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Started by Rowan McKenna, Jul 09, 2018, 03:25 AM

Rowan McKenna

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If I were the rain, that binds together the earth and sky, would I be able to bind two hearts together?
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At the moment, this character's name is Drew McKenna, but that can be changed.

He is a witch and a necromancer, so Rowan isn't entirely new to this magic thing, and she actually ends up taking a low-level necromancy class to better understand him and what he deals with as a necromancer, so she can better support him. Anyway, so dad worked all the time, and mom is a drunk; after a divorce, dad disappeared, probably lost the custody battle, and "Drew" basically raised Rowan, because mom wasn't going to. He had a son, he's named Riley but that can also be changed, and their mother tried telling him how to raise his kid and he split.

Eventually, Rowan contacted him over Facebook or something, asking for help; she'd gotten pregnant and mom flipped her crap. Drew didn't ask questions, just came and got her, and then after finding out she had a stalker, abusive ex, moved them from Billings, Montana, to Luxerion, Nebraska. They just got into town, probably just moved maybe a week or so ago, may still be unpacking. He's not lost on this baby stuff, but his relationship with babymomma may be kind of odd? Lol, Riley is the result of a drunken one-night stand. Yeah...

Rowan and Drew's relationship may be kind of complicated, now. She may kind of resent him for leaving (she was eight), and her ex-boyfriend stalker may find her. She and Drew are kind of like, they obviously care about each other, but they haven't really spoken in eight years, and some things have changed, since then. So, they have to kinda get to know each other again, and it may not be quite sunshine and rainbows. Rowan's also got a lot of emotional abuse damage, her self-esteem is crap, and she could easily fall in with the wrong people, again (she is childhood BFFs with Skylar Sorrenson, who Drew does know and like - he used to send Rowan to Skylar's house a lot to keep her away from mom - and he may be confused they're not talking anymore). As it happens, Rowan has a huge crush on Skylar, and she just kind of panicked over it, so when Drew figures that out, that'll be fun.

To be honest, they both probably have some childhood trauma and varying issues to deal with between them, and some of it, they may need to deal with together, because, honestly, I don't see either of them really trusting anyone else enough to talk about it openly. This is a character with room to grow and development to do, that'd be pretty fun to go through with him.

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