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Icarus Essair

Full Name Icarus Essair
Age 2,109 ( 17 )
Gender Male
Race Vampire
Ethnicity Roman
Wand Sunstone & Sycamore
Affinity Ice

Birth Place Present Day Italy
Spoken Languages
Latin, English, Modern Italian. Possibly a few others.

Ship Status Married
Polyamory Under the right circumstances.

Play By Lucky Blue Smith
Reborn Of The Past
Cygnus dreams, Kassandros does, and Icarus remembers.

Icarus' specific power focuses on the past - he has a nearly perfect photographic memory and vividly recalls details from the vast majority of his life despite the fact that most would have lost the majority of their 'living' memories by now. This is a blessing and a curse, as sometimes those memories are hard to handle because they never properly 'dulled'. Under the influence of anything that disorients him, he tends to lose track of what time period he's actually in and which memories are the 'current' ones compared to those from a few hundred years ago.

He is also fully capable of 'drawing' the history of a place right from the earth and walls. This isn't something he does often because if it is more than a brief period back, the thing he wants to see, he has to get through everything that has happened since, too. And the whole process of sorting through what happened in a place is rather tiring, especially if it is a public place where lots of things have happened. Still, if he deems the truth of something important enough, he can and will find the answers he needs, so it is wise not to lie about important things with Icarus.

He remembers. And while he only has pieces of his last incarnations at this point, if he were to die and reborn again, there is an incredibly high chance that over time he would regain almost all of his memory again.

His influence on the fate of reality these days is weaker than it once was. But Icarus remembers, and in remembrance he understands the cycles of humanity better than most historians. Icarus is also a small fragment of the god of the universe, that which holds reality aloft. But you wouldn't really know that.

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Icarus was born in ancient Rome, he was born one of three siblings, the middle child. The eldest twin is Kassandros, now Kassander, and the youngest was Cyngus. Given the differences were in orders of minutes, it doesn't matter much though. One could say they were born three pieces of the same whole - and that person would be correct. The past, present, and future, born as one.

Life was not easy for the trio, and Icarus prefers not to talk about what life was like as they lived in Rome. Nobles they may have been born, but that did not spare them the horrors of the world they lived in. In some ways, it exposed them to different ones, that was all. Their mother left when the triplets were six. Their father never paid any of them but Kassandros any attention - and the attention he gave Kass was not exactly positive.

The pressure to do well for the family was incredibly high - and it was almost impossible to live up to, as nothing was ever good enough. Their father died when they were young, and suddenly Kassandros was the head of house. Icarus joined the military to try and help bring about some honor, to try and get the other branches to back off a little.

But their lives were not destined to be so easy. He fell in love with a slave (he was not the only one of his siblings to do so, funny how that works out) and would keep Thana close. The Licinii Crassii eventually took offense to the rise of the Julii house. And things... went down hill from there, so to speak. Kassandros disappeared and was tortured to death.

They lived and died, just whispers in history. But when they died they did not disappear instead of dying properly, and being reborn, they were turned into vampires. This was due to Sati bringing with him the Vampire's curse - and it gave them a life, of a sorts, when theirs had ended. Some of their family went missing, and the rest... the rest were Turned. And life continued on for them. They probably should have disappeared into the darkness, whispers of history and nothing more. But the three of them were never good at pretending they didn't exist. And they were aware of the power they wielded, even then.

Kassandros would more-or-less inadvertently form the Drago, and Icarus would stay close at hand to help in its day to day running. Kass tended to try to do everything himself if people let him. Time passed, and another coven would take Cygnus from them. ... What did it mean, when the future was dead? Icarus wondered at the time, but did not say it.

The Drago destroyed the coven that was guilty, but it didn't bring their triplet back. So life went.

In recent years, Kass decided to move the Drago from Italy to the United States. Icarus won't pretend he entirely knows why but he trusts Kassander.


Icarus' second form is that of a snow leopard.