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Sepheres Essair

Full Name Sepheres Essair
Age 2,106 ( 15 )
Gender Male
Race Vampire
Ethnicity Egyptian-Roman
Affinity Fire

Birth Place Rome.
Spoken Languages
Egyptian, Latin, Italian, Arabic, English.

Ship Status Widow/er
Polyamory No

Play By Eric Saade

Posts 4
Group Vampire
Created Jun 14, 2018, 12:32 PM
Last Login Jul 06, 2018, 09:51 AM
Last Post Jul 04, 2018, 09:50 AM

Sepheres was born a long, long time ago in what is was ancient Rome. He was born the child of a noblewoman and a blood fighter with whom she had had an affair before - he has a full-blooded elder sibling named Atenra. Because he was the second child of this affair, and because it was such a blatant slap in the face to the man she had married, Sepheres was taken from her as soon as he could be weaned.

He only ever really saw her in fragmented moments, after that, for many years. He was raised as a slave, specifically a pleasure slave, from a tender age. The eldest of his brothers also found him to be an enjoyable toy at times. Atenra tended to spend what time with him he could teaching Sepheres to read and do math and things of that sort.

Sepheres actually had a brilliant mind for certain topics, though it was not well put to use. He spent the first fourteen years of his life seeing his mother only in snatches and with who he'd been raised to call his father treating him as he treated the slaves of the house. Sepheres honestly didn't think things could get worse. But they did. His mother committed suicide, and what fragile protection she had offered Sepheres went away.

He was sold to a brothel. He knew how to behave, he knew how to act in bed with someone that he did not want to be near. It could have been worse, and Sepheres knew it, but the apparent loss of his mother combined with the sudden increase in the number of hands that touched him... it made things almost worse than he could tolerate, in many ways. And then he was bought by a house just a few days later. And in that house, things got better, for a time.

Sepheres was reunited with his family, he learned that his mother wasn't dead after all, and he learned who his father really was. For once, Sepheres was recognized as having a mind and his own will, instead of being an extension of someone elses' whims. Eventually Sepheres was tasked with keeping the ledgers of the house in order. He flourished for the brief time that he was able to do so, and then as things do, chaos descended again.

The head of house went missing, then the main house was struck. And in the aftermath of the fall most of them had become vampires, those who had still been present to be saved. All of the survivors would bear the scars of what happened to the house of the rest of their lives, however long that might be.

Sepheres stayed. He stayed and grew closer to Cygnus. He stayed and fell in love and got married. He visited the Desert Storm from time to time, to see his father. But mostly, he stayed with what was called the Drago, by then. And then a coven struck which killed Cygnus and the mother that Sepheres had been reunited with.

That was nine hundred years ago, now. And Sepheres is still with the Drago, because it is one of the few places that feels like home. The storm does too, of course. But one day, every son much leave his father's home. He's a little lonely, sometimes. But he learned a long time ago that trying to move on was an exercise in frustration.

No one understood what he'd been through, and the few who did had their own scars and their own partners. He doesn't mind standing apart though, he has friends, at least. That's all that matters.

In the time between now and Cygnus' death, Sepheres had three separate attempts at moving on, each messy in its own way. Two of the three were killed for their insistent pushing beyond what he was capable of handling. As it turns out, it is easy to forget just how deep the scars run when the one single partner that he had had learned very well how to handle those scars and move passed things.

Sepheres cycled through depression and a complete unwillingness to do anything. But eventually, he pulled himself forward and insisted on living. Victoria and Cygnus wouldn't have wanted him to waste away. They would have wanted him to live. He's trying, of course. But it's hard, even now all this time later. It's still hard.


Sepheres' second form is that of a dragon. He's mostly red with some gold markings.