaks are indeed valid things, and all three dads know that, but if it's just avoiding a test, or the school bully said something embarrassing yesterday, yeah, no, get up, you'll forget it in a week and so will they.

There's also uncle Icarus, uncle Thana, uncle Sepheres, aunt Delara, uncle Tristan, cousin Geneva (she is Thana and Icarus' adoptive daughter), and grandma Ksenia, eventually Ksenia and Daren will be official so he'll be grandpa, and they have family-like ties to basically all of the Lucains.

Big family, lots of plots, awesome parents, lots of money, probably ample opportunity to end up a celebrity/public figure, come join the awesomest family and be awesome.

There is one kid in this cluster already, a five year old girl (her family were attacked and killed by one, the Storm killed the vampire that did it, and dropped the girl on the Drago). Her name's Noelle, likes to read and make stuff (Hasan is using art therapy to help her cope with vampire-attack trauma), and she shifts into a tiger.
Possible, as well, that Adrian will be adopted by Kassander at some point.

Wanted / The Daeva Host
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 02:40 AM »
This is a fairly broad, big want.

The Daeva Host are mostly all up for adoption. These are the five seniormost daevas, and their five generals, and usually, they are right below the Hamadaeva, whom technically is also part of the Host. Currently, a good number of the Host have sided with one single Daeva Warlord, Azrael, whose magic feels very similar to the Light's, and the other number of the Host have decided he must be the Light. This is wrong, but, well only one Warlord knows that for sure. As they have begun enforcing inane tenants that the Light has not endorsed, they fall further and further away from the Light. As a result, many of them are presently Fallen. However, they do not have to remain so.

As these slots are up for adoption, they are very loose. Whether a Warlord follows Azrael or not can also be changed through in-game play. The Generals are also completely up for interpretation, we don't even have their names set in stone (daeva names tend to end in -l or -n). In short, if you want a "bad angel," follow Azrael. Your character will probably die. If you want a "bad angel that finds his/her way back to the Light," follow Azrael, and then start using brain function. If you want a "good angel," follow Samael.

Most daevas will know when faced with the Light (either Kassander Essair, or Natalia Vasilyeva). Much like vampires have an innate connection to Sati and Surya, daevas have an innate connection to Kassander and Natalia. Whether they recognise this connection, or not, depends on whether they're actually fallen or not. (Natalia is a temporary Light stand-in; she is the one daevas will have been hearing for the last few decades, not Kassander, but older daevas will remember the Light having sounded male before).

Azrael and the Warlords on his side tend to enforce inane rules; such as not falling in love, just in general, but especially not one's focus. That is almost the only law, don't love, because it's unnatural, unhealthy, a trap, a distraction, any reason you can think of, they use it. Telling someone what you are, trying to return to life before you died, or somehow speaking against the Council, will also end in the Warlords deciding you're "fallen." By this they mean they damage one's wings and throw them off Maharaja. Many die this way, but some don't, and if they still hear the Light, he may intervene.



> 1,000 | Female | European | No idea why her name is Gabriel and not Gabrielle.
Follows Azrael. Hot-tempered. Known to randomly snap at her Generals. Fought in the Daeva Wars (a historical event in which the daevas almost split into two races). Probably a ginger.


> 1,000 | Male | Hispanic
Follows Azrael. Stubborn and deliberate. Can be somewhat obstinate and blind to reason when he's made up his mind. Fought in the Daeva Wars. Not easily annoyed, but also not easily swayed.


~ 900 | Male | Asian | Probably was a ninja in a past life
Hasn't decided one way or another about Azrael. Thoughtful and subtle. When he makes his moves, he makes them in a way that is barely notable. Slippery one when he tries.


> 2,000 | Male | Roman | His magic feels like the Light's, so many have mistaken him as being the Light
* Not actually adoptable, @dragonborn made him.
Bit of a sociopath, also kind of a sadist. Fascinated by pain and torment in ways that are very unhealthy, and more than a little disturbing. To the letter law-obiding. You can pin stuff on him, but you better be a real good gumshoe to do it. Both does and does not feel like a daeva. Necromancers may note he feels a bit like a shade.


> 2,000 | Male | Persian
* Also not adoptable, here for reference, he is played by @incendium
The only Warlord that still answers the Light. Perpetually put-upon and a bit strung out. Mostly keeps himself and his Generals on earth, so he is mostly unaware of what's going on upstairs; this was accidental, he just decided 280 years ago that he was staying on earth. None of his have "fallen." Likewise, many of his Generals are Drago di Napoli.



  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


Factions / The Desert Storm
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 02:15 AM »
Also gotta rewrite this.

Factions / The Drago di Napoli
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 02:15 AM »
I have to rewrite this. Go me.

Residential / Pieces of Home
« on: Nov 12, 2018, 03:16 AM »
There went the gears, turning in his head. Sati stayed still, where he was, and waited. If he had to prod some more, he would, but for now, he was thinking about it, and that boded well. If he gave him time, and space, eventually, Alexios usually did come to him, sooner or later. That was, after all, how he'd gotten the Greek to trust him in the first place, by coaxing him over instead of pushing himself into the other's space uninvited.

And here they were, two thousand some odd years later. Was that trust he'd spent so long forging still as strong? Gods above he hoped so, because if not, he had nothing else.

But no, there he went, moving closer. Sati smiled, a bit, one fang peeking out from under his lip as he did so. Gently, and slowly, so as not to startle him, Sati took one of his hands, then the other, set them together, and lightly kissed the knuckles. He wasn't entirely sure Alex could stand on his own, so, instead of trying to get him to, Sati just reached down and picked him up.

"Know where to find me if you need me, go to bed Bjorn," he said lowly, as he shuffled for the door.
"Yeah, going," Bjorn answered, and then shuffled to his room, because sleep really did sound like a great idea.
Fortunately, he could get the damned door open without touching it. It unlatched, as he got closer to it, and he shuffled out into the stairwell. The door closed on its own behind him, and he went down the stairs, only a few flights, and then stepped out into the sunlight, kind of slowly, because adjusting to the brightness was a thing.

As usually he did, he blinked rapidly, a few times, as the light reached high enough to make him blink. "Always so bright, even when it doesn't really hurt, huh. No more box." Yeah. No more box.

Residential / So How Does This Go Again?
« on: Nov 12, 2018, 03:03 AM »
Jordyn, to her credit, did stare at Emilia like she'd lost her mind, for a few seconds, and then arched her eyebrows upward and shook her head. "Girl, stay fifteen a little bit longer for me," that would be good. "We still have to go through your first love and you know, prom and whatever." Dealing with this whole science-babble stuff, maybe that was just another part of her daughter, but sometimes it went up over Jordyn's head. And that said something, because she went to medical school.

"Ahm..." Jordyn glanced at Caderyn, for a moment, and then turned back to Spectra. "Well, you know that big school you didn't want to go to? Apparently, they have magic classes up there. You can learn to move things around without touching them on purpose, instead of on accident, so when your teachers call me to tell me you tied another student's shoes together and they have no idea how because no one saw you do it, I can ground you." Jordyn paused, for a second. "I'm joking, partly." She did expect Spectra to have a little better judgement than that.

"I'm not going to just transfer you," she added. "This is really your decision, not mine. But, it's an option." And certainly would be better than the private school she was in now. Besides, Jordyn always did want her to go to Luxerion International.

Luxerion Academy / Is Sorry Enough?
« on: Nov 12, 2018, 02:24 AM »
Rowan made a face, somewhere between sheepish and... maybe a hair exasperated. "M'not used to it being this hot." Well, that was what she said, but, Montana wasn't that much colder than Nebraska. That argument worked on everyone else, but Skylar was from Montana, too. ... maybe he wouldn't think about it. Yeah. She'd just hope he didn't.

She didn't argue much more, though, standing and following him. As it happened, though, she was a little bit dizzy, and it got worse when she stood up. Fortunately, she didn't hit her butt again, just stood for a second, wobbling a bit, as it passed, and then toddled after Skylar, perhaps not entirely in a straight line, but, close enough.

This would be easier on her, if she did dress for the weather, but people asked questions and frankly, the answers were none of their business. Rowan being Rowan, though, she just kind of meekly answered, instead of saying it wasn't their business, like she should. A few of the marks on her arm looked suspiciously like self-harm marks; hell, maybe a few of them were, she'd been drunk through some of it, so hell if she remembered. Those got surprisingly nasty comments, though.

Fortunately, she stayed upright. Did pause by the door, to lean against the wall for a second, but only for a second. "Okay, so, why is your uncle being a stupid? I mean. Are you okay?" The press was all convinced Kaspian had gone down with the plane, and died, and quite honestly, nobody survived that shit. Then it came out he'd missed the flight, and Rowan had her reservations, but that wasn't the point, the point was, that had to have been a heck of an emotional roller-coaster. And now he was skating again. Wasn't he twenty eight or something? Most skaters retired around there, he certainly wouldn't be the first, or the last, to. Never mind he'd almost died because of skating, in a roundabout way. One would think he'd never want to skate professionally again.

Luxerion Academy / back to when
« on: Nov 12, 2018, 01:36 AM »
Yeah, but there was always the chance it wasn't possible to fix? ... then again, Arina was right. He was the one that'd come up to her, not the other way around. So, maybe he really wasn't all that mad at her. It wasn't like she remembered Skylar being terribly upset with her for too long, anyway. Even if he did get upset at her, it seemed to go as quick as it'd come.

Besides, given all the stuff about his uncle in the papers, maybe he could use an actual friend, right now. So, it didn't have to be all that selfish, in the end.

"I guess the only way to find out is to try," she said, quietly. "It's just... ... I'd say don't tell him, but he knows some of this anyway. He was kind of my first love. You know? The first boy I got interested in. He figured out he likes guys, so we separated and went back to being friends, but, I never really got over him. And I guess, on the one hand, he's still my friend? And I don't want to lose him as a friend. But on the other, it still really hurts, you know? And he likes to help with stuff a lot, and I don't really... I mean, he'll probably end up offering to babysit and help with that, and it's awkward enough, I guess. What if, you know, the baby's born, and someday they call him daddy? Seems like a weird thing to worry about, I guess."

And, really, it'd just be a pretty sharp reminder that she wished this kid was Skylar's, if she had a choice between Skylar and Brett. How awkward, anyway. Well, she didn't think so, but. How do you explain that? ... maybe she was overthinking it. And how would he feel about it? Eesh.

Residential / The Future Freaks Me Out
« on: Nov 12, 2018, 01:25 AM »
Oh. Well. Okay. You know, it was still a little strange, but, Axel could handle that. Honestly, that was the least confusing part of all this, the least complicated. He wasn't really sure why his mind seemed to have fixated on that. Well, probably because it was the least complicated part of this. He didn't really want to focus on the rest of it too long. If only because it'd be pretty distressing, and, he could use to not freak out.

... you know, hugs were kind of nice. Maybe less unsure than he could've, he did hug back. "... probably a good idea, yeah." And now he probably knew, because Axel was definitely more careful than that. But if he could sort of explain without saying it, that was nice, honestly. He wasn't entirely sure he could find the words, at the moment, but Axel was actually very bad at words. Or. He was good at words until the words mattered? Whatever.

He never claimed to understand himself.

"... and maybe a therapist." Yeah, maybe a therapist. "I mean I have you guys but I don't - ... wanna. Make you mad. You know? Or. Something." Something like that, hell if he really got it, anyway. It was all still a jumble, anyway, and he didn't want to unload it all in a mess of words and still not make any sense, or, you know, say something he probably didn't need to, or... or. Ugh, feelings were hard.

Downtown / Trail to the Stars
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 10:41 PM »
That didn't take quite as long as Hasan had been expecting. He'd expected a little more waffling than that, but being fair about it, it was very difficult to escape a vampire. It was even more difficult to escape an entire coven, and Ksenia was here, anyway. Hasan wasn't sure if Kassander had led him to him, or his mother, now that was a question. He'd ask, but - well, maybe he'd ask, anyway. Obviously, Kassander was awake. As the other got closer, Apollo let out the soft beep that signalled it didn't intend to shove the newcomer back out, and Hasan looked perhaps a hair perplexed, for a moment, shifting his weight.

"I'm not sure if you're here because of Kassander, or Ksenia," he admitted, crossing his arms loosely. "I suppose it doesn't terribly matter either way." Kassander had said he'd be back, eventually. Hasan's gaze narrowed, slightly, glancing behind Daren. His wings were missing. Seemed they had another one of those, and it was unfortunate it was this one. On the other hand, he'd always struck Hasan as the type that'd do what he thought was right, even if he was the only one that was, and that was precisely the type of individual Kassander would like, very much, but perhaps not the one that kept shredding feathers.

In any case, he likely still had his focus, and Hasan was very aware the centre of that focus was Ksenia. Whether he understood why, or not, was really not the point. Hasan never needed to understand, that was more for Kassander to understand, than he. "She's upstairs, at the moment," the Persian went on, turning slightly toward the doors. "If you'll follow me, I can take you to her. It may be a bit more prudent than wandering around a vampire coven's buildings following a vague sensation." His wings hadn't been gone for long, and Hasan only knew that because the scent was still quite strong. Admittedly, they didn't have any particularly young vampires, any more, thus he was likely safe, but still. Chances, time had taught the Persian not to take them.

Downtown / Trail to the Stars
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 05:28 AM »
He'd been doing something. Hasan could tell that much, but without Sandalio here, he couldn't say what. Kassander was, of course, supposed to be resting, not doing whatever it was he was doing, but it wasn't as if Hasan could make him rest. Generally, he was too busy holding the fort down, and keeping the Drago from going claws out at each other. Ksenia was around to help, and very useful on that front. She was a little more direct than he was, and some liked to mistaken his calmer demeanor as his being a push over. Hasan had the same command that Kassander did, it was merely that his was quieter.

Fret over his husband he might, Hasan preferred not to smother him. Kassander never took that well, in general, and certainly he'd be less pleased with it than usual, now. Instead of bothering Kassander about resting, Hasan was intending to check on the transports. His shoes clacked on the floor, most of it a natural stone, headed to the warehouses. One hand worried slightly at the opposite arm's sleeve, but if Hasan knew about this tic, he'd missed it, this time. Hasan had many nervous tics, they'd just remained mostly buried. And then Sandalio had gone and disappeared, and Kassander had started breaking down. The only bright side to this was, he wasn't wondering if Kassander and Sandalio really did need each other as much as they'd seemed to. Clearly, the answer was yes.

As he turned a corner, he felt something off. For a moment, he paused in the hallway, paying attention to the signature he sensed. It felt like Daeva, and Hasan wasn't certain one of those needed to be anywhere near Kassander, right now. However, it did feel familiar, too, though Hasan couldn't immediately place why. The Persian frowned, to himself, and changed courses. He could check on the transports in a moment. The Daeva seemed more pressing, even if Apollo had not reacted to them, yet.

Hasan reached his destination, just outside the doors, as a small trail of golden lights, which he recognized as Kassander's, swirled around his boots, and vanished. That must have been what Kassander was doing. The Persian tried not to look annoyed. If nothing else, it was not this one's fault. Ah, actually, Hasan thought this was Ksenia's guardian. Hasan never had figured out why she had one. 

Instead of saying anything, he waited. The Daeva likely would need to decide if he was going the rest of the way, or running, and Hasan wouldn't blame him for doing the latter. 

Help Desk / Reserved and Retired Play-Bys
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 02:29 AM »
When a character has reached a certain number of posts, and time on the site, their play-by is retired; this means they cannot be used again by anyone but that character. Retires last indefinitely. Play-bys can also be reserved for want ads or future characters. Want ad reserves are indefinite, but future character reserves must be picked up and created within two ( 2 ) weeks.


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