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Residential / The Future Freaks Me Out
Last post by Viktor Vasilyev - Sep 16, 2018, 01:11 PM
Viktor had just gotten home from work. Somewhere in the back of his mind he was mentally finishing a job, making sure he knew precisely what would need to be done to be finished with that project tomorrow so he could start something new. So, he was just the slightest bit distracted. ... But not nearly enough so to miss Axel sitting by himself on the bench swing out front. Okay, well that wasn't all that weird, he reminded himself. Sometimes they all needed a minute or two to themselves. Still, Axel had been a little... off lately, and Viktor was somewhat worried about him, all things being honest.

That contributed to his choice to remain on the porch instead of continuing inside and leaving Axel alone. After all, if Axel asked him to go away, he could easily keep going. But just the two of them out here, it might be a chance to get him to talk, at least a little about anything that might be going on. Viktor wouldn't hold his breath, his son could be... well, very closed off about some things. It seemed to be a family trait. Not a good one, but a family trait that Axel had come by rather honestly. Still it was worth trying, because he was concerned and he did care.

Approaching the subject seemed difficult though. Immediately pressing into the fact that he was acting strangely was not the best way of handling it, he was sure. It seemed most likely that it would just going to cause Axel to clam up about it. But Viktor thought that maybe opening the door was a good idea, at least a little. Reminding Axel that he could talk to them, that they were his family and they would always love and accept him no matter what life was throwing at them.

Axel was important, and his feelings were too. Even if feelings were confusing things.

"Something on your mind?" Viktor found himself asking. It wasn't ideal, he didn't think but it was better than some of the alternatives. He could have gone on, probably. But he didn't, instead letting the statement stand on its own, and allowing Axel to choose to answer or to ask him to back down. In the end it had to be up to Axel whether he opened up or not. Just like Nat hadn't been able to help him until Viktor had let her in. It was a hard thing to accept at times, but it was also reality.

He leaned against one of the supports for the porch ceiling, watching Axel for the moment.

(... this is. Not as long as I wanted but okay).
Luxerion International Academy / back to when
Last post by Arina Belinskaya - Sep 13, 2018, 02:20 PM
Arina was quiet for a moment, listening to Rowan and considering her concerns. Certainly they made sense, if Skylar was the sort to be upset about that kind of thing. Which of course was the question - was he? Well, Arina wouldn't know, and Rowan would. So it wasn't really fair for her to insist that it would be fine because it wasn't like she really knew that. Maybe her gentle encouragement was just wishful thinking after all. On... on the other hand, Arina remembered the look on his face when Rowan had walked away from him and she really found it hard to believe that that was the face of someone who was angry that Rowan wasn't talking to him.

Upset, maybe. Worried, probably given what Rowan had said so far. But angry? No, it just didn't fit.

People could lie though, she knew that. They could hide their true selves. "I guess I can see that. Not knowing might be better than not having confirmation. ... On the other hand, if you don't know you can't ever fix it." And that sort of friendship seemed like one Rowan would want back? Unless she didn't, which Arina supposed was possible. But she also thought the girl seemed awfully conflicted for someone who wasn't interested. ... So here they were.

"I don't think it's conceited to want to reconnect with an old friend." Arina's tone indicated maybe the slightest bit of confusion about the particular word choice. "I guess you could skew it to be slightly selfish, maybe, but since he approached you I don't think he sees it that way." Shrug. "But, of course, it's up to you." Of course. It was Rowan's life, and he was Rowan's friend, not Arina's.
Residential / So How Does this Go Again?
Last post by Emilia White - Sep 13, 2018, 11:06 AM
Celtic-white! That was unexpected. Then again, most Caucasians were Celtic in their ancestry. The Celtic peoples had spread all over Europe; up there it was like, Celtic, German, Slavic, Mediterranean, or Nordic. "Ahha," Spectra gleefully squeaked. "I have vindication for learning French. Most of my friends decided to learn German, because it's easier to learn from English, or Spanish, because everybody in Nebraska speaks Spanish, no they don't but semantics, so by the time I got around to elective sign-ups, it was either French or Latin. Meus nous wannus learnus Latinus." Well, maybe someday. That day was just not today.

"I was just curious, you know, look up and learn some cultural stuff," Spectra explained. "Like, I guess I'm not really genetically descended from you, but it's still sort of half my heritage too? ... I decided I'm half whatever you were because it's easier that way. Complicated thing made not-complicated."

Oh, mom finally got down here. Spectra eyed her, but she didn't say anything. That was awfully girl-next-door for all the minutes she'd spent up there. Spectra wouldn't call her on it. "I dunno," she said, shrugging. "Genetics are weird, so maybe when you got cloned, some of your genes moved around a bit in the process, so genetically speaking, I'm basically you, I just have a slightly different arrangement of the same genes. Enough we don't look exactly the same." She didn't think she looked terribly like her dad, apparently, but then, if he just happened to be white today, maybe he just happened to look like this today in general, and maybe she did look like him-him. But nobody would ever know, because, who knew if he remembered what him-him looked like, anyway.

"Sometimes, I wanna be a scientist," Spectra mentioned, for Cade's benefit, because Jordyn already knew that. "And then it gets into crazy complicated stuff and I remember at the moment, I'd rather be fifteen." Yes, that was nice.

"Soo what's this thing we were gonna talk about?" Now that mom was here, yeah, the curiosity was still there, too.
Site Info / Races
Last post by giratina - Sep 08, 2018, 05:26 PM
Most are aware of the concept of a vampire, but the truths of them are a little different than mundane Hollywood movies imagine. Some of them are close, but most couldn't be farther from right. Vampirism was a magical accident, technically, the result of toying with sorcery too much. Some consider it a curse, but it isn't entirely a terrible outcome.


Vampires all appear to be human, or at least, very close to it. Whatever age they were when they were turned is typically where they will freeze at, never ageing beyond this stage. The virus can be passed on from parent to child, and bloods rather true, but born vampires stop ageing at a seemingly random point; some stop rather early, but others take longer. Born vampires don't tend to stop much farther beyond physical maturity.

Notably, vampires have a slight glow to their eyes. Older vampires may have a brighter one. Vampires are physically stronger and more durable than humans are, can run fast enough to run across walls and water, and jump rather high. Falling from great heights does not hurt them; the older they are, the further up they can fall from. Their senses of smell, sight, and hearing, are enhanced to a fair degree, more so as they age, but their sight is dimmer during daylight hours. They are, however, allergic to UV rays, making most light sorcery very dangerous to all but the oldest vampires. They do recover from injury very rapidly, however, provided their diet is steady. Vampires are also telepathic amongst one another, and capable of flight via shadow melding. This appears as if the user bursts into a streak of shadow. Vampires can sense necromancers, just as necromancers can sense vampires.

Garlic is irritating, but does nothing to them. Most vampires subsist on a beverage called blood wine, which is created with human blood diluted with varying herbal and spice mixes. It tastes a bit like tea. It is, as it happens, designed to help younger vampires control themselves better, and is more filling for less of the content as drinking straight blood. Drinking anything but straight human blood, and blood wine, causes a vampire to become weaker. Due to how much pure, vibrant magic runs through a Sidhe's veins, vampires can actually become addicted to it, as it gives them a bit of a high, and may incidentally starve themselves by becoming single-mindedly focused on only finding Sidhe blood to sustain them.

All vampires have a natural connection to Sati. As he is the first vampire, he is safe, for them. His presence calms frayed nerves, and exudes a safe feeling. There is a small spark of recognition that goes off in their chest that signals he is the father of vampires. He also innately wards off non-physical attacks, such as psychic ones, from those that are vampires and within a certain range of him.

Interestingly, vampires can shapeshift between human and an animal form. Each vampire shifts into the same animal every time; at first, for around the first decade or so, it happens at random, when the vampire is stressed out, panics, or is overwhelmed by a strong emotion. In time, they learn to control their shifting, and will not do so if they do not want to. Given more time, they learn to shift on purpose. A newly turned vampire will most likely shift into an animal within the same subfamily as their sire's; ergo, a lynx vampire may sire a cheetah vampire, and a lion one, but will never sire a wolf vampire.


At the start of Egypts dynastic period, vampirism began. A young witch decided to toy with the limitations and applications of sorcery, but he went a little far, and his magic backfired. The virus spread across the planet like wildfire, though many died in the attempt to spread it. In time, the earliest vampires congregated together into the first coven, this being the Desert Storm. Shortly after, the pre-existing Drago di Napoli were largely turned, and more covens followed after. The father of vampires, Sati Lucain, chose to create a government body called the Vampire Council, on which sits the alpha of every coven in the world. The humans couldn't control them; the humans didn't understand them. The vampires would need to govern themselves.

Sati, and by proxy, the Desert Storm, and to a smaller extent the Drago di Napoli, have remained intolerant of vampires acting as if they have no sense, and are barbarians. The vampires dive mostly under human radar, because they control, maintain, and police themselves well. Errant members of vampire society, that trick, beguile, murder, or worse, humans or otherwise, are swiftly dealt with. Covens that overstep their bounds and begin to threaten other races with their barbarianism are quickly destroyed. Creatures of the night they may be, but that is unavoidable. Becoming a psychopathic monster is a choice, and neither Sati, nor his brother Surya, or the many coven alphas, have any tolerance for making such choices.

Vampires tend to stick to one another, and covens are scattered across the world. Each coven operates slightly different than the others, but rogue vampires are very rare. As a cultural courtesy, it is an unspoken rule that if a vampire sires another, he or she must teach the new vampire how to handle this change, and remain with them until they can control themselves and operate alone. Several covens across the world exist solely to take fledgling vampires that were abandoned by their sires, accidentally and unknowingly created, or have lost their sire, into their fold.

Vampiric society works akin to how wolf packs are imagined; an alpha is established, and the lower pecking order below that alpha. The alpha must continue to think of the entire coven before themselves, and show of weakness, selfishness, or foolishness, tends to result in the coven becoming tumultuous until a new alpha arises to power.

Known Covens
Desert Storm • Led by Sati Lucain and Surya Lucain
Drago di Napoli • Led by Kassander Essair, Sandalio Essair, Haku Essair, and Icarus Essair
Ten no Ikari • Led by Rakaia Lucain and Makoto Lucain
Dai Li • Led by Fong Beiyan and her husband
Jaaliska • Led by Jamal ud-Din Mehtaji
Site Info / Races
Last post by giratina - Sep 08, 2018, 05:26 PM
Variant and tricksters by nature, the Sidhe come in many different shapes and sizes. Despite their differences, they see no reason to separate one another, and instead insist they are all the same race, and are known to get notably annoyed when others continue to separate them with ignorant terminology like 'fairy,' and 'elf.'


It is difficult to give a standard for the Sidhe, as they do not really have one. Some may be pixies or fairies, while others more elfish in appearance. Selkies, most Japanese youkai, and more, all also fall under the header of Sidhe. As varied as the Sidhe are, their ageing and development are also varied. Some remain small, perhaps a few inches tall, with or without wings, while others may be about sized and shaped like a human, or even animals. Typically, however, Sidhe mature very rapidly, and then can appear any age they wish, as most Sidhe are capable of shape-shifting to some degree.

Sidhe are not, however, immortal. They live perhaps a few thousand years, assuming they aren't killed. Half-Sidhe live about half a full-blood Sidhe's span. Their ageing slows to compensate.


Sidhe ( shee ) are silvers of natural energy that pooled together and became sentient. It is said they are the first settlers of the world. Whether this is true or not has never been proven or debunked. As the first magical creatures to exist, Sidhe are believed to have discovered the different kinds of elemental magic.

Originally, the Sidhe lived in clusters, much like tribes, and the vast majority of Sidhe still are tribal, if left to their own devices. They prefer to live in harmony and balance with the natural world, because, as they are slivers of natural energy, they are the most in-tuned to the natural world, and the most impacted when that natural world is damaged in some manner. Many Sidhe tribes around the world have been impacted and ultimately destroyed by humans' inability to do... well, much of anything without causing some kind of collateral damage to the planet. With the natural, untainted, untouched world becoming smaller and smaller, the Sidhe tribes are steadily dying out, most often their tribe's home destroyed by humans' machines.

As such, many Sidhe don't hold much care for humans, and will often mess with their heads whenever they can. Their magic is not really designed to cause damage, just give others a headache, or a good laugh, or both, so one couldn't consider the Sidhe at war with humans; simply, certain ones may well make humans' lives harder for the sake of it.

Most Sidhe have, now, blended in with human societies. The sad fact of reality is, they must adapt and learn to grow with humans, or they will die out. The only remaining Sidhe tribes out there, which remain separate from humans, are learning this the hard way, as they die off, one by one by one. New Sidhe, however, are being born, those that have adapted and changed in reaction to the introduction of technology. There are some Sidhe, now, with some measure of control over and attunement to technology and mechanics. Very old Sidhe tend not to much care for these, viewing them as little more than unruly teenagers going through a phase, but these technologically adapted Sidhe are more likely to survive into the next eras.

Half-Sidhe are also becoming more common, as Sidhe blood finds its way into human and daeva lineages. Notably, however, Sidhe are very alive, and being bitten by a vampire will cause them to die entirely, not turn. Half-Sidhe will turn, but they will be cut off from their Sidhe half forever, as it completely dies off. Due to how much pure, vibrant magic runs through a Sidhe's veins, vampires can actually become addicted to it, as it gives them a bit of a high, and may incidentally starve themselves by becoming single-mindedly focused on only finding Sidhe blood to sustain them.

While the Sidhe have had disagreements, they generally don't fight among one another. Well, any more, anyway. Some of those ancient human wars may not have been so human at all...
Site Info / Races
Last post by giratina - Sep 08, 2018, 05:26 PM
The Daevas have existed for as long as humans have, in some form or another. Many believe them nothing more than a tale conjured up to give men hope, but they are quite real. They exist on a level beyond life and death, beyond a state where most can understand them, and they both are, and are not, a race, depending upon what criteria one uses to define a race.

Notably, Daevas cannot tell direct, actual lies. This does not, however, mean they always must tell the truth.


Both living and not, Daevas are the next stage up from the reincarnation cycle humans exist in. Once a human soul reaches a certain level of enlightenment, they are ascended into Daeva status by a mysterious being known as the Light, sometimes the Darkness. The Light recreates their physical shell from cosmic debris, and this may take only a few weeks, or a few months, before something in the vast universe destroys itself, that the Light can snatch its mass for reuse.

Most Daevas, being comfortable with it, will retain a human shape, never the same one they had in life, but some will shapeshift back into what they used to look like before their death. They can, however, shift into virtually any form as they have need of different ones; a core tenant of Daeva teaching is that one must not know a Daeva for what they are, until they have gone. Being as Daevas are deceased, technically, necromancers can pin-point a Daeva on sight, no matter what form they take, seeing a slight gold glow around them. Many necromancers will refer to Daevas as "shiny" due to this. As they are already dead, Daevas are far more durable than living humans. They are highly difficult to kill, nigh impossible. What would normally kill a human, Daevas can withstand many times over. Further, their magical power roof seems to be many times higher.

Daevas have both a set of horns, usually rather small, and wings. They can fly. The colours of a Daeva's wings give some insight into how they died. Those that die peacefully will have white wings. Those with drawn out, or painful, deaths, albeit still relatively peaceful, will tend toward gold and brown. Traumatic or particularly painful demises give rise to red wings. Those painfully and traumatically tortured to death will have maroon wings. These colours may blend together in varying amounts, if their death doesn't happen to very neatly fall into any one category. The Daeva of Death always has solid black wings, even if he or she's wings were not black before.


The originator, a collection of the experiences of mortals that have lived and died over millions of years, eventually calls souls back, that they may give their experience to the collective, and then return to the reincarnation cycle. A Daeva has become very close to returning to the originator. As they are, in effect, highly enlightened souls, they are given the task to guide and guard the mortal races, called a Focus. This Focus may be a single individual, a family or bloodline, or a specific, or not so specific, location. Sometimes, Daevas are set to guide and protect this Focus throughout the entirety of its existence; other times, only for a specific reason, or through a particularly difficult time of their lives.

To become a Daeva, one must reach a state of enlightenment; this means about themselves, and come to terms, and be at peace, with themselves, their lives, and the world around them. Inner turmoil, unresolved trauma, and varying other personal issues, such as abysmal self-esteem, will prevent this ascension. Most will die beforehand, spending time with the Light as a soul in the world between, before being sent back as a Daeva. Vampires, however, having already died once, can ascend into Daeva status without dying again, if absolutely necessary (ergo, the time in the world between would potentially be too long and cause complications, or their dying would be somehow problematic-most often this is in the case of very old coven Alphas, whose absence would send their coven into chaos).

One specific Daeva, called the Daeva of Death, exists for a specific reason. He or she was, before their death, a necromancer, and continue to be one after, set to command and oversee the flow of souls from one life to the next, sustaining the cycle of living and dying. The Daeva of Death holds dominion over all souls, incarnated or not, and is the source of the magic that keeps Daevas difficult to truly damage. Through the magic of the Daevas, and the Daeva of Death, other Daevas do not die when their Focus has come to a natural end, instead entering a crystallised stasis. When the Daeva is given another Focus, they reawaken, and continue on as before.

Power among the Daevas has always been in constant shift, but the true authority among them is the Light. At present, the Hamadaeva, or the Daevas' day-to-day leader, whom heads the Daeva Council (the five senior-most Daevas have a place on the Council, and they are known as the Daeva Warlords), is an older Daeva called Azrael. Some believe Azrael to be The Light, due to his powers feeling exactly like The Light's, and he has gathered a small cult of daevas that have turned from the real Light to Azrael. The Light is a shard of the originator, a shard that created, guides, and oversees the Daevas, that they do not lose their way, but some still might, someday. Even so, the Light chooses and ascends Daevas, assigns Focuses, gives the Daevas advice, and tries to ensure they don't stray too far from their path.

However, the Light is very benevolent, and his laws are few, as he still gives them quite a bit of free will. The overarching doctrine commonly subscribed to by the vast majority of the Daevas states, however, a list, of laws that supposedly come from the Light. These tenants are dogmatic. The Light never set these laws at all. The primary one is that a Daeva must never fall in love, particularly with his or her Focus, but the Light finds that coming to care for their Focuses makes the Daevas more efficient at their defensive duties. Only those that truly lose their way, become unable to hear his whispers, and become consumed by their own power, are those that are truly fallen, not the ones the Daeva Council tears the wings from and casts out of Daeva society.

The Daevas, many centuries ago, became embroiled in civil war, a war known as the Daeva Wars. These wars nearly led to the split of the Daevas into two different races, but an older daeva, Livia Asheron, interrupted the fighting, and through the Light's interference, the Wars were calmed. Many of the Daevas alive at the time were thrown into sudden crystal stasis, forcing the fighting to end, whether the Daevas liked it or not. In some ways, the current conflicts among the Daevas could be considered a continuation of the Daeva Wars.

The Daevas live on several floating islands, far above typically remote locations on earth. The largest of these is Maharaja, hundreds of miles above Madagascar, where the Daeva Council is centred. The Daevas are currently amid a Daeva of Death shift; the corrupt Daevas led by Azrael seek to murder the next one, before they are ready to ascend to Daeva status, and end the Daeva of Death cycle. Doing so would stop life and death from continuing; no one would be born, and no one would die. Several vampire covens and small clusters of necromancers and more sane Daevas seek to protect them until they can ascend. All anyone knows is the next daeva of death is a student at Luxerion International.

The Light has been, for the last about thirty years, female, when originally, the Light was male. The Light often communicates to the daevas telepathically, when a daeva needs to know something, but daevas can block the words out; often this happens because the daeva has reached a mental or emotional low, so far down the Light's words no longer reach them, but older daevas can block out the Light temporarily. The Light is currently incarnated as Kassander Essair, albeit most daevas do not know this. With the daeva of death presently absent, Kassander has shifted to keeping the cycle of life and death moving, but he was not meant for this, and it is proving to be tiring. To keep the daevas going while he focuses on other things, Kassander shed off part of his soul and gave it to Natalia Vasilyeva, one of the purest souls still in the reincarnation cycle, who is the voice daevas are now used to hearing. It is, however, an incomplete shard, that couldn't properly merge with Natalia's actual soul, and will eventually fade away, returning to where it belongs, most likely when the strain of keeping the life-death cycle going finally knocks Kassander out.

The current five Daeva Warlords are: Azrael, Gabriel, Michael, Kamael, and Samael. Each Warlord has five Generals below him or her. Gabriel and Michael have both turned from the Light to Azrael. Kamael has not decided one way or another, but Samael and the Generals below him have remained mostly on earth, doing what they know is right, and not bothering with Azrael and his brood, more for their own protection than anything. Collectively, the Warlords and their Generals are referred to as the Daeva Host.
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Last post by giratina - Sep 08, 2018, 05:16 PM


Blood witches, descended from the first witch, in whom the All resided for a time, and non-human magical beings are all commonly born with inherent magical abilities. These are called active powers, albeit they are not always so active, but they can be used at will. This power causes a specialized, localized effect, and some powers tend to run in family lines, while others are more common in certain species. For instance, daevas tend to have vastly different powers that are typical to them than vampires. A power, like all magic, is not inherently good or evil; it is the manner in which it is used that determines this.

Magical characters may only have one power per ten years of their life; at a total of five powers, they stop being able to gain any more. If one has genetic or racial powers available to them, these do not count toward the five power cap, but have a cap of their own; start with at most three racial or genetic powers. Finally, one can gain powers that must be learned, but must either have actually learned them in their history, or learn them over the course of in-character play.

Basic Powers

All magical beings have access to these abilities by default.
The practice of predicting the future. This differs from premonition in that it uses varying outside means to make predictions, rather than being literal visions of future events, such as palmistry or tea leaf reading. Not all can make certain kinds of divination work for them, thereby some are great with tarot cards, and not so hot with crystal balls.

Potion Making
The ability to create potions, usually liquid but not always. Potions have a wide variety of effects, and depend on certain ingredients and specific amounts of each ingredient. Witch practitioners can often create working potions.

The ability to search for a lost object or person, using either a crystal point pendulum, or a reflective surface, such as a mirror or water. Witch practitioners can also often do this, too.

Spell Casting
The ability to invent and cast spells, to varying effect. As spell verbiage is very important and precise an art, early attempts at spell invention can often backfire. Witch practitioners can cast spells that work, but often they will manifest in more subtle ways than the spells of true magical beings.

Can Be Learned

These powers are abilities that can be learned, rather than only being obtainable through that power being destined for you.
Astral Projection
The ability to project the consciousness into an astral form outside of the body. While this ability can be learned, only magical beings can become physically solid in the material world. Other beings will be as ghosts, and can be seen by mediums and ghosts, and no one else.

Aura Manipulation
At a basic level, aura manipulation allows one to visualise and control their own aura, and then those of others. Aura manipulators can clear blockages, or cause them, either augmenting someone's inherent magical ability and mental focus, or damaging instead.

The practice of predicting the future. This differs from premonition in that it uses varying outside means to make predictions, rather than being literal visions of future events, such as palmistry or tea leaf reading. Not all can make certain kinds of divination work for them, thereby some are great with tarot cards, and not so hot with crystal balls. Even non-magical beings can learn effective divination.

Dream Leaping
The ability to project into another person's dreams, and manipulate them. It takes a long time to learn to do, and non-magical beings need to use some kind of assist, such as technology, but it can eventually be learned. It starts with mastering your own dreams.

Racial Powers

These powers are available only to beings of a certain race.
The ability to hear what people outside of natural hearing range are saying. Daevas have this with their focuses by default, as they need to be able to hear it when a charge of theirs is in trouble.

Dream Leaping
The ability to project into another person's dreams, and manipulate them. Daevas can do this with their charges by default, but not all daevas learn how to do it.

The ability to feel others' feelings, from emotional states to physical pain. For daevas, again, this is only with their charge, and tends to be restricted to things that are either very strong, or potentially very dangerous, such as feeling the intense despair that drives one to suicide.

The ability to change appearance to look like another person, creating an illusion.

The ability to nigh instantaneously heal injury and disease of another, barring those that have already died, or those whom are evil. Only good aligned beings can heal. Daevas always can, but not all learn the trigger for it, and thus never learn how to activate it (it is triggered by love).

High Resistance
The ability to survive otherwise lethal attack, whether from physical or magical origin.

Living forever without ageing, and being immune to disease.

The ability to see and hear ghosts. As daevas are also technically dead, they can see and hear other deceased spirits.

The ability to understand, speak, and read any language without consciously learning it. This ability is exclusive to daevas, and only activates when they are dealing with their charges. (The one exception is The Light; as he guides all daevas, he is innately omnilingual.)

A method of teleportation in which the user bursts into a swirl of small lights or sparks. The particular colour of the lights varies between user.

Super Strength
Having magically-augmented physical strength and stamina.
The ability to feel others' feelings, from emotional states to physical pain. Necromancers are only empathic with ghosts, capable of feeling and sometimes even re-experiencing their pain and historical events that they are having trouble letting go of. The empathic connection with spirits is what separates a regular medium from a true necromancer.

The ability to see and hear ghosts. Necromancers go beyond just seeing and hearing ghosts, as mentioned in the above entry, but the advanced connection with ghosts is what marks a powerful necromancer. Very weak, or very young, necromancers always have mediumship.

The ability to manipulate death and spirit energy, and command spirits and the undead. This ability os specific to necromancers, but most don't develop true command of souls until later in life.
A method of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears in a coloured haze. Most often, this is pink, but it has also been blue and green.

Fauna Control
The ability to command animals, including wildlife. While many sidhe will have this ability by default, not all will. It depends on the particular sidhe.

High Resistance
The ability to survive otherwise lethal attack, whether from physical or magical origin.

Nature Control
The ability to manipulate plantlife, causing plants to bloom, grow, or bring plants back to life. While many sidhe will have this ability by default, not all of them will. It depends on the particular sidhe.

The ability to manipulate one's physical characteristics. Not all sidhe can shapeshift, but many can.

Water Teleportation
A method of teleportation in which the user becomes water before teleporting, forms out of water when appearing, or teleports through water. It is very rare, and has only ever been used by a water-dwelling sidhe.
High Resistance
The ability to survive otherwise lethal attack, whether from physical or magical origin.

Living forever without ageing, and being immune to disease.

Night Vision
The ability to see clearly in darkness.

Shadow Stepping
Shadow stepping looks like a teleportation ability, but it technically is not, it's merely a means of moving quickly. The user bursts into a dark puff of black smoke-like mist, and then rockets off toward wherever they intend to go. Because of the speed, most don't see the black smoke trail, only the user disappearing and appearing.

The ability to manipulate one's physical characteristics. All vampires shapeshift into one kind of animal, depending on how they were made a vampire and by whom, but they can only ever shapeshift into that animal, nothing else.

Super Strength
Having magically-augmented physical strength and stamina.

The ability to hear the thoughts of others, and broadcast one's own thoughts to others. Vampires are telepathic among one another, and it tends to take a bit of time before it manifests.
This is the ability to manipulate one's physical makeup, changing colouration and physical stature, and even biological sex at will. One cannot create matter; that which is added must come from something that is removed.
Vitamorphing is genetic; only a vitamorph's descendants can become vitamorphs, but it is known to skip around bloodlines.


There are many kinds of teleportation abilities; this is a list of them all, descriptions of what they look like, and any particular character type they'd be common for. Having a teleportation style listed as being common for a certain race does not mean that race cannot learn another type of teleportation, only that it's common to them, unless otherwise stated.
A method of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears in a coloured haze. Most often, this is pink, but it has also been blue and green. This is common of sidhe.

Black Orbing
A method of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears in a swirl of small, coloured light orbs, as darkly coloured as possible while still giving off light (very dark indigo).
Black orbing is specific to the god of shadows, and cannot be learned by others.

An extremely common method of teleportation in which the user immediately disappears and reappears. It is activated by blinking the eyes, hence its name. It is common of most races.

A method of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears in a swirl of grey, dust-like particles.

An energy-based method of teleportation in which the user seems to fade out of and into presence in an ethereal glow.

A method of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears in a burst of flames. This is very common of high-tier daevas; essentially the entire daeva host flames.

A method of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears in a glistening contour of the body. The eyes are the first thing to appear, and the last thing to disappear. It is becoming en-vogue with witches, and used to be a hallmark of seers and oracles.

A method of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears in a swirl of small, coloured light orbs, very bright white with a tinge of blue.
Orbing is specific to the god of light, and cannot be learned by others.

A method of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears in a blur, somewhat as if a reflection in water that has been disturbed by ripples. This is becoming common of daevas.

A form of teleportation in which the user disperses their molecules and reforms them elsewhere. Many vampires can shred.

A method of teleportation in which the user bursts into a swirl of grey smoke. This is typical of evil beings that were, at one time, good.

Personal Actives

Individual actives that count for the five power cap.
Acid Secretion
The ability to generate corrosive acid.

The ability to resist and fight through molecular-based powers.

Adoptive Muscle Memory
The ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it once.

The ability to create, control, and manipulate the air and winds.

Age Shifting
The ability to accelerate or reverse the ageing process, causing oneself to become younger or older at will.

The ability to lighten one's body, becoming more agile.

Aquatic Breathing
The ability to breathe underwater.

The ability to control and manipulate all aspects of the weather at will.

The ability to enhance the active powers of others.

The ability to see distant people or places through mirrors.

The ability to use the active powers of others when in vicinity of them. Ergo, generating fireballs when near someone else that can, when one cannot innately do so themselves.

The ability to perceive the history of an object through physical contact.

The ability to make someone invisible, and unable to be detected.

The ability to create duplicates of oneself.

The ability to create something from nothing. How objects manifest is variant; some conjurers do so in a puff of smoke, others in a flash of light. Conjuration can also be achieved by spellcasting.

The ability to generate, control, and manipulate ice and cold.

The ability to deflect and cancel out the active powers of others.

The ability to return attacks back to where they came.

The ability to stretch and bend one's body like a rubber band.

The ability to control and generate electricity, and throw lightning.

The ability to feel others' feelings, from emotional states to physical pain.

Empathic Manipulation
The ability to control one's own emotions, and the emotions of another.

Energy Balls
The ability to throw electrically-charged energy balls.

Energy Magic
The ability to project energy, and shape and manipulate it as desired.

Enhanced Intuition
The ability to anticipate or sense danger before it occurs. This often stems from psychic abilities.

Enhanced Memory
The ability to quickly absorb and accurately retain great amounts of information.

Enhanced Senses
The ability of having heightened carnal senses. Either one, several, or all five may be heightened.

Fauna Control
The ability to command animals, including wildlife.

Fire Balls
The ability to generate balls of fire.

Fire Breathing
The ability to emit fire from one's mouth.

Fire Throwing
The ability to throw streams of flame from the hands.

An advanced form of levitation, this allows users to fly high, and control the direction they go. While daevas can fly, they cannot do so unaided (they need their wings), while a flight power is unaided flight.

Force Blasts
The ability to generate concussive force waves. This can be linked to aerokinesis.

Force Fields
The ability to create and control a shield of concentrated force, essentially creating barriers.

The ability to control earth, and earth-based materials, such as metal and sand.

The ability to change appearance to look like another person, creating an illusion.

The ability to nigh instantaneously heal injury and disease of another, barring those that have already died, or those whom are evil. Only good aligned beings can heal. The trigger for it is love.

High Resistance
The ability to survive otherwise lethal attack, whether from physical or magical origin.

The ability to create holographic, light-based images. Similar to illusions, but others not directly affected by them can perceive them.

The ability to rise into the air, and hover in one place.

The ability to create and manipulate water.

Hyper Speed
The ability to move extremely fast.

The ability to create illusions. These alter the target's perception of their surroundings and their sensory input, but some particularly skilled illusionists can create illusions that are tangible.

Living forever without ageing, and being immune to disease.

Knowledge Absorption
The ability to psychically absorb knowledge from others.

Laser Bolts
The ability to generate darts of electromagnetic radiation, which burn the target on contact.

The ability to rise in the air in apparent defiance of gravity. Levitating can be used while in motion, while hovering cannot.

Light Darts
The ability to generate small darts of light energy that burn on contact.

Literary Absorption
The ability to read and retain literary material by simply touching written word.

The ability to turn oneself into water momentarily.

The ability to continue existing in spirit form after the body is gone. Some can self-resurrect after this, but typically must remain in spirit form for a period of time.

The ability to see and hear ghosts.

Memory Manipulation
The ability to make an individual re-experience forgotten or past memories, change memories, or erase memories.

Memory Storage
The ability to transfer memories into inanimate objects.

Molecular Acceleration
The ability to speed up molecules, causing something to heat up, melt, or burn.

Molecular Combustion
The ability to speed up molecules to the point they combust.

Molecular Deceleration
The ability to slow down the molecules of an object or being, making them move slower, and become chilled.

Molecular Immobilisation
The ability to slow the molecules of an object or being to the point they become immobilised.
Note: Molecular-based powers can be fought through and resisted via adjusting, and are temporary states. The effects of molecular powers are only able to last, at peak strength, a few minutes.

Nature Control
The ability to manipulate plantlife, causing plants to bloom, grow, or bring plants back to life.

Night Vision
The ability to see clearly in darkness.

The ability to pass through solid objects at will.

The ability to produce and manipulate light.

Plasma Balls
The ability to throw balls of plasma energy. This appears very similar to energy balls, but is exclusive to ghosts.

The ability to create, control, and manipulate plasma.

Power Mimicry
The ability to temporarily copy and use the powers of another.

Power Replication
The ability to permanently copy another's powers if they are used on oneself.

Precognitive Dreaming
The ability to see future events through dreams.

The ability to receive visions of future events. Often these are triggered by touching an object related to the person the vision is about, or the person themselves, but not always. This is the one power that cannot be "controlled;" it just happens.

The ability to move objects that are not in one's line of sight.

The ability to generate and control fire.

Rapid Cell Regeneration
The ability to quickly regenerate lost cells; i.e. regrow limbs.

The ability to heal rapidly from injury. The specific rate depends on how powerful one is.

Sand Manipulation
The ability to create and control sand.

Shadow Blasts
The ability to fire powerful blasts of darkness.

The ability to manipulate one's physical characteristics.

The ability to plant thoughts into the mind of another.

The ability to conjure a being into the user's vicinity.

Super Strength
Having magically-augmented physical strength and stamina.

The ability to see sound waves as light and manipulate them into concussive blasts.

The ability to control and manipulate technology, often even being able to comprehend computer-speak (binary), and communicate with machines directly.

The ability to move objects or individuals using one's mind.

The ability to hear the thoughts of others, and broadcast one's own thoughts to others.

Thermal Blasts
The ability to fire blasts of thermal energy from the hands.

The ability to manipulate temperature.

Thought Projection
The ability to conjure thoughts and imagination into reality.

The ability to alter one's form into inanimate objects.

The ability to turn one form of matter into another.

The ability to generate, control, and manipulate shadows and darkness.

Voice Manipulation
The ability to manipulate one's own voice, or copy another's.

The ability to understand and communicate with animals.
Site Info / Races
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Once living people that have been born and reborn many times, gaining many lifetimes of experience, the daevas are guides appointed by the Light to other races. Each daeva has a focus, which may be a single person, family, group, region, or nation, that the daeva is meant to look after, guide, and protect. Sometimes, this is for their whole lifetime, and other times, through a particular period of their life. When their focus has ended, the daeva returns to crystal stasis, a state of sleep, and someday, vanish, returning to the creator.

Human (Mundane)
Normal, every-day humans, mundanes cannot use magic, and generally cannot see much of what a supernatural being will see. They may be aware of supernatural occurrences, but are typically incapable of seeing magical energy, or its effects. This includes weaker ghosts, but very strong ones, and daevas, can be seen by mundane humans if they wish to be seen by them.

Carrying a trait passed down since Roman times, necromancers act as a bridge between the living and the dead. They can innately see, and interact with, even weak ghosts, but this goes a bit beyond just being mediums. Necromancers can feel and experience the pain of ghosts that are too lost in despair to move on, and help them find closure. A slight caveat is that not all ghosts know how, or are mentally and emotionally capable, of interacting back, and often haphazardly transfer emotions and memories to, or cause hallucinations in, a necromancer in order to communicate. This can be highly disturbing, and difficult for a necromancer to handle. While necromancers are capable of controlling spirits, a well-trained one knows that doing so is exceedingly dangerous, and won't unless necessary. They exist to help those that cannot move on by themselves do so, and sometimes this means helping them come to terms with their own death, or complete unfinished business. As a ghost continues to remain in the living realm, they tend to become angrier, or fall deeper into despair, and can be very difficult to reason with.

Some are reincarnated innately different. While they may be supernatural, depending upon their bloodlines, they have extra abilities and powers from their soul being aligned to a god-like aspect. These are natural forces, occurrences, and emotions, that play a large part in the lives of humans. When humans were still strongly believing of gods, these reborns carried with them the strength of their worship, and were known as many names in many places across the world, but they are not quite gods as most know the term, instead existing to ensure the continuation of the natural forces they command. How much of their former incarnations, and what they are, they know and understand, varies between reborn. See the reborn listing to see which aspects are taken.

The sidhe are sentient creatures born of the natural world. One could liken them to manifestations of the world's elements, personifications of natural cycles, and likewise. The sidhe are varied, and were, at one time, many, but as humans expand their empire and their actions damage the planet, more and more sidhe tribes die off as a consequence. Most sidhe now have blended into human society in order to survive, and some have taken on interesting adaptations in reaction to how the planet is changing. The sidhe may be fairies, pixies, selkies, most Japanese youkai, elves, and more; but they all call one another sidhe, and see no reason to separate them.

Beings of the night, the vampires are a magical accident, created when a magical experiment went awry. Some say they are cursed, but, older vampires eventually become rather powerful in return. Due to this, the first few vampires have put in place a vampire council, on which sits the heads of every vampire coven in the world, and strict regulations, to prevent vampires from ever going out of control.

Witches are fairly populous; they are humans that have the ability to use magic, descended from the first witch, whom merged with the All and was granted power over reality. Blood witches are born, they are not made, but some mundane humans can be in tune with natural forces enough to hold some measure of basic magical ability in potions and scrying. Witches remain severe minorities in comparison to mundane humans, but there are enough for them to have their own central government bodies; in the US, this is ACMA, the American Center for Magical Affairs, which works with mundane government and law enforcement to handle supernatural trouble. Witches blend in with every day society, but some may have more magical job descriptions than the typical office worker. Both males and females are called witches. There are several different school complexes across the world that accept magical students, including witches, and teach magical subjects, Luxerion International being one. Witches do not tend to gather together into covens; that's a vampire thing, but there are many witches present in several different vampire covens, typically the oldest covens.
Site Info / Magic
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Magic, also referred to as the Craft, is the supernatural energy that originated from the All. Capable of altering the fabric of reality, and defying the laws of nature, in the wrong hands, magic can be dangerous, but in and of itself, it is neutral, neither good nor evil, it just is, and it is one's intent and the way one uses it that decides whether the magic has become one or the other. Both hereditary and a learned art, magic enables one to brew potions, cast spells, scry, and possess powers; one who is born with and practices magic is generally termed a "witch," however there are also other, non-human beings capable of using magic.

Humans that were born without magical powers, but adhere to the tenants of Wicca (primarily the Wiccan Rede), are called "witch practitioners." While practitioners do not have powers of their own, they do tend to have a natural affinity to magic, and can tap into external sources of power, nature, and cast spells and brew potions. Practitioners can occasionally be mistaken for birthright witches, and are often both allies for birthright witches, and individuals witches must protect.

Birthright witches are born with their powers, but what powers they get are not always logical, and the magic may skip a generation, but rarely ever two. The powers one is destined to have lie in one's blood, and a mortal that comes into contact with that blood can gain those powers, as well. However, a mortal that is not meant to have those powers will eventually be driven insane, as their body and mind are not equipped to handle them. While the ability to use active powers almost always manifests in early childhood, in some cases, even from the womb, there are those whose powers remain dormant until quite late in life, usually late teens or early twenties.

Active Powers

Magic can manifest in the form of an active power, a special ability that operates a specific way, and is one of the quickest ways of using magic without spellcasting. These powers are a biological part of the magical being that it is used by, residing in the blood. An active power may manifest in several ways; at the onset of puberty, as a reflex when its user is in direst need, or simply when that individual is ready for it. Powers are possessed by many different magical beings, and the same power can be found in multiple individuals living at any given time, but can be altered and changed based upon their user's moral alignment.

Find below a list of possible active powers, that are available besides the standard potion brewing and spell-casting, along with the guidelines that go with them.

Curses and Enchantments

Enchantments are a type of magic used to grant an object or individual a magical power it should not have, or intended to cause the target to behave abnormally. Curses are a subset of enchantments, which are designed specifically to produce a negative effect. Curses take rather the powerful magic user to last beyond a few years, and the maximum time-frame a curse can remain also depends on the strength, and how long it lasts, of the caster's ill will. Ergo, cursing your best friend because they pissed you off would probably wear off in a few days, if not a few hours. Curses intended for an object, to serve a specific purpose (i.e. killing those that steal the object) will last much longer, often more than one decade, because they are not exactly curses, but not exactly enchantments, either.


A potion is a magical substance, typically a liquid, but it may take other forms, that produces a certain effect. Potions are quite versatile, and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from putting others to sleep, to transmuting one object into another. Potions work either by being consumed, or being thrown, typically at the feet of its target. Like spellcasting, the ability to make potions which work is exclusive to magical beings. Humans that are not witch practitioners that happen to mix up the right ingredients will find their potion does nothing.


Spells are spoken verses, often rhyming, that produce magical effect based upon composition. Magical beings can invent and cast spells that do whatever they wish the spell to do, and other than active powers, spellcasting is the quickest way of using magic. The more powerful and creative the magic user, the quicker he or she would be able to conjure up the right spell. Older and more powerful magical beings can cast non-verbal spells. The spoken lines must be arranged and worded in the right way to achieve intended effect; at early stages, it's quite common for spells to "backfire," or produce an unintended effect, due to poor wording choices.

Book of Shadows

It is typical for witch bloodlines to pass down a Book of Shadows, in which is written spells and potion brews, through their family, with each generation adding to the book. Particularly powerful magical lines have quite impressive and enchanted books, with much knowledge within, and many powerful protective enchantments laid on them. These books grow as the lineage does, and in some cases, may learn as their primary witch does.

Witch practitioners also may hold a Book of Shadows, but this is often a more personal recording of that witch's learning and experience with the Craft. Some may pass these books on to their children, but more often, the practitioner's book dies with them.
Site Info / Luxerion International Academy
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Per Aspera Ad Astra • Through Hardship to the Stars

Welcome to Luxerion International Academy, one of the only schools in the nation that offers a middle school, high school, and a college, on the same campus. Reaching your life's goals has never been easier. Luxerion Academy is staffed with skilled and experienced staff, ready to help you take the leap toward your future. With six education departments, a boarding option, tuition and financial assistance, and a compassionate faculty, Luxerion Academy is ready to help you dive into life.

Founded in the 1700s, Luxerion Academy has grown with the city it calls home. From a small set of buildings, to a nine building, three mile spawling campus, to say the least, it's evolved. One of the most progressive and open-minded schools in the nation, LIA boasts a top level of educational excellence and technological implementation.

Traditionally, Luxerion Academy had been influenced by the Native Americans present in the area before the European expansion. LIA takes a Native proverb to heart: Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I will understand. In recent years, the school has gained some semblance of independence from the United States Board of Education, allowing them more freedom in tailoring classes and learning materials to meet the needs of their diverse student body. In 2014, the school began utilizing virtual classrooms, a kind of internet meet-up that would allow classes to take place from the comfort of a student's home. Students are also often allowed to attend virtually over Skype or Google Hangouts, enabling them to attend class and participate even when on the go.

It's unknown how long the magical half of LIA has existed. It's entirely possible that it was there when the school was originally founded. Magical students and mundane students interact on a regular basis. Instead of trying to sequester the magical community away from the mundane one, LIA aims to mix them together, so that both are familiar with each other. Magical beings are still subject to mundane laws, customs, and social order, and LIA believes that it is better for them to learn to live within that mundane world, than try and ignore it.

Students are given the option of boarding with LIA, or living off-campus. Students that are underage are kept to a curfew policy of dusk; all underage students must be in one of the buildings by the time the sun has set, or they are truant, and will be picked up by campus security. Overage students are allowed to come and go completely at will. They are adults, and LIA will treat them like adults -- but if you skip class a lot and blow off your homework, don't say nobody warned you that you'd fail. Do note, that students on a scholarship or financial assistance will need to maintain a passing GPA.

There are three towers for boarding, one the middle school tower, one the high school tower, and the other the college tower. Dorms are a two-bedroom small apartment, with a living space, kitchen, dining area, and one bathroom, thus all students have just one dorm-mate. All students at the same grade level in the same tower are housed on the same floor. The school is co-ed, but by default, students will not be assigned to the same dorm as someone of the opposite sex. Transgender and asexual students may choose which one they'd feel more comfortable sharing a dorm with, and all students are asked on the boarding sign-ups if they would be okay sharing a room with such a student. Room transfers are processed during the first three weeks of school.

Term begins on August 17. Students are given winter, spring, and summer breaks, which are long enough students may return home if they choose. Summer classes are available, which run from June 1 to August 15. Fall semester ends on May 20, and students are advised to return to campus for the next term, if they are not still present for summer classes, by August 15.

Luxerion Academy maintains the utmost level of campus security, and is an open, no discrimination tolerated, campus. Those found to be bullying, discriminating, harassing in any form, another student, or making them uncomfortable or fearful, will be immediately expelled. This extends to social media and the internet; if the school staff can prove the source is you, you will be removed. This expulsion can be appealed, but you'd best have a very good explanation.

While all drugs are criminalized in Nebraska, Luxerion Academy notably does not always enforce these laws, so long as students stick to lighter drugs such as marijuana. Smoking or growing weed on the grounds will not necessarily result in the staff taking action.

Designed after the security system of the Drago di Napoli (Luxerion International was founded by a former Drago), Anubis is half-technology, half-magic, and watches the Academy campus day and night. Yes, it does know when you're tardy, when you stay out too late, and it will tattle. It doubles as a communication system, capable of linking to many different communication lines across the world. Like the Drago's Apollo, it also has many different surveillance and security features and functions.

As of now, however, no one seems to be able to command Anubis the way Kassander commands Apollo, and so it's unknown if Anubis has aura cannon or barrier functionality. Several different languages have been tried, and while it will respond to its name, it does not seem to respond to words in any language anyone can think of.

Luxerion Academy offers a wide range of course options, and which courses are available to you changes as you progress in grade. Grades 6 and 7 will stick with core courses, but at the end of 7th grade, students are allowed to choose a minimum of two additional courses as electives. At the end of 10th grade, students may choose to drop courses, and add new ones, if they wish, though they may also merely drop courses outright and not replace them, if they so desire. Students attending for college have a lot of leeway with their course options, but do need to fulfill basic requirements for their chosen major, and their future goals.

LIA tailors your educational plan based on what you wish to pursue as a career post graduation. For those who know what they are after, courses may be tailored for future goals even before reaching college level.

This is exactly what it sounds like -- being enrolled in and attending courses in both secondary school and college levels at once. Typically, this is allotted to students who have not reached college level yet, who wish to take a course only available to college students. This may also be arranged for students whom are a little more advanced in a course than their grade level. However, non-witch magical students who are older than is typical for the grade they are in may opt to take secondary level courses for a few specific subjects, while still primarily attending classes at college level.

If you are interested in dual-enrolling, please speak with a counselor. Students at a lower grade will still not have a major or minor, but may be able to earn credits for college level while attending college classes, that will be put toward a degree, and shorten the time they need to complete it when they get there.

At the end of 12th grade, students are allowed time slots to, if they choose, meet with counselors and career advisers. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss what ambitions and goals a student has for the future, following their graduation. Students may decide to continue their education with Luxerion Academy beyond this point, but those that choose to do so will have many options for their future. Collegiate students have at least one major -- students may not always have a minor, but they may. Some students also choose to dual major.

For the most part, deciding on a major is up to the player. Whatever makes sense for what your character wants to do with their life following graduation, go with it. There are no rules written in stone, here, no strict guidelines -- we have purposely left much of this loose. If you are unsure if your choice makes sense, you're welcome to consult a staff member, or even consult a school faculty member in-character, or, if you'd like, look at real-world college majors for inspiration. For the most part, if it makes sense, and feels right to you, go for it.

Dual-majors are possible with Luxerion Academy. However, keep in mind coursework will be rigorous, and you may not have time for courses that are just for fun. Dual majoring is a hallmark of overachievers, but may also be useful for very specific career goals -- for instance, Strikers are others aiming for a specific position with the American Center for Magical Affairs. It is useful for healers that wish to have the ability to heal both physically and mentally, as well, and magical students that want both a magical and mundane major.

There are several specific career programs available; these count essentially as majors, and will angle your course load toward getting you into a specific career. While they may be somewhat difficult, they are, however, a little quicker than taking the typical route.
Alchemy Program • Aims to place the student among respected alchemists.
Journalism Program • Aims to place students with one or several news outlets. These may be magical or mundane outlets.
Law Program • Aims to place students, eventually, among either law enforcement, mundane government, or the American Center for Magical Affairs.
Nursing Program • Aims to place students into nursing or healing positions.
Striker Program • Aims to place students in the Striker department of the Force.
Wandmaker Program • Aims to place the student among respected wandmakers.

Several, more demanding course choices, and all of the above educational programs, eventually require an internship of some form, with at least one existing establishment. Sometimes this establishment will be with the school itself, other times it will be the establishment a student aims to eventually work for. These internships are often paid.

Luxerion International competes under the name Luxerion International Cougars. While the middle and high school levels do not have international competition opportunities, the collegiate does. There are a wide range of sports, teams, and clubs in the school to participate in.

The caveat is that LIA does have academic requirements for its athletes. All those participating in sports, teams, or clubs, must meet and maintain a 3.0 GPA, in order to continue participating. LIA accepts athletic scholarships, but requires a more well-rounded academic resume for its athletes on scholarship. Furthermore, it has no tolerance for misbehavior, even among its athletes, and will not hesitate to expel any student that violates its policies or rules, regardless of how good an athlete they are. The safety and comfort of its student base comes first, and if one makes a major mistake, they will face the consequences of that mistake.

Sports marked with a * are available at middle and high school level. Otherwise, they are collegiate only.

* Baseball
* Basketball
* Cheerleading
* Field Hockey
* Football
Griffon Racing
* Gymnastics
* Horseback Riding
Ice Hockey
* Karate
* Lacrosse
Mixed Martial Arts
Muay Thai
* Polo
* Soccer
* Swimming
* Track and Field

Audio Engineering

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