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Started by Kassander Essair, Jul 09, 2018, 03:23 AM

Kassander Essair

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Adoptive Kids
Any Age / Probably plenty of both boys and girls, pick one or somewhere in between / Open Races/Affinities / Open PBs (he's primarily been in Italy, but when you can teleport, that hardly matters)
For Kassander Essair, and his husbands

Kass has a habit of disappearing, and coming back with kids. Usually, abandoned children, late-term abortions that didn't work, etc etc. He's actually strong enough a healer, yes, he can keep a late-term abortion baby alive long enough to save it, he's got a small handful of those. He may have even picked up kids right off the street, not just infants. In any case, whether these kids later became vampires or not, is essentially up to them. If they weren't already, Kass and his husbands would leave that choice to them, when they were old enough to understand what being a vampire actually entails. In the meantime, while there are three of them and they're all male, they're pretty decent parents. Kass is a bit of a helicopter dad, but Sandalio and Haku are probably less overprotective, lol. Haku's also a psychologist, so he's pretty good at teaching others to manage their emotions and reach any life goals they have. All things cnsidered, these three are probably among the best parents to end up with.

These can also absolutely be school age, most likely they'd attend Luxerion International, and yes, dads come to pretty much every school function. They may also get off school to come to figure skating competitions, at least the galas, because Kass does still skate in gala exhibitions sometimes. They're also pretty familiar with the varying needs of many different ethnicities, so yes, one or several of them can braid black hair, can help manage that thick Asian or Hispanic hair texture, too, at least one of them has to be familiar with modern fashion trends in teen-circle, they're also all having of very good senses, and can easily catch illnesses and diseases quickly, and Haku's speciality is mental things, so he'll catch that, too. Ah, probably can't get out of school faking sick, though. xD May still get out of school anyway, depending on why kiddo wants out of it (mental health breaks are indeed things, and all three dads know that), but if it's just avoiding a test or the school bully said something embarrassing yesterday, yeah, no, get up, you'll forget in a week anyway and so will they.

There's also uncle Icarus, uncle Thana, uncle Sepheres, aunt Delara, and grandma Ksenia, and they do also have family-like ties to basically all the Lucains.

Big family, many plots, awesome parents, shittons of money, probably ample opportunity to end up a celebrity/public figure, hey, why not. There is one kid in this cluster already, a five year old girl (already a vampire, her family were attacked by one, the Storm killed the vampire that did it and dropped the girl on the Drago like you're good with traumatised kids, here you go). Her name's Noelle, likes to read and make stuff (Haku is using art therapy to help her cope with vampire-attack trauma), and she shifts into a tiger.

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