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Started by Kaspian Sorrenson, Jul 03, 2018, 02:19 PM

Kaspian Sorrenson

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Ever wanted to play a figure skater? Here's your chance.

Alison Sorrenson
32 | Female | Kaspian's older sister, Skylar Sorrensons' mother | Police Officer | Suggested PB: Mila Kunis

Of course, Kaspian and Alison would be fairly close. Their mother Kelly was a single mom, and her parents more or less were like, welp, your problem, and left her on her own. When Alison later had the same happen, Kelly was pretty instrumental in helping raise Skylar, and Kaspian acted as a father figure in place of his biological dad ( essentially, bio-dad decided he wasn't ready to be a dad and ran from it all ). Alison finished school late, but she did, and later went through the police academy and became a cop. She should be a witch, but her wand is up to her adopter.

Alison's ambitious, but she's not the ambitious that seeks to go places with no regard to who her ambition affects. She has a good heart, is truly compassionate and generous, it's just that she has a very lacking tolerance of bull, and also knows what she wants in life. Her finishing school and becoming a cop like she wanted, even if a bit late, was in a sense to set a good example for her son. That it doesn't matter if things get in your way, and life throws you curveballs, if you stick to your goals and work for it, you can get there anyway. She's envisioned as a very supportive mother, albeit she has friggin spidey-senses or something so Skylar can't get away with much haha. Her job eventually transferred her to Luxerion, Nebraska, from Billings, Montana, and so the Sorrensons are somewhat new to the Luxerion scene. Listen, crime's nuts in this city. It really is. Skylar also spontaneously developed magic at 16, so that's a thing.

Kaspian technically died a year ago. Alison was keeping mementos, like postcards, letters, stamps, and stickers, that he sent her from his travels while competing in figure skating, and the last page of the scrapbook she made out of it has the newspaper clipping about his flight dropping into the north Atlantic off the coast of Greenland. Kaspian only recently came back, but, he did tell Alison and Skylar that he IS still dead, just, also isn't ( he is, of course, a daeva now ). Honestly, this is probably a bit difficult to deal with, because skating took him away, for the most part, they only saw him during summer, and once in a blue moon during long breaks between competitions, and then he died, and Alison lost her brother forever. And then he comes back, and what's he friggin doing again? Skating.

( If you're interested in this scrapbook, Esmera actually made it in Flash flip-book form right here. It was originally for a Harry Potter board, so ignore the obvious Potter-like references. It was also probably not the Boston Worlds that he dropped out of the sky after, but the ones in... being honest, probably the ones in Milan. )

Other Plots Available For This Character:
Skylar's childhood best friend, Rowan Jaeger, also comes from a very unhealthy home, and typically stayed with the Sorrensons, so Alison's probably a bit of a mom-like person to Rowan, too. Rowan just got loose of an abusive boyfriend, is pregnant, new to Luxerion, and her mother's a drunk idiot. It was kind of envisioned that Alison likely helps domestic abuse survivors, and such, so she'd have some basis of how to help deal with abusive relationship trauma. Also, she WAS a teen mom, once, and knows what Rowan's dealing with in ways most wouldn't, so honestly, Rowan will probably turn to Alison for help and guidance, first and foremost. As it happens, Skylar and Rowan dated for a short time, Alison was probably pretty pleased by that, and then went back to being friends. However, neither ever got over each other, and if anyone can see that, it'd be Alison, so she may or may not have a hand in helping them admit their feelings again, or even just, helping Skylar see Rowan's not over him. ( Most likely, Skylar's gonna marry that girl someday, but you know, Alison's like, I already basically adopted her, so nothing really changes, and she may be a teensy bit disappointed if he doesn't, being real. )
There's also potential for plotting with Rowan's older brother, if he is ever picked up, because honestly, he'd probably turn to Alison for guidance on helping Rowan, too.

At one point, there was banter about Alison ending up in a romantic relationship with Viktor Vasilyev. He is a necromancer widower, lost his first wife in childbirth with his youngest son Axel Vasilyev, he is also father to Mikhail Vasilyev. This is entirely optional, it doesn't have to go that way, they could just be friends instead. In any case, honestly, Viktor could use to learn to open up to someone he's not related to, again, maybe learn to love again, and Alison never really did fall in love. She's probably at that point in her life where she wants the companionship, and after this long, maybe he does, too. Do note, Axel is both trans ( FTM ) and wildly pansexual and polyamorous, and Mikhail is... Mikhail. Quite honestly. So she can't really be too bigoted. ... Axel and Mikhail are also gang members, so that's an ironic twist of irony. Funny story, Axel's also pregnant. Ha. At least he's a dang adult?

Most likely, Kassander Essair is both someone she's very grateful to, and someone she tries to skirt around the existence of. The Drago di Napoli moved to America a few years ago, and randomly became mafia threat number one. They're the biggest organized crime group in Luxerion right now, and a lot of crimes are probably thanks to them. Alison may or may not be aware of who leads the Drago, but if anyone happens to name-drop, oh, she knows that name, and has since she was seventeen. Honestly, Kassander may even be almost a friend to her, he is at least something of a father-figure to Kaspian. So there's some moral grayness, here, because, if it turns out he's one of the "bad guys," and she never considered there may be "bad guys" that actually aren't all that bad, or may even be good guys in most senses of the word, what the hell's that mean for her? She protects people from bad guys, but if the bad guys aren't easy to pin-point, what now? Incidentally, Mikhail is in the Drago, and Axel soon enough will be, too.

Okay, now for all the figure skaters...
Note on these: even if you don't know much about figure skating, that's fine, myself, Esmera, and Lenara know a lot about it, and can coach you through it. Honestly, we'd be happy to, since playing our skaters, we've got quite the passion for figure skating.
Alternatively, watch Yuri On Ice!!!, it did so many things right.

Open Name
~ 26 | Male | Male Singles Skater | Kaspian's sort of not really protege | Norwegian, half-Japanese | He is supposed to be a witch | Suggested PB: Tyler Blackburn

As this character is Norwegian ( and they have a very small international representation because there are so few Norwegian male skaters, the competitions tend to default due to only having one or two competitors ), and Kaspian is Swedish, they're kind of like Viking buddies. This character's in an odd position in his homeland. He is a decent skater, but Norway has no real visibility in the international scene, and as this character is the first Norwegian skater to hit said international scene in many, many years, the pressure's friggin real. The Swedes, well, they're always there somewhere, and from where this character's sitting, Kaspian's got it pretty dang easy.

In a sense, Kaspian's relationship with this character is meant to be kind of friendly rival. As there are no Norwegian skaters to compare himself to, he tends to compare himself to Kaspian, instead, but Kaspian keeps winning world championships, bagging Olympics appearances, and breaking bloody world records ( Kaspian set all three male singles records at once before dying ). Honestly, they probably bicker like preteen siblings, but while they do, they still care about each other, and wish each other the best. They take each other's wins and losses almost the same as their own, and most likely, this character really wants to place gold over Kaspian in at least one competition, but never has.

He was probably pretty upset the year Kaspian pulled a ligament and Kassander forbade him from skating at all that season. This character could theoretically have a romance-y lean re: Kaspian, but I'm not terribly sold on it. I'm seeing more sibling-like rivalry instead, it really just makes more sense to me. If you're curious, this character was at one time named Christophe, and so this one is the Christophe mentioned in Kaspian's letters in the scrapbook linked in Alison's want.

Other Plots Available For This Character:
This character should be friends with both the characters listed below. Probably also familiar with Alison and Kassander.

There was some bantering once about this guy taking Alexei Ivanov and being his coach, but really, there are several different characters that have the option to do that, so this is really just more of a 'if you wanted.'

Open Name
~ 27 | Male | Male Singles Skater | Kaspian's ex-boyfriend | Canadian | Suggested PB: Adam Gregory

This is kind of a loaded want.

During the 2006 Turin Olympics, Kaspian and this character were neck and neck in score. Kaspian only just barely beat him. Because of their close score, this character decided, as a gesture of good-will, to treat Kaspian to dinner after the Olympics, and they got to be pretty good friends, hit it off pretty well. An exchange of numbers later, and they were talking a lot. Some time later, they started video-calling each other and skating together over video, and this character is relatively moneyed, and often dropped by Sweden "just because." The two dated, for a while, and then separated on good terms, deciding to be friends, but neither really got over the other.

This character's meant to be from a long line of musicians, film directors, and actors, so he is pretty much loaded, and has been a celebrity since before he was even born, really. He skates for the fun of it, not because he really wants to win anything, or become a big name star. His family are like half decent, and half celebrity wrecks, the kind the paparazzi catch high as a kite on heroin escaping an illegal party in a bar basement at 3 in the morning. The kind of wreck that's constantly in the papers and tabloids because they keep doing illegal, immoral, or stupid, shit. He's put upon, really. In Kaspian, he found the calmness and steadiness that he'd always wanted, and he may be a bit of a romantic; in him, Kaspian found someone that valued him because he was him, not because of his name or what he might've been able to give them, that fell for his heart, and not his fortune. In reality, Kaspian's just a small town, broke ass Viking, that got lucky, and this character finds that to be part of his charm.

He is meant to be mundane. How, exactly, Kaspian admitting he's not only a witch but also a dead one with wings and is basically an angel now, is really kind of in the air, but I like to think that, it'd probably go over well immediately, and then later when Kaspian's not there anymore, he'd have a panic, and decide, he's still the same Kaspian he was before, just, now with wings. And magic. Oh, boy. It might be kind of rough, introducing this guy to the side of Kaspian he's known nothing about until right then, but it could be fun, too. I can't remember if Kaspian's letters mention this guy, but he was called Jake.

Other Plots Available For This Character:
May be friends with the other two skaters on this list. Probably also friendly with Alison, and Kassander. How much this guy knew about Jason, that's up to whomever takes him.

Open Name
~ 26 | Female | Female Singles Skater | Kaspian's chick BFF | Korean-American | Suggested PB: Kim Yuna

Skaters do that thing where they interact with each other. Despite female and male skaters not really competing together, I imagine they probably end up in the same rinks as each other for practice, on occasion, maybe run into each other during competitions during which both the females and males skate on the same day, etc. So, this character was meant to be Kaspian's female best friend. She's calm, collected, maybe a bit shy in person, but she's got a backbone, and helped Kaspian out when he was down and stuff got hard. They tend to gravitate to each other off the ice, and really they're just good friends all around. This character was also meant to be good friends with the Norwegian skater above, and if said Norwegian skater does have a thing for Kaspian, maybe this character knows it, and is just watching them skirt around each other like -tosses hands-.

She's meant to be an optimistic type; while she's supportive to her friends, she doesn't really hesitate to tell them when they're being stupid, either, and her honesty is really kind of a selling point, because Kaspian's not used to getting that kind of honesty from others ( Kassander is a harsh coach, being honest, and his family don't really understand the finer points of skating enough to really be constructively honest ). Kind of a quieter type that really kind of lacks in ambition; she's in skating for the enjoyment, to do the best she can at something she loves, and she's not a bad skater, either, having several gold medals, taking part in an Olympics, and breaking a world record or two. Still, she stays humble and grounded, and that kind of down-to-earth is something Kaspian admires in her. She never lets her successes get to her head, nor her failures to her heart.

In a way, this character was a mentor to Kaspian in ways Kassander just doesn't really have the openness to be. She taught him to have a clear idea of what he wanted, and the courage to chase what he wanted with everything he had, to really mean it, without focusing too much on criticism, public pressure and perception, or those he competed against, and to win, and lose, with grace. It is, at least in part, thanks to her that he is as good a skater as he is now, because Kaspian used to really lack confidence in anything he did, and she just kind of slowly showed him how to build a foundation to stand on, and it was that foundation his entire career thrived on.

Other Plots Available For This Character:
At one time, this character was the older sister of Aren Seong. That plot angle could technically still be taken ( Rafi does love family ). Aren usually isn't too terribly knowledgable of the technical side of figure skating, not enough to really get it, but he is generally her biggest fan, does support her skating and make appearances at her competitions on a regular basis. Aren's best friend, Axel Vasilyev, is also having of a crush on Aren, and Aren generally reciprocates this, they kind of function like those friends that are attached to each other at the hip, and this character probably has an inkling of their feelings for each other. Given how hard life can be for LGBT* people, she's probably extra extra supportive, both of them as people, and as a couple, and may well have started the ArenxAxel OTP club, basically. Haha. As mentioned, Axel's trans ( FTM ), but he is also a vitamorph and transitioned magically before moving to the US, so she probably is not aware he is trans ( I don't think Aren is, either ). They've been friends since they were 12.

Again, should also be friendly with the two skaters above.

The skating season IC is right around the corner, and being honest, we're just gonna kind of wing it, because we're actually set before this same season starts IRL, but, anyway, there is at least one, maybe two, young skater on the site, so there's actually quite a bit of plotty opening goodness. Lots of IC traveling and whatnot, too.

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