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Started by Bjorn Casey, Jul 09, 2018, 04:33 AM

Bjorn Casey

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Adult-y Friends
Most convenient is medical-leaned characters, particularly those that work at Luxerion Regional Hospital

This probably also hits every other medical char on the site, and there are a few by now, so anyone that decides to go this route has several options for interaction and plotting. Bjorn's only really comfortable in work settings, it's kind of his home-base, so to speak; he knows what he's doing and what is expected of him at work, so he doesn't flounder or freak out as much, and making friends with others in the medical field will be immensely easier. Luxerion Regional has two departments, one mundane, one magical, much like Luxerion International; the magical department is run by Rohan and Zayn, they're married, so if your character is magical and in the magical department, they probably know those two. The EMTs/paramedics aren't really separated like that, because there's really no telling what you'll get on any one call, so I could see Bjorn having fellow EMTs that have Seen Some Shit and are like How the fuck, what the fuck, and why do you never seem to be bothered by dudes getting car engines dropped in their laps and getting tossed off buildings onto pavement and not dying from it?

Yeah. Lol

Everything open, Bjorn is gay, so does need to be male

This isn't really a hard and fast want. It's really just, I'd like to see Bjorn fall in love, someday. He's pretty much always single, and I'd like to get him into a committed relationship, for once. He might actually be polyamorous, but even at his very advanced age, he's never really had an actual lover. Might've screwed some people on the side, had some flings, maybe gone on a date or two, but nothing stuck. Kind of sad. Pretty sad.

In any case, he is a fairly skittish and inanely anxious person, so he has some very real, often apparently random, fears, and some odd things can set off his anxiety. He does have panic attacks, on occasion, it's just that he manages them well. He doesn't strike me as the sort that'd be terribly overtly affectionate, but certainly pretty sweet when it's just him and whoever he attaches to. I don't think he goes into anything half-way, he just isn't really one for excess. Maybe more the type that, instead of saying he cares in the really big ways, he does it in the smaller. You know, flowers when he comes home, sending texts just to remind whoever he's with that he's thinking about them, doing little things that make his partner's life easier, being there, in that comfortable silence sort of way. Bjorn's not a very loud person, so I don't think his dating habits would be, either.

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