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Game Rules

Our rules here at Aphelion are quite simple. Below, one will also find our privacy policy.
  • One should treat other players as they themselves wish to be treated.
    Please understand that not everyone will live, or role-play, like everyone else. These differences should be accepted. If one does not like someone else, avoid them.
  • Any issues that come up with, or between, players, will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
    These issues will be examined and circumstance and situation taken into account, as they come up, should they come up. Something not being explicitly against the rules is not an excuse for bad behaviour.
  • We have no strict requirements.
    Aphelion does not have a required word count, applications are not required, nor do we partake in strict activity checks, character caps, ratios, or bans. We do have a passive activity check once a year, or so, and remove accounts and characters that have not been seen in over six months.
  • Please don't go crazy with text formatting.
    We ask players not use bright, neon, or otherwise blinding colours, do not make the font size smaller than it is by default, and abstain from using images in in-character posts, barring communication- and social-media-related templates, and not use animated images at all.
  • Image sizes:
    Avatars are sized at 250x250. The larger image in profiles should be 500x500. Signature images must not cumulatively go beyond 500px in width, and 200px in height.
  • Please remember to communicate.
    If one is busy, not feeling a thread or a character, we ask that this simply be stated, whether this be to the entire board, or privately to one's thread partners. Should a player feel they would be annoyed by someone doing it to them, please don't do it to other players.
  • Play-bys are optional.
    Players may abstain from play-by images entirely, or opt to use "aesthetics," instead, whatever works for them. Realistic CG artwork is also permitted.
  • Our site rating is 3.2.2. / PG-13 by default.
    This rating can, and does, go up into 3.3.3. / NC-17. Please mark such material with the mature message icon; this material is then hidden by the system from players that have not input a valid birthdate into their profile, which makes them older than eighteen (18) years of age. By inputting this birthdate, one is affirming the birthdate they've input is true and correct, and assumes all responsibility for what they then have access to, and choose to read.

Privacy Policy

Our site stores cookies in one's browser. This cookie is solely to keep a user logged in, and may be cleared from browser at will. This will log you out, however. By logging in and using the site, you're agreeing to have this cookie stored. There are a few others that keep certain user settings, such as the category collapse states and read/unread topics, stored.

All information stored into the database is voluntarily added. Profiles may be filled out at will as one wishes, however, there are a few logs, such as the ones that remember what threads/posts a user has read, that are generated automatically. These cannot be accessed by anything by the forum software, and are employed solely to ensure the site's function, nor are they personally identifiable.

Our software also collects and logs all user IP addresses. These addresses are numerical routing values used by computers to talk to one another; no matter what you're doing online, you are broadcasting an IP address. Users can opt to hide this address, but do so at their own risk. This IP address is stored only for reference, is not identifiable, and cannot be used to pin-point exact real-world location (at least, not by anyone but the FBI).

Any personal messages that go through the site can and may be read by staff; if they are reported, it goes straight to the staff, and we can and may check the database logs to make sure nobody's tampered with anything, particularly if something doesn't add up, or we get the sense someone is lying.

Users that wish to leave the site may do so, and if they wish for their information to be removed, can save their profile(s) blank. After a certain period of time, accounts will be removed, but if one would like them removed sooner, may request such. We would prefer to keep posts in-tact for story archive purposes, but users can request them removed. If one deletes their account, they cannot request post removal afterward. It is not easily doable, and we cannot verify that the user is who they say they are.

Our site does not sell information to anyone else, and do not track signals from browsers are adhered to (we use Google Analytics for traffic insights, and reCaptcha to help fight spam). Email input is unlikely to cause emails to be sent out; if one forgets their password, please post in the Help Desk to retrieve this, as the default method of doing so typically does not work. Any emails that are received from the board, if by some miracle our emails get through one's email provider's pre-checks, can be opted out of in one's account and or notification settings.