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Nov 15, 2018 - Lore Stuff
Nov 15, 2018, 08:36 AM
Just a quick heads up, I'm rewriting the lore pages at the moment, kind of partly done. This is partially because I wanted to condense the information a bit, also organise it a bit better, and partially because some of it changed/got expanded on with the sudden plot shift.

Fuggit, guys, we're an angels vs everything else board, I give tf up, and the Daeva Wars are our actual main plot now.

Um, I also wanted to make certain aspects of the board more prominent, so that's also a thing. I've been reposting wanted ads, too, if you need an older wanted ad reposted, let me know, I can dig it up for you.

I'll eventually also be working on a new theme, whenever the heck I finally feel like coding. Lol I'll also be bringing back our quote and want ad generators shortly.


Kassander Essair
Nov 15, 2018, 05:46 AM

Adoptive Kids

Any Age / Probably plenty of all genders, pick one / Open races / Open PBs (he's primarily been in Italy, but when you can teleport, that hardly matters)

Kass has a habit of disappearing, and coming back with kids. Usually these are abandoned children, late-term abortions that didn't work, etc etc. He's strong enough a healer, yes, he can keep late-term abortion babies alive long enough to save them, he's got a small handful of those. May have even picked up kids right off the street. In any case, whether these kids later became vampires or not is essentially up to them. If they weren't already, Kass and his husbands, Hasan and Sandalio, would leave that choice to them, when they were old enough to understand what being a vampire actually entails.

In the meantime, there are three of them, they're all male, and they are pretty decent parents. Kass is a bit of a helicopter dad, in some ways, but Sandalio and Hasan are a bit less overprotective. Hasan is also a psychologist, so he's pretty good at teaching others how to manage their emotions, and reach any life-goals they may have. All things considered, they're probably among the best parents to end up with.

These can absolutely be school age, most likely would attend Luxerion International, and yes, dads... well two of them, come to pretty much every school function (Sandalio is presently in a nightmare cage, so he's been missing for a while, long enough any kids of theirs younger than twenty would have never met him). They may also get off school to come to skating competitions, at least the galas, because Kass does still skate in gala exhibitions sometimes. They're also pretty familiar with the different overall needs of most ethnicities (so, yes, they can braid African hair, and manage curls and that thick Asian hair), they're all having of very good senses, and can easily catch illnesses and diseases quickly, and Hasan's speciality is mental-things, so he'll catch the early signs of varying disorders, too. Ah, probably cannot get out of school faking sick, though. May still get out of it anyway, depending on why they want out of it. Mental health breaks are indeed valid things, and all three dads know that, but if it's just avoiding a test, or the school bully said something embarrassing yesterday, yeah, no, get up, you'll forget it in a week and so will they.

There's also uncle Icarus, uncle Thana, uncle Sepheres, aunt Delara, uncle Tristan, cousin Geneva (she is Thana and Icarus' adoptive daughter), and grandma Ksenia, eventually Ksenia and Daren will be official so he'll be grandpa, and they have family-like ties to basically all of the Lucains.

Big family, lots of plots, awesome parents, lots of money, probably ample opportunity to end up a celebrity/public figure, come join the awesomest family and be awesome.

There is one kid in this cluster already, a five year old girl (her family were attacked and killed by one, the Storm killed the vampire that did it, and dropped the girl on the Drago). Her name's Noelle, likes to read and make stuff (Hasan is using art therapy to help her cope with vampire-attack trauma), and she shifts into a tiger.
Possible, as well, that Adrian will be adopted by Kassander at some point.

The Daeva Host
Nov 15, 2018, 02:40 AM
This is a fairly broad, big want.

The Daeva Host are mostly all up for adoption. These are the five seniormost daevas, and their five generals, and usually, they are right below the Hamadaeva, whom technically is also part of the Host. Currently, a good number of the Host have sided with one single Daeva Warlord, Azrael, whose magic feels very similar to the Light's, and the other number of the Host have decided he must be the Light. This is wrong, but, well only one Warlord knows that for sure. As they have begun enforcing inane tenants that the Light has not endorsed, they fall further and further away from the Light. As a result, many of them are presently Fallen. However, they do not have to remain so.

As these slots are up for adoption, they are very loose. Whether a Warlord follows Azrael or not can also be changed through in-game play. The Generals are also completely up for interpretation, we don't even have their names set in stone (daeva names tend to end in -l or -n). In short, if you want a "bad angel," follow Azrael. Your character will probably die. If you want a "bad angel that finds his/her way back to the Light," follow Azrael, and then start using brain function. If you want a "good angel," follow Samael.

Most daevas will know when faced with the Light (either Kassander Essair, or Natalia Vasilyeva). Much like vampires have an innate connection to Sati and Surya, daevas have an innate connection to Kassander and Natalia. Whether they recognise this connection, or not, depends on whether they're actually fallen or not. (Natalia is a temporary Light stand-in; she is the one daevas will have been hearing for the last few decades, not Kassander, but older daevas will remember the Light having sounded male before).

Azrael and the Warlords on his side tend to enforce inane rules; such as not falling in love, just in general, but especially not one's focus. That is almost the only law, don't love, because it's unnatural, unhealthy, a trap, a distraction, any reason you can think of, they use it. Telling someone what you are, trying to return to life before you died, or somehow speaking against the Council, will also end in the Warlords deciding you're "fallen." By this they mean they damage one's wings and throw them off Maharaja. Many die this way, but some don't, and if they still hear the Light, he may intervene.



> 1,000 | Female | European | No idea why her name is Gabriel and not Gabrielle.
Follows Azrael. Hot-tempered. Known to randomly snap at her Generals. Fought in the Daeva Wars (a historical event in which the daevas almost split into two races). Probably a ginger.


> 1,000 | Male | Hispanic
Follows Azrael. Stubborn and deliberate. Can be somewhat obstinate and blind to reason when he's made up his mind. Fought in the Daeva Wars. Not easily annoyed, but also not easily swayed.


~ 900 | Male | Asian | Probably was a ninja in a past life
Hasn't decided one way or another about Azrael. Thoughtful and subtle. When he makes his moves, he makes them in a way that is barely notable. Slippery one when he tries.


> 2,000 | Male | Roman | His magic feels like the Light's, so many have mistaken him as being the Light
* Not actually adoptable, @dragonborn made him.
Bit of a sociopath, also kind of a sadist. Fascinated by pain and torment in ways that are very unhealthy, and more than a little disturbing. To the letter law-obiding. You can pin stuff on him, but you better be a real good gumshoe to do it. Both does and does not feel like a daeva. Necromancers may note he feels a bit like a shade.


> 2,000 | Male | Persian
* Also not adoptable, here for reference, he is played by @incendium
The only Warlord that still answers the Light. Perpetually put-upon and a bit strung out. Mostly keeps himself and his Generals on earth, so he is mostly unaware of what's going on upstairs; this was accidental, he just decided 280 years ago that he was staying on earth. None of his have "fallen." Likewise, many of his Generals are Drago di Napoli.



  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.
  • Open slot.


The Desert Storm
Sati Lucain
Nov 15, 2018, 02:15 AM
Also gotta rewrite this.

The Drago di Napoli
Kassander Essair
Nov 15, 2018, 02:15 AM
I have to rewrite this. Go me.

So How Does This Go Again?
Caderyn Adair
Nov 14, 2018, 01:33 PM
A short laugh from Caderyn. "Well, Latin is useful sometimes..." If only because multiple languages were built on it, and even a lot of English words had latin roots or prefixes... or suffixes. Anyway. "But I can understand not wanting to learn it." Given it was a dead language, technically.

"That's probably an easier way of thinking about it." Most likely. It was easier than trying to entirely grasp the concept of not... having paternal genetics.

Cade listened while Emilia sort-of caught Jordyn up with what was going on, and it gave him a chance to push away the weird flare of nerves. He'd figure it out later, some other time. Right now he should be focusing on this - on his daughter. Jordyn took the chance to be the one to introduce the idea to Emilia first, and he let her finish.

"It is your choice." Caderyn agreed mildly. "And if you're really against the idea I can cover at least enough to help you stop accidentally breaking things, but I do think it's something you should consider. You won't be exclusively around other students who are magical, but you will be in classes with many who are and it may be a good chance to make friends who are more like you than not." Which in Cade's experience was actually something of a blessing.

Even if not all of them understood the ghosts thing they could bond over the random explosions and uncertainty. It was something for her to think about, but he'd wanted to make sure she at least realized there was the chance to make friends who understood her instead of got annoyed because strange things happened around her, or whatever it was this time.

There were good programs at Luxerion, for both magical and non-magical subjects, so ti wasn't like it wasn't a good opportunity. Just... daunting, maybe, for the girl.

Is Sorry Enough?
Skylar Sorrenson
Nov 14, 2018, 02:30 AM
Skylar arched an eyebrow slightly. "Rowan, it's really not any hotter than Montana would be this time of year." At least he didn't think so? Granted he'd been here a bit longer and maybe it was just perception but he didn't think the difference was extreme enough to explain what she was wearing. And then he sighed slightly. "I mean don't tell me if you don't want to." He didn't want to push her. "Just, try to be careful." Heat exhaustion was very real and rather terrifying.

"Come sit over here," Yes, over here she could sit and it was cool and that was... she'd be fine. "I also have an extra bottle of water if you need some." Just, offering that offhandedly before she went back to the conversation about Kaspian.

Oh man did this get really close to a huge can of worms that he didn't even know where to begin with. He didn't want to drag her into it, he didn't want to dump everything on her with clearly she had her own shit going on over there.

It was about then that Skylar realized he was fiddling with the hem of his shirt like kid again. Ahhh when was the last time he'd been nervous around Rowan? He honestly didn't remember. That was... odd actually. Hm. Anyway, Skylar forced himself to let go of the hem of his shirt and folded his hands into his lap.

"I'm fine." That was the easiest thing to answer but also the ... most blatant lie, perhaps. "I mean it was... kind of nerve wracking to not be sure if he was okay or not, and I spent some time mourning the loss. But he came home and it's okay." Yeah. It was. It was fine, he was home that was what mattered. Skylar just sort of wanted a little more time with him before he was gone again for so long.

"As for why he's going back on the competition circuit already, I'm not sure." Except that seemed to be all Kaspian did, skate.

Pieces of Home
Aquila Lucain
Nov 14, 2018, 01:30 AM
Aquila made a very undignified squeaking sound before clinging to Sati as he was picked up. What? He hadn't been expecting it at all. Though logically it was for the best, since he probably couldn't stand at the moment. Wow he could actually feel Sati touching him. He was really there. The daeva couldn't ever feel the shadows of his mind, after all.

Bjorn. The name was familiar, then again so where the twins. That was probably why. Eventually, thanks to the name, identities rose up from the depths and he remembered. ... Well at least he hadn't hurt either one of them in any notable way. He was glad, because he actually liked Soren and Bjorn.

Hm. With his head here against Sati's shoulder, he could just faintly smell the unmistakable scent of Sati. It smelled like home, which in hindsight wasn't surprising, Aquila thought. And down the stairs they went, with his clinging finally loosening a little as he felt more comfortable being carried. This was Sati and he wasn't going to be dropped.

... They were outside. And that was actual sunlight. Aquila blinked several times as reality sort of sank in.

How... how had Sati gotten him out of the box? There hadn't been a fight at all. Well, it actually made sense if he thought about it from the angle that the twins had maybe gotten him out of the box, and then brought Sati in to deal with him because he was not sure who they were. If he was going to recognize anyone it would be his husband though, right? Obviously, since that had worked.

"No more box." Aquila repeated, softly, his tone indicating an agreement with Sati. "S'this mean I get to come home?" Home sounded nice, actually.

back to when
Arina Belinskaya
Nov 13, 2018, 06:11 PM
Arina listened quietly, letting Rowan talk through what was in her mind. It seemed like it was a good idea, since there was a lot in there, and she was obviously nervous about this whole situation. On the other hand, the younger girl did seem to be thinking about it a little more deeply than she had been, and Rina was going to call that a win. Even if Rowan ended up not talking to him, at least she'd considered the angles more deeply than just a cursory glance.

"Well, that is a bit of a concern." Maybe. "On the other hand, it might be something that's worth talking about with him." It was possible they could find some sort of middle ground where he didn't step up that much or maybe it was possible that things would work out in a way Rowan didn't expect. On the other hand, Arina could sort of understand why spending that much time with someone she was still in love with might be hard.

... Still, it seemed like that was something worth discussing with the boy himself, since things changed. "Maybe working through it with him you'll find something that works for you both, even if it means he realizes he needs to respect your boundaries and step back a little." That was a completely valid thing for Rowan to want from him, at this stage of the game, Arina thought.

But if she didn't tell him that, it was possible he genuinely didn't know. "... Which, I imagine isn't an easy topic to broach with him." If only because Rowan probably didn't want to hurt his feelings or... admit she was still in love with him, even, maybe. Unfortunately Arina wasn't sure of many ways around that.

The Future Freaks Me Out
Viktor Vasilyev
Nov 13, 2018, 05:22 PM
Yes that confirmed what Viktor had been afraid of. He was quiet for a moment, breathing and pushing down the flash of anger went off somewhere deep in his body. It was fine, they'd get through this, and he'd apparently just need to be on edge a little better, because this wasn't something that should happen again. Maybe he couldn't find out who had done it but he could support Axel through the clean up and maybe that was all he could do.

That did not mean that Viktor wouldn't be looking.

Alright, so. A good doctor for prenatal care and an STD test. Focusing on that, on the what he could do for now. For now that was hugging his son and handling the finding of a doctor and things of that nature. Being angry wouldn't help Axel right now, and actually might hurt. So.


"Well, you can talk to us, you know. Don't worry about making us angry, we won't be angry with you." No, they wouldn't. "But we can definitely look for a therapist for you." Someone with the training to make the right choices and say the right things to help Axel through it was probably not a bad idea. Since he was planning to keep the baby and apparently had been through quite a lot, maybe more than Viktor knew.

He did not have any therapists off hand, but he was quite sure Nat did. So. Fair enough. ... He'd just have to be careful what he said to her because he didn't necessarily want to share with her things Axel wasn't ready for her to know but on the other hand... it might be hard to get what was necessary without doing just that.

And maybe someone to be slightly angry in the direction was wasn't a terrible idea, actually. Viktor would see if what little he told her was enough for her to guess, he supposed.
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