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Started by Jordyn White, Jul 09, 2018, 03:26 AM

Jordyn White

Play By
Gabrielle Union
>30 / Male / Mundane Human / Open PB (he should be black)
For Jordyn White, and Adrian White (this would be Adrian's dad)

Hopefully this isn't too tight of a want. Basically, it'd be nice to have Adrian's dad played, and we already have established some things. He's Jordyn's cousin. Jordyn's family are pretty darn racist, against anyone not black, so of course, when this character married a white woman, it went down about as well as a balloon in the ocean. It turns out, his wife's kind of a raging bitchmonster; Adrian is one of the random magic gene throwbacks, there's magic somewhere in the back of their family tree, and it just happened to manifest in Adrian. It also popped up in Jordyn's daughter, but it's kind of debatable if that's from the Whites or from her father.

In any case, Adrian's mother did not take it very well. I kind of envisioned this marriage like, maybe this character had fought with her before on certain things, and eventually just got tired of it, and stopped. So mom runs the show, but she's intolerant of basically everything about their son. They probably also disagree a lot on certain manner of raising a child, there are just some cultural differences between white and black families and parents that they'd have to be willing to work out before they could agree on anything. Most likely, they're basically constantly fighting over their son, and then he also outs with by the way, I'm gay. His boyfriend just died, he is back now, but it's imagined mom was almost happy about it, because now the kid tainting her son is gone.

Jordyn will eventually show up, just, trying to find parts of her family that aren't intolerant assholes, mother basically controls the entire thing, consistently undermines Adrian, and Jordyn just decides to push to become his legal guardian. I'm sure, some part of this character knows that their home is actually pretty toxic and unhealthy for Adrian, and I envision he'd be the one that signs the papers and sends it in around his wife, and then probably goes through a nasty divorce, may have alcohol problems to deal with, probably some emotional abuse trauma to figure out how to manage, and maybe he's gay, too. There is potential for him to rebuild his relationship with Adrian later, and he'd have Jordyn to turn to, for more adult-y things like quitting drinking, and trauma management, maybe his wife actually kind of made him wonder if his racist parents weren't right, how to... actually handle and come to terms with Adrian being a witch.

Basically, this character has a lot of room to grow, a lot of development he can do, and it might be a lot of fun, going on the journey with him.

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