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Welcome to the Aphelion Wiki Project!
This section is the Wiki Project for the Aphelion supernatural urban-fantasy crime role-play. Our game is set in the fictional big city of Luxerion, Nebraska, in the year 2018. Unlike most text-based forum role-plays, we use a special system for character management, called Arceus' Character Manager, which allows creation and management of characters easily and all in one location, with no account switching required.

Welcome to Luxerion, Nebraska, the largest city in the state. That's right, the largest; we're not your typical small-town with big secrets, we're just big all around. It's something of a magical epicenter, even, where magical and mundane collide in unexpected ways. With everything from famous athletes, to vampire mafia leaders, to reborn gods running around, ACMA's got its hands full keeping Luxerion in order. Luxerion International Academy offers mundane and magical students alike an impressive boost to their educational resume-many businesses and companies have a high demand for LIA alumni. Whatever you're in Luxerion for, you'll find it-and maybe a lot more, besides. 16+, 3.2.2 => 3.3.3.
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