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Hello, and welcome to Aphelion! Also known as "Many Vampires in Nebraska" ( jokingly, of course ), we're a supernatural / modern/urban fantasy with a crime streak, and an optional boarding school. The school permits both supernatural and non-magical students, and features a middle school, high school, and college on the same campus. We're a no application, no word count, no strict activity check, no cap/ban/ratio, sandbox-y game with larger optional plots to partake in, and feature only six member groups, with a mere four distinct races ( you can also play reborn gods! ). Quite honestly, we're very easy to join; the easiest thing to do is create a mundane human for your first character, pretend we're slice of life, and learn as you go, you legit only need to read the rules and joining guide with this method. This first mundane human can also technically spontaneously develop magic later and become a witch, because magic can manifest at any age. Disclaimer: feels may occur. Disclaimer two: anyone that asks for threads in cbox will probably be told to post an open thread, join an existing one, or post in plotters. If this is off-putting to you, this is not the site you're looking for. We are default rated 3.2.2./high PG-13, but we do go above that via users inputting their birth date.

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Is Sorry Enough?
Rowan McKenna
Today at 02:43 AM
It sort of figured he'd ask. It wasn't like she could hide it, and besides, she really kind of sucked at hiding things, from him. He knew her too well, usually. Well, she'd been doing okay, so far, hiding the still massive crush on him. That was a good thing to be good at hiding. She didn't want to make him feel bad, or make things awkward, or whatever. Still, if Brett had taught her anything, it was, she really didn't want to be dating anyone else. Maybe someday, that'd change, Brett was kind of a unique situation, or at least she hoped that'd be unique, but right now... well, she had other problems than finding someone else.

"I ah... my phone broke," she said. "That's why I stopped answering." Okay, so Brett threw it at a brick wall, but that was beside the point. "Never had time to get online. Um. Luxerion's a lot bigger than Billings. I get the feeling I'm going to really need GPS." Or something, because - yeah. Forever lost.

Um. She fidgeted, a bit, pulling her sleeve down absently. "And um. I'm about three months pregnant. That's what the fit was about." She was going to be a terrible mom, too, because she had no idea how to be a mom. What were moms like? Maybe she should just, try and copy Alison, because she was about as close to a mom-figure as Rowan could think up. Her own mother was basically how to not act when one was a mother, at least. Between what not to do, and what to do, maybe she wouldn't be too bad at it.

"D'you remember um, Brett? Van Wyck, one of the football players? S'his." And she was still kind of upset her first venture into sex had been with him, but that was - we weren't - "We dated for a bit. And we don't now." That was pretty much all the important parts of that. They did, and now they didn't.

end of the rope
Kassander Essair light from the shadows
Jul 20, 2018, 04:22 AM
Sure he wasn't. And Kassander was a goat.

As always, his expression remained flat, and he said nothing along the lines he was thinking down. Kassander had said what he had to say on the subject, and if Kaspian was going to ignore it and pretend he hadn't said anything at all, there was no sense in reiterating. It'd just go unheard, yet again, and quite frankly, Kassander hated talking when there was nothing to be gained from doing so.

Was he really asking that, like he didn't already know? Somehow, that managed to annoy him even more than he already was annoyed. His nostrils might've flared for a second, but, after a moment, the annoyance went away, again. There was no point in getting pissed off at him, either. Kaspian was just doing what he thought was right, and it wasn't to say Kassander didn't understand. All his life, he'd done what he'd done, made the choices he had, lived his life, for his family. But it was far beyond the point where they needed him to, and still, he didn't know what else to do. Still, he didn't know what he wanted. He'd fucking died and come back, and he didn't know what he wanted.

But there were things he needed to learn, that he wouldn't have been able to learn, if he hadn't ascended. Kassander knew that. That was why he'd ascended now, and not in the next incarnation. Was it really fair, if Kassander was the one shoving him down the right path? Really, it should be Alison and Skylar doing it, but Kassander was a very influential person in his life, and thus far, the twit hadn't figured out he was the Light. Good, honestly, that'd just... complicate things.

"Of course I'm annoyed," he said, his tone perhaps a bit sharper than he intended. "You're doing exactly what I said not to. But you're like that. You do what you think is right. Part of why I like you. Also several parts of why I get so pissed at you." Go figure that.

blazing jackal
Sati Lucain son of the shifting sands
Jul 20, 2018, 04:03 AM
Open Names
<700 | Must be vampire | Everything else is open

Basically, Sati's really old, and honestly, probably has a lot of kids. It's actually also possible he's got kids from back at Rome, so there may be a handful that are two thousand instead of under 700. Anyway, the ones that are Rakaia's should be under 700 in age. They'll all have to be vampires, to still be alive now, but there's that.

Sati's the sort of dad that kind of gives you more freedom than most expect. He realizes he cannot protect his loved ones from everything, and so he gives his kids the room to make mistakes, and teaches them to defend themselves in the instances that he can't do it for them. It's probably a bit weird, but it works out. He and his brother's kids come out very self-sufficient and having of a very solid concept of action and consequence, and personal responsibility. I will say, if any of Sati's kids came out really actually screwed up, like morally bent all to hell and like sadistic or something, he'd just outright kill them.  So, just getting that out of the way now. He may love his kids, but he also considers them his responsibility, and as much as he does not want to, he can and he will take them down himself, because he exists to guide, protect, and make sure they don't turn into fucking monsters.

Strange? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

In any case, Sati is very old, and very wise, and at this point, he generally knows exactly where you're at at any given time, as he's learned to sense raw aura patterns. He knows what you're up to. You'll have a pretty hard time hiding anything from him, and while he may not call you on it, expect that he just, knows. Obviously, he encourages talking to him about whatever it is, and he maintains a pretty open relationship with his children; whatever it is, talking about it openly will get you in far less trouble than you trying to hide it and lie to him, and he wants his kids to know that he's always there if they need him, no matter how stupid the subject matter seems to be. That's his job as your parent, and he's going to do his part of it, if you'll let him.

These kids may be part of the Desert Storm, or the Ten no Ikari; actually, the Drago di Napoli is also a viable choice, given the Lucains and the Essairs, and thereby the Storm and the Drago, tend to operate as one ( same thing with the Storm and the Ikari ), and their cousin Sepheres is already Drago. So, yeah. Big family, lots of connections to a lot of people, come be an awesome vampire.

Rakaia Lucain
882 | Female | Sati. @Alexios', and Makoto's wife | Ten no Ikari Alpha | Suggested PB: Ahn Sohee
Her wand was an amethyst and apple.

Rakaia is sort of solidified already, there's some specifics to how she was designed to function that are important parts of her persona.

During the time-frame when Rakaia was turned, by a sire that uhh we have no idea what happened to, maybe Rakaia killed them at some point, if not, Sati did, anyway, vampirism was rumored to be a thing but no one really knew how to deal with it in Japan. The Japanese were still illogically superstitious, and considered her possessed by a youkai, and tried torturing this youkai out of her. Obviously, there wasn't one, and well... let's just say she went nuts. Her memory center more or less broke; short-term memories tended to drop off randomly, she'd forget her friends, forget her name, forget where she was, what year it was, etc etc. Wands became a trigger for her, besides her own, and seeing one would send her into a mad frenzy of wild violence. She also could not catch sight of herself in a mirror, because her internal perception of herself was warped to such a point that she saw things that were not there, and flipped out. She also started calling herself 'we,' as in, we are legion, not royal we.

Makoto was turned by her; he was her boyfriend before she lost her head, and he caught her off-guard, startled her, and she attacked and turned him. While he was more controlled than she was, he too basically left a trail of bodies, and Sati came to find them both hiding in the mountains. Fortunately, Rakaia reacted to the spark that Sati has from being father of vampires, and she let him intervene and calm her down. Sati was the only person she'd respond positively to, and listen to, for a while, and then Makoto came to be on the list, and then Alexios and Surya. Sati built the Ten no Ikari around her, to give her a 'home' and a grounding. It worked. Makoto did okay managing the more specific management of the coven, and no one in Japan ended up like her again. In time, though, Sati, Rakaia, Makoto, and Alexios came to care for one another a lot more deeply than expected. Sati and Alex were already a thing for a long time, but eventually, Rakaia and Makoto were added to that, and they became a quad.

Rakaia, remembering enough to know she didn't remember a lot of anything, even often forgot who her closest and dearest were, sometimes flirting with her own kids, found a healer, on her own, and she got her head back, over time. Layer by layer, she uncovered and dealt with varying traumas, and nowadays, she's not forgotten anything significant in quite a long time. Still calls herself 'we,' still can't stand her reflection, doesn't totally flip it now she just doesn't like seeing it, and still becomes a hurricane of murder-death when threatened or pissed off.

Alex died some fifteen years ago, now, and didn't come back. The Ikari also followed the Storm to Luxerion, so they've been helping keep Luxerion International safe. ... and Sati's been moping a lot, so Rakaia and Makoto have probably been cuddling him a lot.

Makoto Lucain
883 | Male | Sati. @Alexios', and Rakaia's husband | Ten no Ikari Alpha | Suggested PB: Uhhh Matsushita Yuya I think

Read the above one, because beyond that, the rest is up to you. Makoto probably does not have a wand anymore, because they used to set Rakaia off, but aside, he's fairly open-ended.

Open Name
16-22 | Male | Axel's brother from another mother via gang ties | White Tigers member | Suggested PB: Kwon Jiyong ( G-Dragon )

Axel's got Aren, his best friend in general, and then there's this guy. This was his closest friend while he was in the Tigers. They got along mostly by virtue of being equally sarcastic and throwing each other the same amount of shit and shade, but by the end of it, when Axel finally left, it was pretty obvious they'd actually gotten pretty close. This friend could've left not long after Axel did, or stayed, may be a bit miffed Axel left without him, you know. I'm up for idea banter.

Axel's still Axel, though, and, I promise, he will probably flirt with this guy sooner or later; he flirts with everyone, though, so it's really kind of questionable how seriously this character would take it. In any case, Axel's got another character, Entei, on his tail because he left, so he's accustomed to the Tigers being upset he left. Here shortly, the Tiger leader will suddenly have a heart attack and die, and the Tigers will splinter into multiple different factions, and one of those factions may or may not become either concerned Axel's going to take lead of the Tigers, or actually outright back him for it without him asking them, so that's a thing too.

Axel actually ends up joining the Drago sooner or later. And that probably shuts that crap down pretty quick, Axel's just not really known for running, so it'll be a bit before he gives up.

Is Sorry Enough?
Skylar Sorrenson
Jul 19, 2018, 08:32 PM
Had thrown a fit? About what? Well to be fair, it wasn't as if he was up to date on the things that were going on in her life. It was quite possible something important had happened what explained that. Still he looked surprised, he was sure. Drew had taken her in because her mother threw a fit. Well, it wasn't a loss for her to be out of that woman's house, honestly. She'd never been very kind.

"So what'd the final straw end up being?" Skylar asked, his tone a little hesitant. He wasn't sure how Rowan would take it, but he did want to know what had happened that ended in such a drastic change in her life. Skylar still cared for her deeply, and knowing these things was important to him. If.... if she'd still let him. There was a rather large part of  him that was concerned it would be too much for him to have asked too soon, and that she was going to run away from him again. Going to lock him out again before they could begin to rebuild things.

"No, I'm not mad at you." Sometimes he needed to say things like that explicitly. "I was worried, when you stopped answering me...but... not angry." No, not angry. "Honestly I don't think I'm capable of being angry with you." Just, putting that out there. Seriously, he'd never been upset with her for more than a few moments before directly. That was probably sad in some sense, but they had known each other for a very long time and she meant too much to him to stay angry.

He wouldn't pretend he didn't understand why she might be worried about that - this was Rowan, and if she'd been thrown out of her house things had clearly been a little rough since they last spoke. But he would do what he could to convince her not to worry - because Skylar still cared for her far too much.

"How do you like it here so far?"

Pieces of Home
Aquila Lucain
Jul 19, 2018, 05:35 AM
Alexios frowned slightly at that, as if he wasn't sure how to respond. Then again, maybe it had been a while. Maybe he was lying. It didn't really matter, in the end. What mattered was that he was here now, and that Alexios didn't know what exactly was going to be triggered by this. Sati was usually upset with him, one way or another, for being weak enough to die. For leaving him. It was mostly silly, silly insecurities that Aquila had had forever basically, and the Cage was just pusing on them because it could.

The Daeva made a face and pulled his legs in tighter, seeming to be trying to draw away from Sati. Green eyes remained focused on him though as he considered what he'd said. It didn't make sense. He couldn't leave so why was it trying to get him to do so? What happened if he listened to this Sati, anyway? If he tried to leave?

"I can't leave, you know that." Calmly, finally. He couldn't, he couldn't get out of the box, there was no way out. It was all just an illusion anyway, so why would Sati want him to leave? but it was also strange because Sati had never said something like that before here. Before it'd usually ended around maybe he deserved to be here. This was confusing - what in the world was happening now?

Kaia and Maki were here? He looked around slightly - no, he didn't see them. It was just them, and the two that looked familiar and alike. Green eyes went back to Sati. Kaia didn't remember things, and even if she did now, he hadn't been around since things changed. She'd probably be upset with him now, for being gone for so long. "I'm glad." It was an easy enough thing to say. But that was... you know, in all, good news.

But what Alexios couldn't quite see was how it was going to be twisted into something bad.

Is Sorry Enough?
Rowan McKenna
Jul 19, 2018, 05:09 AM
When she'd noticed he'd noticed her, she'd given a little wave, and then put one of her earphones into one ear, popped open her book. Mind you, she wasn't paying as much attention to it as it looked like. The bookmark didn't move, she just flipped the pages, mostly watching them practice over there. Decent team, here, she thought. Admittedly, she didn't expect them to be wildly amazing or anything, but maybe they'd do decently well.

As practice started winding down, she closed her book, pulled the earphone out and turned Pandora off. Skylar did make his way over, settling down a row lower than she was at. Rowan almost frowned, but, she supposed that made sense. Honestly, she really kind of wanted a hug and a ten minute cry. Too many things had changed all at once, and Brett was a thing she didn't seem to be able to really get away from, because she was constantly thinking about it, at least. Was there a way to just, forget? Or was that one of those things she'd have to talk about?

Nope. Guess she was never getting over it, then.

"Nice to see you, too," she answered, kind of unsure sounding. "... yeah... I didn't expect to end up here. Um. The birthing pod threw a fit, and kicked me out. Drew took me, and... moved us here, for some reason." She had theories. Well, a theory; she was fairly sure they moved because of Brett, and also fairly sure they came here because Skylar was here. Strange thing to think about, but, so things went. Why Drew would've chosen Luxerion specifically because Skylar was here, that was beyond her.

"I um. ... sorry, about... I was worried you'd be mad at me." Was? She still was. She left that part out. (What temperature was it out here, anyway, like a thousand?)

back to when
Rowan McKenna
Jul 19, 2018, 04:30 AM
Yes, so he had. And... maybe she was just worrying too much. It wasn't like that wasn't normal, anymore. She'd always done the thing where she worried too much, it'd just gotten worse, over the last... however long it'd been, hell if she knew, off-hand. It wasn't as if she didn't know Skylar well enough to know he'd probably just be glad she was talking to him again, it just seemed... stupid? No. Um. Unfair, that was the word. Unfair for her to expect herself to still be welcome, after that crap. And maybe she wasn't really being fair to herself, either, it wasn't like it was really her choice not to talk to him anymore (he'd been a decent break from Brett's crap), but that was beside the point. Skylar didn't know that, and quite frankly, she wasn't sure if she'd ever tell him.

Friends... sort of. She'd never entirely gotten over him, and it was kind of a pain in the ass, hiding that. Maybe she was tired of having to. On the other hand, it was either figure out how to hide it, or, actually never talk to him again. Why did Drew move them here, anyway? That was a question. She'd asked. He'd just shrugged and said something about how Luxerion International was a good school. Okay? There were lots of good schools in the States. Why this one?

Probably because of Skylar.

"Something like that," Rowan answered. "Known each other since we were four." And then she had to go and catch feelings, and that was... stupid, that was pretty stupid. "S'just kind of complicated now. We haven't talked in months." Should she take his saying hi to her as a sign he didn't mind talking to her again, or, was that her being selfish again? This was harder than she expected it to be.

Is Sorry Enough?
Skylar Sorrenson
Jul 18, 2018, 06:40 PM
Skylar tried to stay here, mentally, really. Here and now, focused on practice. It wasn't like Skylar was a star player or anything, but there was a certain standard he kept to and being distracted wouldn't help. The teen concentrated on the passing work they were doing at the moment as well as he could. It was a little mind numbing, honestly, going through basic passes and warm ups - but it was necessary. ... Still better than doing laps, which of course they'd done at the beginning.

It was amid changing tasks that Skylar looked up and happened to notice a figure in the stands who hadn't been there before. His heart skipped a beat when he realized that yes, he was looking at Rowan. It took a good deal of discipline to stay where he was and keep playing - which of course he did. There was, perhaps, a spring in his step as he moved and a razor sharp focus that he didn't normally manage during practice, only games.

Practice continued, and Skylar noticed that several team members seemed to pick up the same intensity that Skylar had - it wasn't surprising exactly. When one of them started to take things more seriously they all had to step up or look like they were lagging a bit behind. It was the first practice of the year, so it wasn't a big deal but... showing their coach they hadn't lost much conditioning was a good thing right? Yeah... Skylar couldn't kid himself, Rowan being there put him in a much better mood and it showed in the way he played.

Eventually they wrapped up for the day, and their coach praised the team as a whole for coming together well mid-practice and dismissed them to go home. Skylar, of course, bee-lined for where Rowan was sitting in the stands. He hesitated for a second before deciding to sit on the row below her and about a foot to one side - conversational distance, but not crowding her. Certainly he didn't try to touch her despite his instinct being to hug her. Their last conversation hadn't... really gone well, given she'd walked away from him. He didn't want to push. But god had he missed her.

"Rowan." His tone made it a greeting, but she knew him well enough she'd probably recognize the hesitance behind it. He was surprised to see her there but he was... also afraid of saying that. He did frown a little, realizing she was wearing a jacket in this ridiculous heat. Skylar wasn't sure... hm. He didn't call attention to that quite yet, either, though he wanted to. "It's... it's nice to see you." Tumbled out after a moment or so. "Though I didn't expect to see you in Luxerion." No he didn't, of course. It wasn't like she hadn't known where he'd gone but... mm. Billings was her home.

back to when
Arina Belinskaya
Jul 18, 2018, 03:33 AM
Arina made a slight noise in the back of her throat. That was honestly rather sad to hear her say. It would be strange for her to make friends? Everyone needed friends, so she hoped that Rowan did make a few more than just her. Arina would definitely stay friends with her, of course, it'd be silly not to unless something huge happened between now and then. But, having more than one friend was probably a good thing.

Maybe she'd try introducing Rowan to some of her own friends. If nothing else some of them might hit it off. Axel, for example, was willing to make friends with damn near anyone. ... He also flirted like nothing else. But he was harmless, mostly. Nice guy, over all. ... Okay, Arina would admit there was probably a lot she didn't know, but she'd never had a reason to see him in any other light, and she'd like to keep it that way.

Eye brow arch. Well that was a rather interesting response for Rowan to give. Arina almost asked, but she thought maybe the direct approach was the wrong one for the moment. With that in mind she shrugged slightly. "He seemed surprisingly happy at Orientation." Arina mentioned, rather casually. "We're not close or anything, but I've got to say I hadn't noticed him in such a good mood any other time." He was on the soccer team, she remembered that from last year.

He hadn't really seemed too thrilled at games, either. And then, of course, Rowan had broken away from him and... well he'd deflated almost instantly. But Arina wasn't sure she should say that exactly, either. "Sooo, not that it's really any of my business, but were you friends or...?" Gently encouraging.

Partially she was curious how Rowan would respond.
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