like there was somethin i missed

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Started by Axel Vasilyev, Jul 20, 2018, 03:36 AM

Axel Vasilyev

beautiful disaster
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Liam Hemsworth
I came into this world screaming and covered in someone else's blood. I'm not afraid to go out that way, too.
Open Name
16-22 | Male | Axel's brother from another mother via gang ties | White Tigers member | Suggested PB: Kwon Jiyong ( G-Dragon )

Axel's got Aren, his best friend in general, and then there's this guy. This was his closest friend while he was in the Tigers. They got along mostly by virtue of being equally sarcastic and throwing each other the same amount of shit and shade, but by the end of it, when Axel finally left, it was pretty obvious they'd actually gotten pretty close. This friend could've left not long after Axel did, or stayed, may be a bit miffed Axel left without him, you know. I'm up for idea banter.

Axel's still Axel, though, and, I promise, he will probably flirt with this guy sooner or later; he flirts with everyone, though, so it's really kind of questionable how seriously this character would take it. In any case, Axel's got another character, Entei, on his tail because he left, so he's accustomed to the Tigers being upset he left. Here shortly, the Tiger leader will suddenly have a heart attack and die, and the Tigers will splinter into multiple different factions, and one of those factions may or may not become either concerned Axel's going to take lead of the Tigers, or actually outright back him for it without him asking them, so that's a thing too.

Axel actually ends up joining the Drago sooner or later. And that probably shuts that crap down pretty quick, Axel's just not really known for running, so it'll be a bit before he gives up.

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