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Nov 15, 2018 - Lore Stuff

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Arceon @ Nov 15, 2018, 08:36 AM

gian hoa mat khon
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Nov 15, 2018, 08:36 AM / 162 Words
Just a quick heads up, I'm rewriting the lore pages at the moment, kind of partly done. This is partially because I wanted to condense the information a bit, also organise it a bit better, and partially because some of it changed/got expanded on with the sudden plot shift.

Fuggit, guys, we're an angels vs everything else board, I give tf up, and the Daeva Wars are our actual main plot now.

Um, I also wanted to make certain aspects of the board more prominent, so that's also a thing. I've been reposting wanted ads, too, if you need an older wanted ad reposted, let me know, I can dig it up for you.

I'll eventually also be working on a new theme, whenever the heck I finally feel like coding. Lol I'll also be bringing back our quote and want ad generators shortly.