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Hello, and welcome to Aphelion! Also known as "Many Vampires in Nebraska" ( jokingly, of course ), we're a supernatural / modern/urban fantasy with a crime streak, and an optional boarding school. The school permits both supernatural and non-magical students, and features a middle school, high school, and college on the same campus. We're a no application, no word count, no strict activity check, no cap/ban/ratio, sandbox-y game with larger optional plots to partake in, and feature only six member groups, with a mere four distinct races ( you can also play reborn gods! ). Quite honestly, we're very easy to join; the easiest thing to do is create a mundane human for your first character, pretend we're slice of life, and learn as you go, you legit only need to read the rules and joining guide with this method. This first mundane human can also technically spontaneously develop magic later and become a witch, because magic can manifest at any age. Disclaimer: feels may occur. Disclaimer two: anyone that asks for threads in cbox will probably be told to post an open thread, join an existing one, or post in plotters. If this is off-putting to you, this is not the site you're looking for. We are default rated 3.2.2./high PG-13, but we do go above that via users inputting their birth date.

gian hoa mat khon

When justice takes a day of rest, death is twice as busy.

Full Name Kendra
Age 28
Gender Nonbinary
Race Mixed Blood
Ethnicity Mutt
Wand Aquamarine & Maple

Birth Place Norfolk, VA
Spoken Languages
English, conversational French and Japanese, bits of Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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