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Daren Caely

Full Name Daren Caely
Age 543 ( 22 )
Gender Male
Race Daeva
Ethnicity Irish
Wand Obsidian & Oak
Affinity Light

Birth Place Ireland
In the Drago complex these days.

Occupation None, currently.
Spoken Languages
Gaelic, English, enough Italian to get around unhindered.

Ship Status Dating
Polyamory Unexplored

Daren still has small horns that mark him as a Daeva, but he also has scars on his back where his wings were literally burned off. His blue eyes are what most people notice first when addressing him.

Play By Dima Koldun

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Group Daeva
Created Jun 14, 2018, 12:33 PM
Last Login Jul 11, 2018, 03:48 PM
Last Post Jul 11, 2018, 03:47 PM

Daren is a soul that has lived many lives. In the past he was a gladiator, a farm hand, a solider, and much, much more. The last life he lived, before ascending was a surprisingly peaceful one, for his soul. He lived, and died, as a small land owner in Ireland. His demise was illness, as his health failed and he died merely a whisper in the darkness.

But the light had decided he was ready. The Light gave him wings. He had a few focuses, small ones, small cycles of living and guiding then resting in stasis. Daren remembers these focuses, but they did not impart much on him.

The last focus he was given was different. She was different. And Daren, admittedly, to this day isn't sure why he was given to her as a Daeva. She was older than him, and stronger in most senses of the word. She did not need guidance the same way his previous charges had. And yet, the tug remained persistent she was his charge. Miss Ksenia Essair.

Eventually he decided he would understand why she was his focus when it was important, and he focused on doing the right things. They would become friends, of a sort, and the balance was either tilted in her favor, or very level. Daren did have some level of admiration for her though, Ksenia stood on her own two feet, and didn't lean on anyone much, if at all.

Admiration and friendship would slide into dangerous territory. But in as in all of his incarnations, Daren gave his heart totally when he gave it. He did love her, and denying that fact that pointless.

In hindsight, Daren should have known the summons to Maharaja was a trap. He really should have. But he allowed himself to be fooled and answered the summons. When he arrived he was brought before the council and reminded most harshly that falling in love with a Focus was a detrimental thing to do.

He does not know who made the call. He does not know how they found out, or who decided to take him to task for it. What Daren does know is that when all was said and done they had shorn his wings from his body and cast him from the floating continent. It was only through luck and sorcery that he managed to survive the fall.

For the record, Daren is still sore. He's fallen, and yet... he still has a tug. Why does he still have a tug? He'll figure it out soon enough, because as it turns out, he's trying to find the tug. It's just a bit slow going because lots of things pull on the back muscles, go figure. That's okay though, he can live with some discomfort.

He just doesn't understand why he still has a focus tug when he was clearly made not a Daeva anymore.

(Just wait until he realizes he can still hear the light.)


He is actually considered to by Fallen by the Daeva Council (just tell that to the Light though, okay). His wings were ripped off, before he was cast from the floating continent. Thus to necromancers he 'feels' like a Daeva, but has no external signs of it.