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Okay, so here's the deal: in short, the alert system for topic and board watches on SMF 2.1 are a bit broken. Sometimes, it'd fail to send an alert for no apparent reason. I found the thing in the back-end. I found where it's going wrong. I don't know why. (No, I have no freakin' idea why that breaks.)

In short tl;dr form, basically, the system will check to see if you want alerts and then set up the alert stuff to send you one. Cool beans, right? Right. Somehow, somewhere in there, it starts failing intermittently. So I made it stop checking. If you are watching a thread, you will get alerts, period, no matter what you tell the system.
This does not matter, because this server cannot send emails, anyway.

You won't get multiple ones for the same thread, if you don't read it in-between, but you will always get alerts, even if you turn them off. If you don't want alerts anymore, delete the thread from your watches, because turning alerts off no longer works! Now, there's an important thing to note here, if you don't get into the thread and read it, it won't reset to 0, and you won't get another alert for it if someone posts again later. So make sure you're actually reading the thread when you remove the alert if you want more alerts later.

Quick edit is also broken, I know why. I'm working on a new theme for Aphelion now, so hang tight. If you want full functionality back, use the Curve2 theme.
News Board / Sep 5, 2018 -- Upgrade Time-Line
Sep 05, 2018, 11:42 PM
IP Tech's server is now upgraded to using Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.1. The Character Manager for SMF 2.1/PHP 7.1 is also now complete, it just needs its installer written. So, here's how we're going to do this.

First, I'll be pulling character information from Aphelion's current Character Mod installation. These database tables will be imported to an installation of SMF 2.1, and then the new Character Manager will be installed, and its upgrader run. All characters will temporarily be set as NPCs, posts moved over, and everything set up nice and shiny-like, and then that board will replace this one.

It should be pretty seamless, the change-over should be more or less instant when it's ready to be changed over. Feel free to keep posting in the interim! I'm expecting this to take about two or three days. Aphelion may take a bit longer, because I will be redoing its theme in more ways than just converting it from SMF 2.0 to 2.1.
Plot Centre / screaming amen
Jun 26, 2018, 02:07 PM
Helloo, I'm up for almost any plot, really, most especially have a happy special place in my heart for family, so, I have a couple characters with family want-ads, please look at those, otherwise, I may be able to swing family members for my other characters. Uh, Kassander and Bjorn are old enough you can probably fit in almost anything. I can't promise anything with them, I also cannot control them, and I'm not going to make them change themselves to make other people happy. Sorry, nothing's all flowers and rainbows.

Kassander Essair
2,109 / Roman Vampire / Nonbinary / He/Him is fine, sometimes it will grate his nerves, but there's no real way around that / Light Affinity / reborn god of light / this guy's actually The Light, sometimes daevas will hear him in their head when they're talking to the Light / former figure skater turned skating coach and choreographer, vampire mafia overlord / pansexual, but has a notable male lean / married (Sandalio and Haku Essair are his husbands) / he is poly, of course, but he takes a very long time to trust, don't expect fairytales

You've probably heard the phrase "kill it with kindness." Kassander kills with stares. Most find him pretty intimidating, and you know what, yeah, he is. He's also not terribly approachable unless you're Drago di Napoli, in which case, he's more like an older brother or a paternal figure than that freaky ex-figure skater. Also, he hasn't aged a day since he died, so there's some murmuring among public circles, wondering when, exactly, he's going to look as old as he should (never). Aside, the Drago operate much like a mafia, because they basically are, and yeah, he's Italian (sort of), and yeah, he's got some criminal underground notoriety. But for the most part, you be nice to him, and he'll be nice to you. He is kind because he wants to be kind, not because he expects anything back, mind; but if you are ever not nice to him, being nice is not what you'll remember about him. He tends to just know things; don't try lying to him. He'll know you're lying, and it won't earn you too many points.

Whoopsmurdering a street gang leader. And then pulverising a very dangerous vampire coven.

Natalia Vasilyeva
43 / Russian Witch / Female / Light Affinity / this is the other half of The Light, she's usually the more active, basically she's a shard of Kassander that he shed off purposely so that he could split his god of light-ly duties and make them more manageable - being god is great when you need to multitask - but she isn't always aware of her lightly-ness, so sometimes she's the Light and sometimes she's not... yeah, kinda weird / social worker / tentatively straight? / single, never married, never dated / unsure if poly or not

Natalia is basically everyone's mom, even if they aren't terribly receptive to her acting like their mom. She's an extremely maternal sort, nurturing without being overbearing about it, always willing to lend an ear, or just her hand to hold. She's genuinely altruistic in a way most aren't, always means well, and wants to help those she comes across that need it, because, well everyone's in this life stuff together, and Natalia believes people should help each other. While some may be kind for ulterior motives, Natalia is kind just because it's the right thing to do. If Kassander was a bit less of an ice lord, he'd probably be Natalia, being realistic. She's got all his light and compasion, and none of his intimidating. Funny how that works out. Her "reborn" abilities come and go, often in short flashes, so sometimes she's much older than she seems, knows a lot more than she should, and then it's gone a few minutes later. Natalia also works as a crisis counselor at Luxerion International.

Probably side-eyeing Axel and wondering when he's going to tell his dad the thing bugging him.

Jesse Lin Julian Tiao
15 / Chinese Daeva / Male / Water Affinity / former coffee barista, now just a student / rather gay / d...ating...? Adrian stole his heart, good luck getting it back / he may be poly, but I don't think he'd lean that way on his own, certainly Adrian won't

Students that have been at Luxerion International since last year, at the very least, should remember Jesse Lin. At the end of last year's second semester, Jesse was involved in a fatal vehicle collision, which split the car he was in into two. While he did live at first, he died six hours later in hospital. He had a lot of friends, and the school itself actually cut the school day immediately after his death short, and sent the students home with phone numbers for helplines, and offered crisis counseling to those that asked for it. Yeah, it was kind of a big deal. In any case, Jesse is now back as a daeva, and he hasn't changed much. He's still a friendly, outgoing type, loves to meet new people. His thing is making good impressions on others, because you never know when the people you're familiar with will become somehow important to your life goals. That sounds terrible, and to some, it probably is, but if he ends up working with, or below, his peers, he just wants them to remember him as a nice guy. It's not to say his kindness isn't genuine, just that he's very careful to control his temper and such. If he does have to get vicious with someone, it's usually not overtly, more subtly and carefully. He won't be the bad guy, at the end of it. He's pretty good at emotional management, but while he's fairly popular, usually, his friends are more often more like close aquaintances. Jesse doesn't trust quite as easily as he seems like he might, but good luck getting rid of him when he does trust you.

Trying not to cry. Telling his boyfriend he flipped god off and came back from daeva-land a bit too early for him, in not so many words.

Bjorn Casey
he says 365, he lies, he's over 2,000 / Germanic Daeva-Necromancer-Vampire / I know right / Male / Ice Affinity / EMT/Paramedic / formerly the daeva of death, he is not now / pretty gay / single / he might be poly... realistically, probably is, but he's never had a lover before anyway so...

Skittish and flighty, it's probably hard to imagine this guy as the daeva of death, but, yes, once, he was. He's not now, because the stupid daeva council broke a wing and threw him off the floating continents, and believe you me, that's painful. He's a healer; despite, or in spite of, his Roman gladiator background, Bjorn's never been one for destroying, and it has been argued before that it takes more to save lives than destroy them, anyway. Bjorn's good at what he does. He's learned to work around his anxiety and odd fears, and he gets his job done, thinks well and quickly under pressure, and then breaks apart later. Being a paramedic is probably not what he thought he'd be doing a few decades ago, but somehow he's pretty well-suited to it. In any case, because of his being skittish, he comes off pretty shy, and while he may have friends in the medical field, at least people that are somewhat familiar with and like him, he probably doesn't have many friends outside it. He could use them.

Trying to get the very spacey daeva he just broke out of a nightmare cage back home, without freaking said daeva out too much.

Rowan Jaeger
16 / American Human / Female / Mundane / student / uh, I think she's straight? she may be bicurious / single, but she has an abusive stalker ex, and is actually head over heels for Skylar, and just won't tell him / also she's pregnant / probably not poly

Broken families make pretty broken kids, it is known. Rowan is one of those from a broken family, but she doesn't necessarily know that. She's probably got a pretty strong need for attention, but she is painfully shy. Not because she's actually shy, just, because she's never really had an easy time of it. Voicing her opinions and trying to draw her own boundaries tended to end terribly, and she is not a stranger to how cruel kids can be; bullying was sort of just a fact of life, most of hers, and yes, she's got terrible self-esteem and a legitimate fear of rejection. It tends to make her do stupid things, like, push away her best friend because she's afraid he'll be mad at her or something. Silly, yeah. Logically, she knows that. Getting the rest of her up to speed is sort of another story. She could use good friends that'll help her build herself back up, after the disaster that was her first, and as of now last, non-platonic relationship, but she could probably also very easily fall in with the wrong people. Just because, any attention is good attention, because it's attention. Pretty standard fare, there.

Fretting. Mostly.

Jordyn White
32 / American Human / Female / Mundane / Registered Nurse / mostly straight / ... single in theory, in practise, still has a thing for Caderyn / probably not poly

Jordyn comes from a line of pretty racist jerks. And they're not even just racist toward white people, it's anyone that's not black. Yeah, not exactly shining examples of humanity. Somehow, Jordyn tolerates them, probably because they're her family, and they're the only one she's got, but more and more these days, she's wondering why she's bothering. Jordyn ended up, by chance, a single teen mom, because her own mother decided her boyfriend was "too white," except, he's not actually white, but okay, and forcibly separated the two. Despite varying hardships, she managed, and raised her daughter as best she could. She's not really a helicopter mom, but she does worry about Emilia fairly often, and despite not being magical herself, took her daughter having magic (and necromancy) pretty well, just because her want to be there for her kid overrode her slight panic. Yeah, she did panic, she just buried it well. Jordyn's headstrong and capable of taking care of herself, but she knows and recognises she's not an infallible god, either. Her friends are probably few, but very important in her life, because she needs support, and her family can't really be counted on to be that for her.

Probably somewhere near the top of the stairs listening to her daughter and the father of said daughter get to know each other.

Noelle Essair
5 (yes, five) / Middle Eastern Vampire / Tentatively Female / She/Her / Unknown Affinity (she probably is a witch but hasn't manifested her magic yet) / smol precious child / Kassander, Sandalio, and Haku's adoptive daughter / unknown orientation / single, durh / poly status unknown but she may well be if only because... I mean, she has three dads

Noelle is five. She's basically any other five year old, curious, adventurous, and usually pretty interested in anything unfamiliar. She is not, however, a dumb child, and her dads have told her before to be careful who she talks to and where she goes. Noelle will probably be a bit awkward with strangers, at first, and depending on the environment and situation they meet in, may not be entirely willing to talk about a lot of things. If she isn't alone, though, and whoever she's with doesn't react badly to the stranger, she'll warm up a lot faster, so really, it's in everyone's best interests if she meets new people with one of her dads (Kassander, Sandalio, or Haku), her grandma (Ksenia), an uncle (Icarus, Thana, and Sepheres, later Cygnus), her aunt (Delara), or her grandma's boyfriend (Daren). She is adorable and precocious and comes to odd conclusions sometimes. Noelle's also got weird fears, and her fear of strange men is kind of a thing that puts an extra damper in meeting new male people. But, she's genuinely friendly, at least. I mean, she's five.

Getting to know grandma's boyfriend.

Diego Gonzales
16 / Latino (Mexican) Sidhe-Witch / Male / He/Him / Lightning Affinity / Reborn of Storms and Thunder / Has a fascination with snakes / That silly artsy kid that's always covered in paint, that's Diego / probably pretty gay, if usual trends hold / single / no idea if he's poly, he doesn't even know what that is

Willing to give anything a try at least once, Diego can be kind of adventurous. He is aware of his own limitations and what is decidedly and resolutely very dangerous, and he will tend to avoid things that surpass his limitations, or are decidedly and resolutely very dangerous. It's less because of his own aversion, though sometimes it's more toward that than he lets on, and more because his father is likely to have heart failure if he doesn't. Diego enjoys discovering and likes exploring the unknown, and he's always been a little surprising and a bit unpredictable. Determined and tenacious, he'll get what he wants, in time, through hard work. He's firm in what he believes in, and he isn't easy to sway from those beliefs. While he is friendly and personable, and not really one to hold others at arm's length, he also knows when to not be. He is not naive in the slightest bit, and he knows how to take care of himself. Diego's a good friend, and he's got a good head on his shoulders; just understand he's not a pushover, and you actually really don't want him mad at you.

Probably excited about another school year starting. And maybe bothering Axel. ... either that or giving his dad heart failure.