Retired and Reserved Play-Bys

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Started by giratina, Jun 23, 2018, 03:17 AM


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When a character has reached a certain number of posts, and time on the site, their play-by is retired; this means they cannot be used again by anyone but that character. Retires last indefinitely. Play-bys can also be reserved for want ads or future characters. Want ad reserves are indefinite, but future character reserves must be picked up and created within two ( 2 ) weeks.


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To get a character added to the list, reply using the code below. If anything is inapplicable, take the line out. Add text after the bold tags.

Code Select
[b]Character Name[/b]
[b]Retired or Reserved?[/b]
[b]Post Count[/b]
[b]Join Date[/b]
[b]Want Ad Link[/b]

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