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Site Info / Races
Sep 08, 2018, 01:20 PM
Once living people that have been born and reborn many times, gaining many lifetimes of experience, the daevas are guides appointed by the Light to other races. Each daeva has a focus, which may be a single person, family, group, region, or nation, that the daeva is meant to look after, guide, and protect. Sometimes, this is for their whole lifetime, and other times, through a particular period of their life. When their focus has ended, the daeva returns to crystal stasis, a state of sleep, and someday, vanish, returning to the creator.

Human (Mundane)
Normal, every-day humans, mundanes cannot use magic, and generally cannot see much of what a supernatural being will see. They may be aware of supernatural occurrences, but are typically incapable of seeing magical energy, or its effects. This includes weaker ghosts, but very strong ones, and daevas, can be seen by mundane humans if they wish to be seen by them.

Carrying a trait passed down since Roman times, necromancers act as a bridge between the living and the dead. They can innately see, and interact with, even weak ghosts, but this goes a bit beyond just being mediums. Necromancers can feel and experience the pain of ghosts that are too lost in despair to move on, and help them find closure. A slight caveat is that not all ghosts know how, or are mentally and emotionally capable, of interacting back, and often haphazardly transfer emotions and memories to, or cause hallucinations in, a necromancer in order to communicate. This can be highly disturbing, and difficult for a necromancer to handle. While necromancers are capable of controlling spirits, a well-trained one knows that doing so is exceedingly dangerous, and won't unless necessary. They exist to help those that cannot move on by themselves do so, and sometimes this means helping them come to terms with their own death, or complete unfinished business. As a ghost continues to remain in the living realm, they tend to become angrier, or fall deeper into despair, and can be very difficult to reason with.

Some are reincarnated innately different. While they may be supernatural, depending upon their bloodlines, they have extra abilities and powers from their soul being aligned to a god-like aspect. These are natural forces, occurrences, and emotions, that play a large part in the lives of humans. When humans were still strongly believing of gods, these reborns carried with them the strength of their worship, and were known as many names in many places across the world, but they are not quite gods as most know the term, instead existing to ensure the continuation of the natural forces they command. How much of their former incarnations, and what they are, they know and understand, varies between reborn. See the reborn listing to see which aspects are taken.

The sidhe are sentient creatures born of the natural world. One could liken them to manifestations of the world's elements, personifications of natural cycles, and likewise. The sidhe are varied, and were, at one time, many, but as humans expand their empire and their actions damage the planet, more and more sidhe tribes die off as a consequence. Most sidhe now have blended into human society in order to survive, and some have taken on interesting adaptations in reaction to how the planet is changing. The sidhe may be fairies, pixies, selkies, most Japanese youkai, elves, and more; but they all call one another sidhe, and see no reason to separate them.

Beings of the night, the vampires are a magical accident, created when a magical experiment went awry. Some say they are cursed, but, older vampires eventually become rather powerful in return. Due to this, the first few vampires have put in place a vampire council, on which sits the heads of every vampire coven in the world, and strict regulations, to prevent vampires from ever going out of control.

Witches are fairly populous; they are humans that have the ability to use magic, descended from the first witch, whom merged with the All and was granted power over reality. Blood witches are born, they are not made, but some mundane humans can be in tune with natural forces enough to hold some measure of basic magical ability in potions and scrying. Witches remain severe minorities in comparison to mundane humans, but there are enough for them to have their own central government bodies; in the US, this is ACMA, the American Center for Magical Affairs, which works with mundane government and law enforcement to handle supernatural trouble. Witches blend in with every day society, but some may have more magical job descriptions than the typical office worker. Both males and females are called witches. There are several different school complexes across the world that accept magical students, including witches, and teach magical subjects, Luxerion International being one. Witches do not tend to gather together into covens; that's a vampire thing, but there are many witches present in several different vampire covens, typically the oldest covens.
Site Info / Magic
Sep 08, 2018, 01:20 PM
Magic, also referred to as the Craft, is the supernatural energy that originated from the All. Capable of altering the fabric of reality, and defying the laws of nature, in the wrong hands, magic can be dangerous, but in and of itself, it is neutral, neither good nor evil, it just is, and it is one's intent and the way one uses it that decides whether the magic has become one or the other. Both hereditary and a learned art, magic enables one to brew potions, cast spells, scry, and possess powers; one who is born with and practices magic is generally termed a "witch," however there are also other, non-human beings capable of using magic.

Humans that were born without magical powers, but adhere to the tenants of Wicca (primarily the Wiccan Rede), are called "witch practitioners." While practitioners do not have powers of their own, they do tend to have a natural affinity to magic, and can tap into external sources of power, nature, and cast spells and brew potions. Practitioners can occasionally be mistaken for birthright witches, and are often both allies for birthright witches, and individuals witches must protect.

Birthright witches are born with their powers, but what powers they get are not always logical, and the magic may skip a generation, but rarely ever two. The powers one is destined to have lie in one's blood, and a mortal that comes into contact with that blood can gain those powers, as well. However, a mortal that is not meant to have those powers will eventually be driven insane, as their body and mind are not equipped to handle them. While the ability to use active powers almost always manifests in early childhood, in some cases, even from the womb, there are those whose powers remain dormant until quite late in life, usually late teens or early twenties.

Active Powers

Magic can manifest in the form of an active power, a special ability that operates a specific way, and is one of the quickest ways of using magic without spellcasting. These powers are a biological part of the magical being that it is used by, residing in the blood. An active power may manifest in several ways; at the onset of puberty, as a reflex when its user is in direst need, or simply when that individual is ready for it. Powers are possessed by many different magical beings, and the same power can be found in multiple individuals living at any given time, but can be altered and changed based upon their user's moral alignment.

Find below a list of possible active powers, that are available besides the standard potion brewing and spell-casting, along with the guidelines that go with them.

Curses and Enchantments

Enchantments are a type of magic used to grant an object or individual a magical power it should not have, or intended to cause the target to behave abnormally. Curses are a subset of enchantments, which are designed specifically to produce a negative effect. Curses take rather the powerful magic user to last beyond a few years, and the maximum time-frame a curse can remain also depends on the strength, and how long it lasts, of the caster's ill will. Ergo, cursing your best friend because they pissed you off would probably wear off in a few days, if not a few hours. Curses intended for an object, to serve a specific purpose (i.e. killing those that steal the object) will last much longer, often more than one decade, because they are not exactly curses, but not exactly enchantments, either.


A potion is a magical substance, typically a liquid, but it may take other forms, that produces a certain effect. Potions are quite versatile, and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from putting others to sleep, to transmuting one object into another. Potions work either by being consumed, or being thrown, typically at the feet of its target. Like spellcasting, the ability to make potions which work is exclusive to magical beings. Humans that are not witch practitioners that happen to mix up the right ingredients will find their potion does nothing.


Spells are spoken verses, often rhyming, that produce magical effect based upon composition. Magical beings can invent and cast spells that do whatever they wish the spell to do, and other than active powers, spellcasting is the quickest way of using magic. The more powerful and creative the magic user, the quicker he or she would be able to conjure up the right spell. Older and more powerful magical beings can cast non-verbal spells. The spoken lines must be arranged and worded in the right way to achieve intended effect; at early stages, it's quite common for spells to "backfire," or produce an unintended effect, due to poor wording choices.

Book of Shadows

It is typical for witch bloodlines to pass down a Book of Shadows, in which is written spells and potion brews, through their family, with each generation adding to the book. Particularly powerful magical lines have quite impressive and enchanted books, with much knowledge within, and many powerful protective enchantments laid on them. These books grow as the lineage does, and in some cases, may learn as their primary witch does.

Witch practitioners also may hold a Book of Shadows, but this is often a more personal recording of that witch's learning and experience with the Craft. Some may pass these books on to their children, but more often, the practitioner's book dies with them.
Site Info / Luxerion International Academy
Sep 08, 2018, 01:20 PM

Per Aspera Ad Astra • Through Hardship to the Stars

Welcome to Luxerion International Academy, one of the only schools in the nation that offers a middle school, high school, and a college, on the same campus. Reaching your life's goals has never been easier. Luxerion Academy is staffed with skilled and experienced staff, ready to help you take the leap toward your future. With six education departments, a boarding option, tuition and financial assistance, and a compassionate faculty, Luxerion Academy is ready to help you dive into life.

Founded in the 1700s, Luxerion Academy has grown with the city it calls home. From a small set of buildings, to a nine building, three mile spawling campus, to say the least, it's evolved. One of the most progressive and open-minded schools in the nation, LIA boasts a top level of educational excellence and technological implementation.

Traditionally, Luxerion Academy had been influenced by the Native Americans present in the area before the European expansion. LIA takes a Native proverb to heart: Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I will understand. In recent years, the school has gained some semblance of independence from the United States Board of Education, allowing them more freedom in tailoring classes and learning materials to meet the needs of their diverse student body. In 2014, the school began utilizing virtual classrooms, a kind of internet meet-up that would allow classes to take place from the comfort of a student's home. Students are also often allowed to attend virtually over Skype or Google Hangouts, enabling them to attend class and participate even when on the go.

It's unknown how long the magical half of LIA has existed. It's entirely possible that it was there when the school was originally founded. Magical students and mundane students interact on a regular basis. Instead of trying to sequester the magical community away from the mundane one, LIA aims to mix them together, so that both are familiar with each other. Magical beings are still subject to mundane laws, customs, and social order, and LIA believes that it is better for them to learn to live within that mundane world, than try and ignore it.

Students are given the option of boarding with LIA, or living off-campus. Students that are underage are kept to a curfew policy of dusk; all underage students must be in one of the buildings by the time the sun has set, or they are truant, and will be picked up by campus security. Overage students are allowed to come and go completely at will. They are adults, and LIA will treat them like adults -- but if you skip class a lot and blow off your homework, don't say nobody warned you that you'd fail. Do note, that students on a scholarship or financial assistance will need to maintain a passing GPA.

There are three towers for boarding, one the middle school tower, one the high school tower, and the other the college tower. Dorms are a two-bedroom small apartment, with a living space, kitchen, dining area, and one bathroom, thus all students have just one dorm-mate. All students at the same grade level in the same tower are housed on the same floor. The school is co-ed, but by default, students will not be assigned to the same dorm as someone of the opposite sex. Transgender and asexual students may choose which one they'd feel more comfortable sharing a dorm with, and all students are asked on the boarding sign-ups if they would be okay sharing a room with such a student. Room transfers are processed during the first three weeks of school.

Term begins on August 17. Students are given winter, spring, and summer breaks, which are long enough students may return home if they choose. Summer classes are available, which run from June 1 to August 15. Fall semester ends on May 20, and students are advised to return to campus for the next term, if they are not still present for summer classes, by August 15.

Luxerion Academy maintains the utmost level of campus security, and is an open, no discrimination tolerated, campus. Those found to be bullying, discriminating, harassing in any form, another student, or making them uncomfortable or fearful, will be immediately expelled. This extends to social media and the internet; if the school staff can prove the source is you, you will be removed. This expulsion can be appealed, but you'd best have a very good explanation.

While all drugs are criminalized in Nebraska, Luxerion Academy notably does not always enforce these laws, so long as students stick to lighter drugs such as marijuana. Smoking or growing weed on the grounds will not necessarily result in the staff taking action.

Designed after the security system of the Drago di Napoli (Luxerion International was founded by a former Drago), Anubis is half-technology, half-magic, and watches the Academy campus day and night. Yes, it does know when you're tardy, when you stay out too late, and it will tattle. It doubles as a communication system, capable of linking to many different communication lines across the world. Like the Drago's Apollo, it also has many different surveillance and security features and functions.

As of now, however, no one seems to be able to command Anubis the way Kassander commands Apollo, and so it's unknown if Anubis has aura cannon or barrier functionality. Several different languages have been tried, and while it will respond to its name, it does not seem to respond to words in any language anyone can think of.

Luxerion Academy offers a wide range of course options, and which courses are available to you changes as you progress in grade. Grades 6 and 7 will stick with core courses, but at the end of 7th grade, students are allowed to choose a minimum of two additional courses as electives. At the end of 10th grade, students may choose to drop courses, and add new ones, if they wish, though they may also merely drop courses outright and not replace them, if they so desire. Students attending for college have a lot of leeway with their course options, but do need to fulfill basic requirements for their chosen major, and their future goals.

LIA tailors your educational plan based on what you wish to pursue as a career post graduation. For those who know what they are after, courses may be tailored for future goals even before reaching college level.

This is exactly what it sounds like -- being enrolled in and attending courses in both secondary school and college levels at once. Typically, this is allotted to students who have not reached college level yet, who wish to take a course only available to college students. This may also be arranged for students whom are a little more advanced in a course than their grade level. However, non-witch magical students who are older than is typical for the grade they are in may opt to take secondary level courses for a few specific subjects, while still primarily attending classes at college level.

If you are interested in dual-enrolling, please speak with a counselor. Students at a lower grade will still not have a major or minor, but may be able to earn credits for college level while attending college classes, that will be put toward a degree, and shorten the time they need to complete it when they get there.

At the end of 12th grade, students are allowed time slots to, if they choose, meet with counselors and career advisers. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss what ambitions and goals a student has for the future, following their graduation. Students may decide to continue their education with Luxerion Academy beyond this point, but those that choose to do so will have many options for their future. Collegiate students have at least one major -- students may not always have a minor, but they may. Some students also choose to dual major.

For the most part, deciding on a major is up to the player. Whatever makes sense for what your character wants to do with their life following graduation, go with it. There are no rules written in stone, here, no strict guidelines -- we have purposely left much of this loose. If you are unsure if your choice makes sense, you're welcome to consult a staff member, or even consult a school faculty member in-character, or, if you'd like, look at real-world college majors for inspiration. For the most part, if it makes sense, and feels right to you, go for it.

Dual-majors are possible with Luxerion Academy. However, keep in mind coursework will be rigorous, and you may not have time for courses that are just for fun. Dual majoring is a hallmark of overachievers, but may also be useful for very specific career goals -- for instance, Strikers are others aiming for a specific position with the American Center for Magical Affairs. It is useful for healers that wish to have the ability to heal both physically and mentally, as well, and magical students that want both a magical and mundane major.

There are several specific career programs available; these count essentially as majors, and will angle your course load toward getting you into a specific career. While they may be somewhat difficult, they are, however, a little quicker than taking the typical route.
Alchemy Program • Aims to place the student among respected alchemists.
Journalism Program • Aims to place students with one or several news outlets. These may be magical or mundane outlets.
Law Program • Aims to place students, eventually, among either law enforcement, mundane government, or the American Center for Magical Affairs.
Nursing Program • Aims to place students into nursing or healing positions.
Striker Program • Aims to place students in the Striker department of the Force.
Wandmaker Program • Aims to place the student among respected wandmakers.

Several, more demanding course choices, and all of the above educational programs, eventually require an internship of some form, with at least one existing establishment. Sometimes this establishment will be with the school itself, other times it will be the establishment a student aims to eventually work for. These internships are often paid.

Luxerion International competes under the name Luxerion International Cougars. While the middle and high school levels do not have international competition opportunities, the collegiate does. There are a wide range of sports, teams, and clubs in the school to participate in.

The caveat is that LIA does have academic requirements for its athletes. All those participating in sports, teams, or clubs, must meet and maintain a 3.0 GPA, in order to continue participating. LIA accepts athletic scholarships, but requires a more well-rounded academic resume for its athletes on scholarship. Furthermore, it has no tolerance for misbehavior, even among its athletes, and will not hesitate to expel any student that violates its policies or rules, regardless of how good an athlete they are. The safety and comfort of its student base comes first, and if one makes a major mistake, they will face the consequences of that mistake.

Sports marked with a * are available at middle and high school level. Otherwise, they are collegiate only.

* Baseball
* Basketball
* Cheerleading
* Field Hockey
* Football
Griffon Racing
* Gymnastics
* Horseback Riding
Ice Hockey
* Karate
* Lacrosse
Mixed Martial Arts
Muay Thai
* Polo
* Soccer
* Swimming
* Track and Field

Audio Engineering

Site Info / Joining Guide
Sep 08, 2018, 01:19 PM
Joining Aphelion is fairly straight-forward, but, for those that need it, here's a step-by-step guide!

First, please register. Always register using your OOC name, and then create characters using the Character Manager. The software will automatically log you in when you've registered, but by default, this is only for an hour. It is recommended to log out, and back in, when you first register, ticking 'stay logged in' on the way back in. You will lose data if you're doing something when the automatic log-in times out!

Once registered and logged in, click the Character Manager option on the top bar ( the dark one ), and from there, click Manage Characters.

Once there, click Create New Character, and go for it.

When you're done with it, tick the Ready for Play box at the bottom, and save with it checked; Aphelion does not have an approval process, so you will be able to use the new character immediately after marking it complete. You can edit everything except Character Group post-completion, so make sure you're sure you've placed them where they go.

That's... pretty much it! Now, you can go post somewhere, and there'll be a drop-down selector for it at the top on the posting screen, and in quick reply. Change this to post with a character. Yep, that's it!

After creation, you'll have a row of buttons under their entry. This allows you to manage them after creation. Transfer will allow you to give a character to another player. It has a drop-down selector of all players on the site, so you don't have to type anything fancy in, just select the right one and click save. The thread tracker button does what it sounds like; from this screen, you can remove tracker entries (perhaps ones added on accident?), and add notes and summaries to the entries that are in their tracker. The journal button allows you to add, edit, and delete journal entries for that character. Journal entries display in their own tab in the character's biography, useful if you want a diary or such for your character.

We recommend you have a plotter, a lot of members don't feel comfortable PMing, and find it easier to plot in threads. Alternatively, post an open! We're really kind of more of a 'do it' community, instead of a 'talk about it' one, so we tend to just dive into things. If you wanna give diving into things a go, boy are we the people for you.
Site Info / Site Rules
Sep 08, 2018, 01:19 PM
Our rules are simple. Treat others as you would like them to treat you. Recognise that not everyone will live, or role-play, like you, and just accept these differences. If you don't like someone, avoid them.

Any issues that come up with, or between, players, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, with respect to circumstance and situation, as they come up, should they come up. Something not being "against the rules" is not an excuse.

We have no word count, no required app, no strict activity checks, no character caps/ratios/bans.

Do not use bright, neon, or otherwise blinding colors, do not make the font size smaller than it already is, and do not use gif images anywhere.

Avatar sizes are 250x250. The larger image in profiles is 500x500. Signature images must not cumulatively go beyond 500px in width and 200px in height.

Communicate; if you're busy, not feeling a thread, or not feeling a character, just say that.

Play bys are optional. Players may also opt to use CG artwork from video games instead (just try and keep it realistic).

Our site rating is 3.2.2/PG-13 by default. It goes above that into 3.3.3/nc-17. One has to input their birth date into their OOC profile to be able to see these. By doing so, you are affirming you are above eighteen (18) years old and are okay with seeing mature content (and we're not talking just sex, gore and extreme violence can also happen). Should one choose to unlock these threads, the staff cannot be held responsible for what they read.

Privacy Policy

Our site stores cookies in one's browser. This cookie is solely to keep a user logged in, and may be cleared from browser at will. This will log you out, however. By logging in and using the site, you're agreeing to have this cookie stored. There are a few others that keep certain user settings, such as the category collapse states and read/unread topics, stored.

All information stored into the database is voluntarily added. Profiles may be filled out at will as one wishes, however, there are a few logs, such as the ones that remember what threads/posts a user has read, that are generated automatically. These cannot be accessed by anything by the forum software, and are employed solely to ensure the site's function, nor are they personally identifiable.

Our software also collects and logs all user IP addresses. These addresses are numerical routing values used by computers to talk to one another; no matter what you're doing online, you are broadcasting an IP address. Users can opt to hide this address, but do so at their own risk. This IP address is stored only for reference, is not identifiable, and cannot be used to pin-point exact real-world location.

Any personal messages that go through the site can and may be read by staff; if they are reported, it goes straight to the staff, and we can and may check the database logs to make sure nobody's tampered with anything, particularly if something doens't add up, or we get the sense someone is lying.

Users that wish to leave the site may do so, and if they wish for their information to be removed, can save their profile(s) blank. After a certain period of time, accounts will be removed, but if one would like them removed sooner, may request such. Posts may be removed on request, we would prefer to keep them in-tact for story archive purposes, but users can request them removed. If one deletes their account, they cannot request post removal afterward. It is not easily doable, and we cannot verify that the user is who they say they are.

Our site does not sell information to anyone else, and do not track signals from browsers are adhered to (we use Google Analytics for traffic insights, and reCaptcha to help fight spam). Email input will never cause emails to be sent out; if one forgets their password, please post in the Help Desk to retrieve this, as the default method of doing so does not work.
Residential / The Future Freaks Me Out
Aug 10, 2018, 11:02 PM
He needed more complication in his life, he did. So the universe answered, apparently, and here he was, nine pregnancy tests later (every fucking one was positive), sitting on the swinging bench on the front porch, watching the sunset and trying not to have a giant melt-down. That sounded worse than he meant it, really. Any other time, maybe he'd even be kind of excited, you know, having a baby was a capital Big Deal, your life changed in all kinds of ways, and that was sort of the point of life, he figured. Having kids, continuing your bloodline, making a difference in other people's lives, these were things that weren't always tangible, but generally ended up meaning the most. Being remembered, that was how people that weren't innately immortal lived forever, and teaching the next generation to do better was how the world changed and improved.

It was kind of nice, in a sense, to have the opportunity to be a part of that, but he had other problems, too, maybe problems that didn't necessarily set him up on the best foundation for raising a kid. Didn't people do things where they went to doctors and stuff all the time when they were pregnant? It wasn't like he'd know. He didn't know anyone that'd been pregnant around him. Aunt Nat hadn't even glanced in the direction of having children, which was unfortunate, because she'd make a great mom, already did as far as Axel was concerned. She'd been the mom his own mom couldn't be there to be, and no, Axel wasn't bitter about it. It wasn't like his mom had been like, okay, I had this fucked up mess of a child, let me die now. (He wouldn't admit it, but sometimes, he wondered about that, usually when he'd had a few too many cheap beers.)

He should tell them. He didn't have medical coverage, though, prenatal care might be rather expensive. Having the kid in the first place would probably be pretty expensive. What he actually needed was a better job, or to work more, as he didn't put in enough hours to make nearly enough to support a kid. They needed, like, diapers and food and clothes and they were constantly outgrowing their clothes, too, and he wasn't sure if they had any of the stuff from when he was a kid, if not, he'd need furniture and whatnot. Mostly, he'd been avoiding thinking about it. Because thinking about it always eventually led back to wondering whose it was, then remembering there was no real way of knowing anyhow, and even if there was, it wasn't like either he or the kid would have any sort of relationship with them.

He should tell them. Mikhail was pretty skilled at picking up on Axel-is-hiding-something, and aunt Nat wasn't far behind (apparently, she knew he was a he before he did). What if they asked normal questions to ask? Like, whose it was? What was he supposed to say? Sure, Axel had flings, but he never had irresponsible ones. And when he said he didn't know, because he didn't, it'd be pretty obvious what happened. And honestly, Axel wasn't sure he was ready to admit it happened. Because in saying it did, however indirectly, it made it a little more real, harder to ignore, and yes, he knew he shouldn't ignore it anyway, but what the fuck else was he supposed to do with it? And he knew, he'd known walking out on the Tigers would end badly. He knew that. He did it anyway. So it wasn't like he had room to complain about it, because, what, it was bad in a way he didn't like? Tough shit, right?

Uuugh. He slid down in his seat, switching from staring at the trees to staring at the porch ceiling. It wasn't like he hadn't been off since then, anyway. The usual vibrance was only sort of there, and when it was, it was strained, like he had to try too hard, and he did. Had he ever mentioned he was bad with his own feelings? He was.

@Lenara Viki prolly. yeah. lol only took an age, my bad.
Wanted / the daeva host
Jun 30, 2018, 10:50 PM
If anyone is familiar with the Daeva race and how they are structured, they will note that the Daeva Host is a thing that might maybe should be played. These slots are mostly all up for adoption, so here are their names, and anything we have already established for them in place, if anyone was interested in playing part of the Host. The Host are probably on at least tentative terms with the Desert Storm and the Drago di Napoli, as the two covens will not trust them immediately. If one is creating an older daeva, most likely, they will be below one of the Generals' vague jurisdiction, and this can have notable impact on how they're perceived.

Azrael and the Warlords on his side tend to enforce inane rules; such as not falling in love, just in general, but especially not one's focus. That is almost the only law, don't love, because it's unnatural, unhealthy, a trap, a distraction, any reason you can think of, they use it. Telling someone what you are, trying to return to life before you died, or somehow speaking against the Council, will also end in the Warlords deciding you're "fallen." By this they mean they damage one's wings and throw them off Maharaja. Many die this way, but some don't, and if they still hear the Light, he may intervene.



> 1,000 | Female | European | Fire Affinity
Follows Azrael. Hot-tempered. Known to randomly lash out at her Generals. Fought in the Daeva Wars ( a historical event in which the Daevas almost split into two races ). Probably a ginger.


> 1,000 | Male | Middle Eastern | Earth Affinity
Follows Azrael. Stubborn and deliberate. Can be somewhat obstinate and blind to reason when he's made up his mind. Fought in the Daeva Wars. Not easily annoyed, just also not easily swayed.


~ 800 | Male | Asian | Dark Affinity
Hasn't decided one way or another about Azrael. Thoughtful and subtle. When he makes his moves, he makes them in a way that is barely notable. Slippery one when he tries.


~ 890 | Male | South Asian | Light Affinity
The only Warlord that still answers the Light. Perpetually put-upon and strung out. Deigns to keep himself and his Generals on earth, where Azrael would really have to try to get to them. Fortunately, none of his have "fallen."


> 2,000 | Male | Roman | Air Affinity, but for some reason he uses Light.
* Not actually adoptable, dragonborn made him. Bit of a sociopath. Also kind of a sadist. Fascinated by pain and torment in ways that are quite unhealthy and fairly disturbing. To the letter law-obiding. You can pin stuff on him, but you better be real good a gumshoe to do it. His magic feels like the Light's, for some reason.












These, most likely, would have "civilian" names that they go by, to blend in. Some may not, depends. The Warlords may no longer bother trying to blend in with the living. Most Daevas will know when faced with the Light ( either Kassander Essair, it'd probably be stronger with him, or Natalia Vasilyeva ). Much like vampires have an innate connection to Sati and Surya, Daevas have an innate connection to Kassander and Natalia. Whether they recognize this connection or not depends on whether they're actually Fallen or not.

The Generals are completely open to interpretation; they're just names, but should probably be younger than their Warlord. While they do use the names of actual angels in Christian biblical mythos, we did not really base the daevas on Christian mythology, so, yeah, I know, weird, I'm giving you the names, but asking you not to lean too Judeo-Christian. If you want a "bad angel," follow Azrael. If you want a "bad angel that finds his/her way back to the Light," follow Azrael and then start using brain function. If you want a "good angel," follow Samael.
Plot Centre / я твоя не первая
Jun 26, 2018, 01:57 PM
disclaimer: i cannot control these shits. they will do whatever they want, ultimately, and while i can try and nudge them a specific direction, i make no promises. if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. i won't force them into something they're not deciding to do on their own.

27 | male | daeva | swedish | lightning affinity | six time world champion figure skater | intimidating right?

single | pansexual, probably also demisexual | poly but he doesn't tend to lean that way on his own

overview: Some can consider Kaspian somewhat harsh. And being honest, he can be; he takes certain things probably more seriously than he should. While he can be serious, a lot of the time he's got a very jovial, outgoing personality. He's got some hurts, in him somewhere, he's not exactly a child anymore and the world can be painful, and some could argue he uses his upbeat and talkative outward personage to cover the pain up. They wouldn't really be wrong. He's more sensitive than he lets on, and it is actually easier than it seems to hurt him, emotionally, which tends to result in him suddenly and inexplicably gaining a snarky streak. Most of the time, when it happens, no one has a clue why, and that's fine.
currently: Readjusting to being alive, and probably arguing with Kassander about his future career choices.

18 | ftm, kind of gender fluid though | russian | fire affinity | former gang member | reborn of death and rebirth

swinger of a sort | pansexual | poly as hell, he can't even comprehend monogamy | is pregnant, fair warning

overview: Usually, Axel is a pretty vibrant guy. He's blunt, to the point, can be a bit abrasive ( he does not lie, unless it's about his feelings ), some may find him to be rather a bit of a jerk. That's fine. He's not necessarily looking to make friends. Axel likes to make people smile, and he's an innately helpful and generous guy -- just understand he doesn't owe you anything, and mistaking his kindness for weakness is not a good idea. He makes a decent and supportive friend, just don't expect to end up bestest buds 5ever overnight -- it won't happen. It may never. He's had best friends that knew him his entire life never end up all that close. Nothing personal, really. The guy that says way too much, and nothing at all: that's Axel.
currently: Panicking, basically. He'll try and pretend he's not, but it boils down to panic.

2,109 | male | vampire | roman | lightning affinity | currently he's sleeping in his brother's soul

married | pansexual | poly in theory | he falls fast and he falls hard

overview: Most may not really notice, these days, but Cygnus is actually schizophrenic. As such, it's taken a lot of work on his part, to learn how to recognize nonverbal communication cues, such as body language, facial expressions, vocal intonation, and, a lot of the time, he may still miss certain cues. Similarly, sarcasm and metaphors really just kind of go over his head. He is, however, an extremely friendly personality. He loves meeting new people, experiencing new things, and he is very expressive, open, and creative in most aspects of his life. No, he can't really count beyond ten, very easily, nor does addition and subtraction come easily to him, but he is not stupid. Simply, he's intelligent in a different way. Cygnus needs no reason to be nice and get to know someone else, and is probably frequently found talking to random people in coffee shops and at bus stops and whatever. He always means well, even if his wording is maybe not the best, and his heart's always in the right place. Sometimes he just blunders a bit.
currently: Sleeping in Kassander's soul.

5,166 | maleish, kind of fluid | egyptian | vampire | fire affinity | desert storm alpha | reborn of war ( part of it anyway )

lol. married several times over | pansexual | if you didn't guess, poly ( he married aquila, rakaia and makoto )

overview: Look, you know not insanity until you meet Sati Lucain. He is loud, outgoing, excitable, passionate -- he doesn't go into anything half-assed, but somehow it always looks like he is extremely impulsive, until you squint at him a bit more, and realize he had this entire thing planned out all along. t's hard to hide anything from him, and Sati is long past the age where he feels he needs to hide anything, so no, he doesn't believe in closed doors, and that thing you did last night you're hoping nobody notices, he will point it out. Whatever you do -- do not underestimate him, do not fuck with what is his, do not make him mad, do not get on his bad side. Because he can, and he will, rip you apart.
currently: Basically... moping.
Help Desk / Retired and Reserved Play-Bys
Jun 23, 2018, 03:17 AM
When a character has reached a certain number of posts, and time on the site, their play-by is retired; this means they cannot be used again by anyone but that character. Retires last indefinitely. Play-bys can also be reserved for want ads or future characters. Want ad reserves are indefinite, but future character reserves must be picked up and created within two ( 2 ) weeks.


  • None

Wanted Ads


To get a character added to the list, reply using the code below. If anything is inapplicable, take the line out. Add text after the bold tags.

Code Select
[b]Character Name[/b]
[b]Retired or Reserved?[/b]
[b]Post Count[/b]
[b]Join Date[/b]
[b]Want Ad Link[/b]

Help Desk / Affiliation Information
Jun 17, 2018, 05:22 AM
We accept affiliations from any board, regardless of genre, but will super jump for joy if we get other SMF affiliates. We only offer static positions, and expect to get static back. No unestablished resource sites, please, you won't get much off of us, anyway. We have no member count or age requirements, and expect you won't, either.

Just post here if you're interested. Our button is as follows:

Code Select
<a href="" target="_BLANK" title="Aphelion / supernatural crime with a magic school"><img src=""></a>
Discussion / Absence Notices
Jun 17, 2018, 05:22 AM
If you'll be away for a while, just drop a note in this thread to let us know. =)
Discussion / How'd You Find Us?
Jun 17, 2018, 05:21 AM
I'm a curious bee.
Help Desk / Board Features
Jun 17, 2018, 05:21 AM
This thread will go over the unique features and functions available on Messiah. As we are self-hosted, and our host is a bit of a master at the specific software, there are quite a few unique functions!

Our site has a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, in posts, quick reply, and character profile text area fields. This editor is a powerful one, enabling quite the array of options, and some keyboard shortcuts work (ctrl+b for bold, +i for italic, etc, warning, ctrl+b on Opera and Opera-based browsers will trigger browser bookmarks controls coming up). There is one caveat, and that is the WYISIWYG editor will not load if Javascript is turned off in the browser; you'll get a text area, but not the fancy controls, you'll have to BBCode in it manually.

It will start in raw BBCode mode by default, and the quick reply will not show buttons and such by default; to change this, click your username at the top of the side. A drop-down box should come down (if it goes to your profile, hover over Forum Profile, and click Look and Layout), find Look and Layout on it. From there, check the box for "Use full editor in quick reply," to get the buttons in quick reply, and or "Show WYSIWYG editor on post page by default" to get the WYSIWYG to load in rich edit mode. You can switch between rich edit and standard modes by using the page icon at the end of the editor's top bar.

Automated Who's Who, Play Bys, and Time-Line
By filling in the PB field, your play-by automatically appears on the list. If you are using artwork, just leave it blank instead of inputting none, else you can credit the artist. The time-line automatically populates threads by chronological ordering. The member list also automatically creates itself based on accounts and their subaccounts.

Easy Thread Dating
This takes the form of a series of options when posting new topics (below the description field). Select a month, type a day number, and a year (we are in 76), and you've added your thread to the time-line. Threads that are not dated are not considered board canon until they are! The dating system was implemented to prevent users from getting confused and muddling the IC time-line - and thus incidentally being in two places at once.

Almost 100% Mobile Responsive
While the board will alter and readjust itself to better suit phones, it is not perfect. We will be getting a new theme soon, that will be completely mobile responsive, and even have mobile menus and button strips. It'll be a while. In the meantime, it's usable on mobile.

We'll also regain our theme variants; one will be light coloured, the other dark.

Alert System
This is built into 2.1, now, so it works a bit different than before. Firstly, click your name on the top-bar above the site banner; a drop down box will appear. Find "Notifications."

This screen allows you to set your preferred notification settings; what you want notifications for, and whether to send an alert, or email. Notice, this server is on a dynamic IP address. This means most email systems will reject incoming emails from its IP address, because emails from a dynamic IP are often spam. You cannot override this; if your email provider does not allow our server's emails through, there is nothing we can do. You can turn emails on for something to test if your provider will allow them through, but one, there is no promise they will continue to go through, and two, if they don't, you'll have to revert to just alerts.

(We can get a static IP, which would fix this issue, but that'd make our internet cost skyrocket to over twice as much.)

For topic and board alerts, you'll need to subscribe to a topic or board first, in order to receive alerts for it. Remember if you don't turn alerts on for that topic or board, and then subscribe, it still wont send alerts. The last button on the button rows (New Topic, Reply, Etc) will be No Alerts or Emails. Click this and change it to Receive Alerts to mark it as watched.

@ User Mentions
Just type @ and a username right after, no spacing, and it'll tag the user in question. It works with spaces. It is recommended to put these on their own line to avoid the @ system getting confused.

Post Drafts
Make sure, when you're registered and logged in, to click your username at the top of the site, and find Look and Layout. Turn on draft saving. Trust me, you want it on.

What this does, is periodically save a copy of your posts (about every minute). This way, of something crashes your browser, or you misclick, accidentally backspace in the wrong place, power goes out, whatever, at least most of your post should still be there. You can also use this to type up a post on a mobile device, and then finish it later on a different device, in those cases where you're on the go, have ideas, and don't want to lose them between there and home.

If you don't make changes to the post, between one auto-draft save and another, it will not automatically save. When you start making changes again, it'll go back to it, so there's not a script firing off in the background constantly for no reason.
Help Desk / Frequently Asked Questions
Jun 17, 2018, 05:21 AM
What grade would my character be in?
I know most of us are American, or familiar with the American school grade system, but, really quickly, for our foreign friends and our forgetful ones, too, here are the school grades in America, and their equivalent ages. This runs down the list based on how old they are before school starts. If a character's birthday is in October, they're probably perpetually a year older than the rest of their classmates.

Age ( as of August 15 )American Grade

College students vary in age. We use freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior for them, first to fourth year, respectively. These are often also used in high school ( 9th grade to 12th ), so, try not to get confused. As college students have a variety of majors, and varying lengths of time those majors may take, this is very loose, and some may be a senior for several years. You may also hear undergraduate and postgraduate ( undergrad, postgrad ); these refer to students that have not earned their first degree ( Bachelor's or higher ), and students that have at least one, respectively. In some programs, this may need to be master's or equivalent before they're considered postgrad.

How do American marks work?

Class GradeMeansGPA
A+100% or more4.33/4.00

This varies between school to school, but this is pretty typical. You can pass with a 1.00 GPA/D average, but don't expect the future to be very bright. You want at least a 2.00 GPA/C average. Honors students need at least a 3.00 GPA/B average. Some schools may occasionally use E in place of F, or I. I stands for incomplete. All material must be completed and passed for a student to get anything besides an I in classes that use them ( some do, depending on the school district and whether they're still dependent on benchmarks; all classes are, some just cover them up better because their school boards aren't bloody sacks of stupid ).

Luxerion International does use benchmarks, but students will not notice this, as teachers are allowed to teach the material as they feel suitable for how their students learn.

Does this site have a Discord?
Yes, and no.

Aphelion is part of a circle of sites that are hosted and back-end managed by IP Tech ( Esmera ). This is also called the KazeshiniNetwork. Like all sites hosted with IP Tech, on a URL, Aphelion has its own category and channels available on the KazeshiniNet Discord. The server is shared with other sites with IP Tech, but users can only access the channels relevant to the site(s) they're on, as well as general and the technical news channel. This isn't like sharing a free cbox, or anything, the only cross-site discussion is in general, and most people don't talk in it.

If you'd like to join Aphelion's Discord channels, use this invite link, it'll take you to #general. From there, mention you're from Aphelion, and someone on staff will get you your proper roles and access to the Aphelion channels.