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Started by Diego Gonzales, Jul 09, 2018, 04:47 AM

Diego Gonzales

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When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person that walked in. That's what this storm's all about.
30s/40s, technically could go up / Male / He should be the Sidhe / Open PB (might I suggest DJ Cotrona?)

Alright, so, obviously Diego had parents! I actually figure mom died at some point, if you want to change this we can, but I really had no need for mom. Anyway, dad, is supposed to be a gangster, pretty well-known one, actually (I might suggest slotting into the Drago di Napoli under Kassander, the Drago's kind of basically a big deal in the criminal world right now, and this character's usually at least mostly on Kassander's side - in some variants, he's even a daeva). Basically dad's dad was a gambling alcoholic jerk, and gambled all their money away, and grandmother started selling her jewellery to pay the bills, and dad was like okay no. Got into criminal stuff because let's be real, it was the easiest way of making money, and it just sort of stuck. Dad's pretty good at this criminal business.

He's actually kind of a giant teddy bear with a couple guns, honestly (he prefers guns). Basically that real hard ass you don't want to piss off because he'll blow your brains out without too much of a second thought, but you put his rapid Spanish speaking mother in front of him and he shrinks into a four year old boy. Or his son and he's supportive of everything his kid wants to do. Obviously there are boundaries and limitations, as with any parent-child relationship, but this character's never been like, that's good but you can do better, or pushed him one way or another. He's meant to be pretty accepting of basically anything, as long as Diego's not doing anything particularly stupid, or dangerous, and he may borderline helicopter-dad sometimes (like, criminals get in trouble, go figure, and he is very careful never to mention his family to anyone for that reason), but mostly he just gave Diego the room to grow and a little water, and now he's sitting back and watching with a stupid grin on his face.

... I have no idea if that makes any sense lmao

The family are meant to originally be from Texas (Corpus Christi, specifically). He is supposed to also be somewhat paternal in Axel Vasilyev's general direction, and if he is a daeva (he can be), he's on Samael's side and has been indirectly helping keep Axel out of trouble with the Tigers. May or may not be shooting Tigers that go after Axel down before they get to him. It's a thing to consider. Diego kind of took after him, in that he can get extremely terrifying (and can fire a gun and understands how to handle firearms perfectly well, because dad taught him firearm safety at a fairly young age), extremely fast, if he feels like he or someone he cares about are threatened. He's got dad's icy temper and his basic lack of screwing around when lives are on the line. Honestly, if they didn't have their hands in some pretty illegal stuff, they'd probably be good guys. Dad was on the side a network administrator for a bigshot corporation, so they're pretty moneyed, now. Ah... plot hashing's cool, but there's a rough idea for him!

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