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News Board / Nov 15, 2018 - Lore Stuff
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 08:36 AM »
Just a quick heads up, I'm rewriting the lore pages at the moment, kind of partly done. This is partially because I wanted to condense the information a bit, also organise it a bit better, and partially because some of it changed/got expanded on with the sudden plot shift.

Fuggit, guys, we're an angels vs everything else board, I give tf up, and the Daeva Wars are our actual main plot now.

Um, I also wanted to make certain aspects of the board more prominent, so that's also a thing. I've been reposting wanted ads, too, if you need an older wanted ad reposted, let me know, I can dig it up for you.

I'll eventually also be working on a new theme, whenever the heck I finally feel like coding. Lol I'll also be bringing back our quote and want ad generators shortly.


Wanted / stars
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 05:46 AM »

Adoptive Kids

Any Age / Probably plenty of all genders, pick one / Open races / Open PBs (he's primarily been in Italy, but when you can teleport, that hardly matters)

Kass has a habit of disappearing, and coming back with kids. Usually these are abandoned children, late-term abortions that didn't work, etc etc. He's strong enough a healer, yes, he can keep late-term abortion babies alive long enough to save them, he's got a small handful of those. May have even picked up kids right off the street. In any case, whether these kids later became vampires or not is essentially up to them. If they weren't already, Kass and his husbands, Hasan and Sandalio, would leave that choice to them, when they were old enough to understand what being a vampire actually entails.

In the meantime, there are three of them, they're all male, and they are pretty decent parents. Kass is a bit of a helicopter dad, in some ways, but Sandalio and Hasan are a bit less overprotective. Hasan is also a psychologist, so he's pretty good at teaching others how to manage their emotions, and reach any life-goals they may have. All things considered, they're probably among the best parents to end up with.

These can absolutely be school age, most likely would attend Luxerion International, and yes, dads... well two of them, come to pretty much every school function (Sandalio is presently in a nightmare cage, so he's been missing for a while, long enough any kids of theirs younger than twenty would have never met him). They may also get off school to come to skating competitions, at least the galas, because Kass does still skate in gala exhibitions sometimes. They're also pretty familiar with the different overall needs of most ethnicities (so, yes, they can braid African hair, and manage curls and that thick Asian hair), they're all having of very good senses, and can easily catch illnesses and diseases quickly, and Hasan's speciality is mental-things, so he'll catch the early signs of varying disorders, too. Ah, probably cannot get out of school faking sick, though. May still get out of it anyway, depending on why they want out of it. Mental health breaks are indeed valid things, and all three dads know that, but if it's just avoiding a test, or the school bully said something embarrassing yesterday, yeah, no, get up, you'll forget it in a week and so will they.

There's also uncle Icarus, uncle Thana, uncle Sepheres, aunt Delara, uncle Tristan, cousin Geneva (she is Thana and Icarus' adoptive daughter), and grandma Ksenia, eventually Ksenia and Daren will be official so he'll be grandpa, and they have family-like ties to basically all of the Lucains.

Big family, lots of plots, awesome parents, lots of money, probably ample opportunity to end up a celebrity/public figure, come join the awesomest family and be awesome.

There is one kid in this cluster already, a five year old girl (her family were attacked and killed by one, the Storm killed the vampire that did it, and dropped the girl on the Drago). Her name's Noelle, likes to read and make stuff (Hasan is using art therapy to help her cope with vampire-attack trauma), and she shifts into a tiger.
Possible, as well, that Adrian will be adopted by Kassander at some point.

Wanted / The Daeva Host
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 02:40 AM »
This is a fairly broad, big want.

The Daeva Host are mostly all up for adoption. These are the five seniormost daevas, and their five generals, and usually, they are right below the Hamadaeva, whom technically is also part of the Host. Currently, a good number of the Host have sided with one single Daeva Warlord, Azrael, whose magic feels very similar to the Light's, and the other number of the Host have decided he must be the Light. This is wrong, but, well only one Warlord knows that for sure. As they have begun enforcing inane tenants that the Light has not endorsed, they fall further and further away from the Light. As a result, many of them are presently Fallen. However, they do not have to remain so.

As these slots are up for adoption, they are very loose. Whether a Warlord follows Azrael or not can also be changed through in-game play. The Generals are also completely up for interpretation, we don't even have their names set in stone (daeva names tend to end in -l or -n). In short, if you want a "bad angel," follow Azrael. Your character will probably die. If you want a "bad angel that finds his/her way back to the Light," follow Azrael, and then start using brain function. If you want a "good angel," follow Samael.

Most daevas will know when faced with the Light (either Kassander Essair, or Natalia Vasilyeva). Much like vampires have an innate connection to Sati and Surya, daevas have an innate connection to Kassander and Natalia. Whether they recognise this connection, or not, depends on whether they're actually fallen or not. (Natalia is a temporary Light stand-in; she is the one daevas will have been hearing for the last few decades, not Kassander, but older daevas will remember the Light having sounded male before).

Azrael and the Warlords on his side tend to enforce inane rules; such as not falling in love, just in general, but especially not one's focus. That is almost the only law, don't love, because it's unnatural, unhealthy, a trap, a distraction, any reason you can think of, they use it. Telling someone what you are, trying to return to life before you died, or somehow speaking against the Council, will also end in the Warlords deciding you're "fallen." By this they mean they damage one's wings and throw them off Maharaja. Many die this way, but some don't, and if they still hear the Light, he may intervene.



> 1,000 | Female | European | No idea why her name is Gabriel and not Gabrielle.
Follows Azrael. Hot-tempered. Known to randomly snap at her Generals. Fought in the Daeva Wars (a historical event in which the daevas almost split into two races). Probably a ginger.


> 1,000 | Male | Hispanic
Follows Azrael. Stubborn and deliberate. Can be somewhat obstinate and blind to reason when he's made up his mind. Fought in the Daeva Wars. Not easily annoyed, but also not easily swayed.


~ 900 | Male | Asian | Probably was a ninja in a past life
Hasn't decided one way or another about Azrael. Thoughtful and subtle. When he makes his moves, he makes them in a way that is barely notable. Slippery one when he tries.


> 2,000 | Male | Roman | His magic feels like the Light's, so many have mistaken him as being the Light
* Not actually adoptable, @dragonborn made him.
Bit of a sociopath, also kind of a sadist. Fascinated by pain and torment in ways that are very unhealthy, and more than a little disturbing. To the letter law-obiding. You can pin stuff on him, but you better be a real good gumshoe to do it. Both does and does not feel like a daeva. Necromancers may note he feels a bit like a shade.


> 2,000 | Male | Persian
* Also not adoptable, here for reference, he is played by @incendium
The only Warlord that still answers the Light. Perpetually put-upon and a bit strung out. Mostly keeps himself and his Generals on earth, so he is mostly unaware of what's going on upstairs; this was accidental, he just decided 280 years ago that he was staying on earth. None of his have "fallen." Likewise, many of his Generals are Drago di Napoli.



  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


Factions / The Desert Storm
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 02:15 AM »
Also gotta rewrite this.

Factions / The Drago di Napoli
« on: Nov 15, 2018, 02:15 AM »
I have to rewrite this. Go me.

Downtown / Trail to the Stars
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 05:28 AM »
He'd been doing something. Hasan could tell that much, but without Sandalio here, he couldn't say what. Kassander was, of course, supposed to be resting, not doing whatever it was he was doing, but it wasn't as if Hasan could make him rest. Generally, he was too busy holding the fort down, and keeping the Drago from going claws out at each other. Ksenia was around to help, and very useful on that front. She was a little more direct than he was, and some liked to mistaken his calmer demeanor as his being a push over. Hasan had the same command that Kassander did, it was merely that his was quieter.

Fret over his husband he might, Hasan preferred not to smother him. Kassander never took that well, in general, and certainly he'd be less pleased with it than usual, now. Instead of bothering Kassander about resting, Hasan was intending to check on the transports. His shoes clacked on the floor, most of it a natural stone, headed to the warehouses. One hand worried slightly at the opposite arm's sleeve, but if Hasan knew about this tic, he'd missed it, this time. Hasan had many nervous tics, they'd just remained mostly buried. And then Sandalio had gone and disappeared, and Kassander had started breaking down. The only bright side to this was, he wasn't wondering if Kassander and Sandalio really did need each other as much as they'd seemed to. Clearly, the answer was yes.

As he turned a corner, he felt something off. For a moment, he paused in the hallway, paying attention to the signature he sensed. It felt like Daeva, and Hasan wasn't certain one of those needed to be anywhere near Kassander, right now. However, it did feel familiar, too, though Hasan couldn't immediately place why. The Persian frowned, to himself, and changed courses. He could check on the transports in a moment. The Daeva seemed more pressing, even if Apollo had not reacted to them, yet.

Hasan reached his destination, just outside the doors, as a small trail of golden lights, which he recognized as Kassander's, swirled around his boots, and vanished. That must have been what Kassander was doing. The Persian tried not to look annoyed. If nothing else, it was not this one's fault. Ah, actually, Hasan thought this was Ksenia's guardian. Hasan never had figured out why she had one. 

Instead of saying anything, he waited. The Daeva likely would need to decide if he was going the rest of the way, or running, and Hasan wouldn't blame him for doing the latter. 

Help Desk / Reserved and Retired Play-Bys
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 02:29 AM »
When a character has reached a certain number of posts, and time on the site, their play-by is retired; this means they cannot be used again by anyone but that character. Retires last indefinitely. Play-bys can also be reserved for want ads or future characters. Want ad reserves are indefinite, but future character reserves must be picked up and created within two ( 2 ) weeks.


  • None

Wanted Ads


To get a character added to the list, reply using the code below. If anything is inapplicable, take the line out. Add text after the bold tags.

Code: [Select]
[b]Character Name[/b]
[b]Retired or Reserved?[/b]
[b]Post Count[/b]
[b]Join Date[/b]
[b]Want Ad Link[/b]

Help Desk / Affiliation Information
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 02:28 AM »
No requirements. We expect those that affiliate with us to also not have requirements. Static-only. We also expect static position in return. Please have a non-animated-gif version of your button, if you have an animated one, that we can use; one of our members is epileptic, and moving images can be problematic, so we're just not going there.

Code: [Select]
<a href="http://aphelion.kazeshini.net" target="_blank" title="Aphelion | Supernatural Crime"><img alt="Aphelion, modern supernatural crime" src="http://aphelion.kazeshini.net/images/affiliatebutton.png"></a>

Help Desk / Board Features
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 02:27 AM »
This thread will go over the unique features and functions that are available on Aphelion. As we are self-hosted, and our host is a bit of a master at the specific software, there are quite a few unique functions!

At the top and bottom of every thread is an Add bookmark button. This button will add a thread to your bookmarks, which then appears on the public thread tracker in your profile. (It'll do this automatically for characters when that character posts in the thread.) On the bookmarks management page, you can add notes to threads in the tracker, for thread summaries and similar. ... at least, I think, that may be broke.

Our site has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, in posts, quick edit, quick reply, and profile text area fields. This editor is a powerful one, enabling quite the array of options, and some keyboard shortcuts work (ctrl+b for bold, +i for italic, etc, warning, ctrl+b on Opera and Opera-based browsers will trigger browser bookmarks controls coming up). There is one caveat, and that is the WYISIWYG editor will not load if Javascript is turned off in the browser; you'll get a text area, but not the fancy controls, you'll have to BBCode in it manually.

Automated Who's Who, Play Bys List, and Time-Line
By filling in the PB field, your play-by automatically appears on the list. If you are using artwork, just leave it blank instead of inputting none, else you can credit the artist. The time-line automatically populates threads by chronological ordering. The member list also automatically creates itself based on accounts and their character accounts.

Fluid Mature Content Restriction
Users that wish to be able to see such threads can pop their birth date into their OOC profile. This birth date, if it is valid and makes the user at or above 18, will trigger mature threads showing in topic list, and enable the user to read them. If these aren't input, those threads just don't appear at all, and cannot be read.

This also cleanses such threads from the recent posts list. They do not appear anywhere, not thread lists, not bookmark lists, not recent posts, and if a mature thread is somehow accessed, and mature content is off, it won't display the thread, but a message saying it has mature content.

Easy Thread Dating
This takes the form of a series of options when posting new topics (below the description field). Select a month, type a day number, and a year (we are in 2018), and you've added your thread to the time-line. Threads that are not dated are not considered board canon until they are! The dating system was implemented to prevent users from getting confused and muddling the IC time-line - and thus incidentally being in two places at once.

Unread Alerts
The icons at the top of the site beside your name will turn hot pink if there are unread things relating to them, with a number next to it indicating how many items are unread in that category. These are unread @ mentions, or unread posts to bookmarks. Our software does not have an alert system on its own, so I had to hack one in. Not terribly fancy, but, they did it.
I think these work, they may not.

Almost 100% Mobile Responsive
That's right. The site's pretty much 100% mobile responsive. It operates well enough, I actually posted on my phone with this theme. The theme also comes in a light color scheme, for those that prefer light themes (it is actually dark, meaning charcoals and blacks are used throughout, but the contrast is good and it is legible). To change the color scheme, click your username on the bar below the banner, hover over modify profile, click look and layout, and change next to the theme name (should say forum or board default). Then, change the drop down to light, if it isn't on it already, and click use this theme. You may need to use the drop down and use this theme link on away from the sun specifically to get it to change. Sometimes it changes using default, sometimes it doesn't.

Both variants are mobile responsive.

@ User Mention
Just type @ and a username right after, no spacing, and it'll tag the user in question. It works with spaces. It is recommended to put these on their own line to avoid the @ system getting confused.


Custom BBCode
You can use the below BBCodes to link to character pages, user profiles, and topics:
Code: [Select]
[topic=10]back to when[/topic]
[character=6]Rowan McKenna[/character]
back to when
Rowan McKenna

Help Desk / Frequently Asked Questions
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 02:23 AM »
What grade would my character be in?
I know most of us are American, or familiar with the American school grade system, but, really quickly, for our foreign friends and our forgetful ones, too, here are the school grades in America, and their equivalent ages. This runs down the list based on how old they are before school starts. If a character's birthday is in October, they're probably perpetually a year older than the rest of their classmates.

Age ( as of August 15 )American Grade

College students vary in age. We use freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior for them, first to fourth year, respectively. These are often also used in high school ( 9th grade to 12th ), so, try not to get confused. As college students have a variety of majors, and varying lengths of time those majors may take, this is very loose, and some may be a senior for several years. You may also hear undergraduate and postgraduate ( undergrad, postgrad ); these refer to students that have not earned their first degree ( Bachelor's or higher ), and students that have at least one, respectively. In some programs, this may need to be master's or equivalent before they're considered postgrad.

How do American marks work?

Class GradeMeansGPA
A+100% or more4.33/4.00

This varies between school to school, but this is pretty typical. You can pass with a 1.00 GPA/D average, but don't expect the future to be very bright. You want at least a 2.00 GPA/C average. Honors students need at least a 3.00 GPA/B average. Some schools may occasionally use E in place of F, or I. I stands for incomplete. All material must be completed and passed for a student to get anything besides an I in classes that use them ( some do, depending on the school district and whether they're still dependent on benchmarks; all classes are, some just cover them up better because their school boards aren't bloody sacks of stupid ).

Luxerion International does use benchmarks, but students will not notice this, as teachers are allowed to teach the material as they feel suitable for how their students learn.

Luxerion Academy / Is Sorry Enough?
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 01:22 AM »
Yes, she'd figured out, she was being stupid. Thinking back on it, she knew that, at the time. It was just, easier. It was easier not to think about it. There was still the chance, of course, that Skylar would be upset with her, for not answering his calls and texts and... he wasn't Brett. Rowan just had to remember that, Skylar was Skylar, not Brett. It was easy as that. And, most likely, his reactions would not be as extreme as Brett's always were. Because he wasn't Brett. He couldn't be like Brett, anyway, because Alison wouldn't have accepted him acting like Brett did.

She'd known him most of her life. Longer than she could remember, and it was silly, now, to be even remotely afraid of him. Maybe this was normal. Maybe it was a normal, reasonable thing to be afraid of, but, Arina was right. He really had just kind of lit up when he'd seen her at orientation, and her heart did that stupid cartwheel thing it did all the time around him, and there was no point in running from it, because it just hurt, and that was pretty much it. So, here she was. The announcements on the school site said soccer practice was starting today, and something about try-outs to fill the team back out in a week or two. If she knew Skylar at all, he was probably on the team.

It took a few minutes, but, standing to one side of the soccer field, she did eventually find him. Apparently she was right. Her heart did another cartwheel, and she pulled her jacket around her a bit tighter - it was still hot as hell, but Brett had left a few scars, and she didn't like talking about them - shuffling over to the stands, and finding a place to sit. Soccer practice usually ran about an hour or two, but, she'd brought her phone, with Pandora on it, and a book.

You know, if she didn't get lost in just, enjoying having an excuse to stare at him.

Residential / The Future Freaks Me Out
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 01:20 AM »
He needed more complication in his life, he did. So the universe answered, apparently, and here he was, nine pregnancy tests later (every fucking one was positive), sitting on the swinging bench on the front porch, watching the sunset and trying not to have a giant melt-down. That sounded worse than he meant it, really. Any other time, maybe he'd even be kind of excited, you know, having a baby was a capital Big Deal, your life changed in all kinds of ways, and that was sort of the point of life, he figured. Having kids, continuing your bloodline, making a difference in other people's lives, these were things that weren't always tangible, but generally ended up meaning the most. Being remembered, that was how people that weren't innately immortal lived forever, and teaching the next generation to do better was how the world changed and improved.

It was kind of nice, in a sense, to have the opportunity to be a part of that, but he had other problems, too, maybe problems that didn't necessarily set him up on the best foundation for raising a kid. Didn't people do things where they went to doctors and stuff all the time when they were pregnant? It wasn't like he'd know. He didn't know anyone that'd been pregnant around him. Aunt Nat hadn't even glanced in the direction of having children, which was unfortunate, because she'd make a great mom, already did as far as Axel was concerned. She'd been the mom his own mom couldn't be there to be, and no, Axel wasn't bitter about it. It wasn't like his mom had been like, okay, I had this fucked up mess of a child, let me die now. (He wouldn't admit it, but sometimes, he wondered about that, usually when he'd had a few too many cheap beers.)

He should tell them. He didn't have medical coverage, though, prenatal care might be rather expensive. Having the kid in the first place would probably be pretty expensive. What he actually needed was a better job, or to work more, as he didn't put in enough hours to make nearly enough to support a kid. They needed, like, diapers and food and clothes and they were constantly outgrowing their clothes, too, and he wasn't sure if they had any of the stuff from when he was a kid, if not, he'd need furniture and whatnot. Mostly, he'd been avoiding thinking about it. Because thinking about it always eventually led back to wondering whose it was, then remembering there was no real way of knowing anyhow, and even if there was, it wasn't like either he or the kid would have any sort of relationship with them.

He should tell them. Mikhail was pretty skilled at picking up on Axel-is-hiding-something, and aunt Nat wasn't far behind (apparently, she knew he was a he before he did). What if they asked normal questions to ask? Like, whose it was? What was he supposed to say? Sure, Axel had flings, but he never had irresponsible ones. And when he said he didn't know, because he didn't, it'd be pretty obvious what happened. And honestly, Axel wasn't sure he was ready to admit it happened. Because in saying it did, however indirectly, it made it a little more real, harder to ignore, and yes, he knew he shouldn't ignore it anyway, but what the fuck else was he supposed to do with it? And he knew, he'd known walking out on the Tigers would end badly. He knew that. He did it anyway. So it wasn't like he had room to complain about it, because, what, it was bad in a way he didn't like? Tough shit, right?

Uuugh. He slid down in his seat, switching from staring at the trees to staring at the porch ceiling. It wasn't like he hadn't been off since then, anyway. The usual vibrance was only sort of there, and when it was, it was strained, like he had to try too hard, and he did. Had he ever mentioned he was bad with his own feelings? He was.

Entertainment / end of the rope
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 01:17 AM »
Aerodynamics operated much, much differently when one had wings, apparently. Being honest about it, Kaspian shouldn't be terribly surprised. He was, at least, annoyed, that was a word. If he hit the ice one more time, he was going to freaking implode the entire rink. ( Maybe that was a bit much... ) Kaspian had been skating for most of his life, it was just vexing that suddenly, he couldn't seem to do it. He'd fallen on a jump a few days ago! It was just a double toe loop!

Most likely, this was as simple as just getting the new aerodynamics down, figuring out how to pull his wings close enough to his body that he wouldn't bust his ass. That was, at the moment, easier said than done. He hadn't even actually gotten accustomed to the weight of his wings, either. He could fly, at least, he supposed that was a bright side ( were airplanes a concern for daevas? Probably ). Losing control of his spins repeatedly did have a neat side-effect of reminding him of where he'd started. Kaspian had really just been a terribly stubborn little kid, and no matter how many times he hit the ice, he always got back up. Before he'd died, that was starting to get more painful. How did younger-him manage to tolerate falling so often, anyway?

It hurt, and didn't, now. His joints did kind of squeak a little, but, only a little.

And this guy, over here, was being absolutely no help. "You know," he started, skating over to the boards, "you could use to be less serious. It's like you're constantly glaring. And I know you know how to work around this, so a little help would be appreciated, too." Just so Kassander knew what he thought. Mind, Kaspian was starting to get the impression Kassander didn't terribly care what he thought about this, given they'd been going in circles for weeks about him going back to skating. Kassander thought he should retire. Kaspian, of course...

Well, he'd thought about it. It seemed like he hadn't, but he had, still was. The problem was, Kaspian didn't know what else to do, if he wasn't skating. He'd been at it for years, now, long enough he'd never really done much else outside that. A bit of publicity, few commercials, some modeling and product endorsement. Perhaps he could follow those lines, but, if he was being honest with himself, he was tired of being in the lime-light. It was a sad thing to realize, wasn't it? He was tired of being in the lime-light, but he didn't know what else to do with himself, either.

Luxerion Academy / back to when
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 01:13 AM »
So, this was awkward. She'd at least made her first friend, and classes were starting soon, so Rowan had decided to wander around campus, a bit. Try to get an idea of where things were, because Luxerion International was the biggest school she'd ever seen in her life.  Finding her way around was still going to be something of a pain in the butt. She'd seen Skylar at orientation. And he said hi to her, and she'd turned pink and run off. Because, apparently, she was great with her feelings. ... Rowan was a dumb-ass. She knew it. It wasn't even like she didn't want to talk to him, just, what was she supposed to say? Hey, sorry my ex-boyfriend's kind of a jerk... no, maybe she shouldn't say that. Skylar didn't really need to know about Brett. If she was lucky, he'd stay in goddamn Billings, too.

She'd worry about that later. At the moment, she wasn't sure what was worse, just being friends with him, and never really being happy with just that, or not talking to him at all. It wasn't like she'd admit it, that she was lonely, but, she thought she was. Luxerion was pretty far from home, and she didn't have many friends here, just Skylar and she was starting to make friends with Arina. Honestly, Rowan barely knew her brother, because they'd been apart for so long, and then there was the baby, and that was a whole other mess of confusing and stressful. That wasn't even bothering with the train wreck that had been her relationship with Brett, and she still wasn't really sure what to think of it. There wasn't anything familiar to hold onto.

Talking to Skylar just because of that seemed ridiculously selfish, and Rowan tried not to be that, so, she just, didn't. Ugh, he probably thought she was mad at him, though. Rowan found it kind of difficult to be mad at him, at least right now. Maybe in a few weeks, she'd find something that was irritating, but... eh. Skylar was a really friendly sort, the kind of guy that could be really popular pretty easily. Rowan was always the one in the back of the room most people forgot existed. She didn't really want to ruin his reputation or anything. She'd already gotten called a slut once. Eh, it was bound to happen.

Ahh, anyway. She settled down on a bench, out in the courtyard in the sun. So far, she'd been over about half the grounds, and now she was tired. Understandably, probably, but still. Hmm, she thought she remembered seeing vending machines. Wonder if they had water...

Calls / I think this is yours.
« on: Nov 11, 2018, 12:47 AM »
"So how busy are you, at the moment? ... and how likely are you to punch something?"

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