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Joining Guide

Hopefully, joining Aphelion is relatively straight-forward and easy to figure out. However, if one gets a bit turned around, the joining guide is here to help!
  • Please register an account.
    This account will be one's OOC presence, and it is with this account one will create and manage all of their characters.
    The system will automatically log a new user in after registration. However, this is only for one (1) hour. To prevent the system from automatically logging oneself out and potentially causing loss of data, manually log back out, back in, and tick the Stay logged in check box.
  • Once registered and logged in, hover over "User Controls" in the top bar.
    Some ways down, there will be a "Manage Characters" link; click this. This link may also be accessed with the users icon in the user bar ( ).
  • Click "New Character" to the top right side of the screen.
    This will present several different input fields, and have a row of tabs at the top. Use these tabs to change to other parts of the character profile. The name fields go First, Middle, Last. Middle name is not required, but if the character has one, it can be input there.
  • Once the profile has been filled out to one's liking, tick the Ready for Play checkbox at the bottom, and save.
    Characters can be edited after they are complete, except the grouping section, so be sure they are in the right group before saving them as complete.
  • The character is now ready for use!
    When posting, a new field will appear at the top of the posting screen, and to the left of the post button in quick reply. Change this to a character name to post with that character. Easy!
We recommend having a plotter, a lot of members do not feel comfortable PMing, and find it easier to plot in threads. We also want to encourage public plotting, due to how much easier it is for other members to get an idea of what plots are running, and how they can fit themselves and their characters into the game. Alternatively, open threads are also answered quite often, and usually fairly quickly.