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money don't matter if he feels for you [axel]

Aug 19, 2018
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Rafi @ Nov 30, 2018, 05:27 AM

Aren Seong
Baby Bi Bi Bi
2 Posts 19 Years Male Witch Taiwanese/Korean Written by Rafi
Nov 30, 2018, 05:27 AM / 351 Words
Aren liked seeing his best friend, obviously. (He wouldn't be his best friend if he didn't. That'd be pointless.) Spending time with Axel was easy as breathing, something that had gentled after so many years of knowing each other into a comfortable sort of routine. He didn't have to try at it. (Sometimes, he didn't even have to try to plan it, they just gravitated together without any sort of formal decision to do so.) Though Aren was generally fairly confident and laid back, he was aware he wasn't immune to the human problem of wanting to be liked, and all that came with it. But with Axel there was no posturing, no worrying about how he came off. Just unhurried freedom. Honesty. Axel already knew so much about him, and liked him for it. So there was no reason to try too hard, with him.

Aren hoped Axel felt the same way about him.

So, why was Aren dodging pedestrians on the busy streets of Luxerion, whistling as he weaved through the crowd?

Because he liked seeing his best friend, of course.

He'd texted Axel to meet him at a specific spot downtown, once he realized he'd be getting off early from that day's odd-job, a gig picking weeds for an old woman with a bad back and a half-dead garden. The very end of Aren's ripped jeans were still muddy from it, and his shoes weren't much better off. But he was cheerful, with forty extra dollars in his wallet and a surprisingly nice day bearing down on him.

And he wanted some motherfucking ice cream. And he wanted it with Axel, specifically.

Aren stopped finally under the awning of the shop, hands dug deep into his pockets and his cap backwards on his head, and settled in to wait however long it would take for Axel to join him, loitering up against the building front just out of sight of the shop windows.