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Frequently Asked Questions

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What grade would my character be in?
I know most of us are American, or familiar with the American school grade system, but, really quickly, for our foreign friends and our forgetful ones, too, here are the school grades in America, and their equivalent ages. This runs down the list based on how old they are before school starts. If a character's birthday is in October, they're probably perpetually a year older than the rest of their classmates.

Age ( as of August 15 )American Grade

College students vary in age. We use freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior for them, first to fourth year, respectively. These are often also used in high school ( 9th grade to 12th ), so, try not to get confused. As college students have a variety of majors, and varying lengths of time those majors may take, this is very loose, and some may be a senior for several years. You may also hear undergraduate and postgraduate ( undergrad, postgrad ); these refer to students that have not earned their first degree ( Bachelor's or higher ), and students that have at least one, respectively. In some programs, this may need to be master's or equivalent before they're considered postgrad.

How do American marks work?

Class GradeMeansGPA
A+100% or more4.33/4.00

This varies between school to school, but this is pretty typical. You can pass with a 1.00 GPA/D average, but don't expect the future to be very bright. You want at least a 2.00 GPA/C average. Honors students need at least a 3.00 GPA/B average. Some schools may occasionally use E in place of F, or I. I stands for incomplete. All material must be completed and passed for a student to get anything besides an I in classes that use them ( some do, depending on the school district and whether they're still dependent on benchmarks; all classes are, some just cover them up better because their school boards aren't bloody sacks of stupid ).

Luxerion International does use benchmarks, but students will not notice this, as teachers are allowed to teach the material as they feel suitable for how their students learn.


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