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Started by Sati Lucain, Jul 20, 2018, 04:03 AM

Sati Lucain

son of the shifting sands
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Basically, Sati's really old, and honestly, probably has a lot of kids. It's actually also possible he's got kids from back at Rome, so there may be a handful that are two thousand instead of under 700. Anyway, the ones that are Rakaia's should be under 700 in age. They'll all have to be vampires, to still be alive now, but there's that.

Sati's the sort of dad that kind of gives you more freedom than most expect. He realizes he cannot protect his loved ones from everything, and so he gives his kids the room to make mistakes, and teaches them to defend themselves in the instances that he can't do it for them. It's probably a bit weird, but it works out. He and his brother's kids come out very self-sufficient and having of a very solid concept of action and consequence, and personal responsibility. I will say, if any of Sati's kids came out really actually screwed up, like morally bent all to hell and like sadistic or something, he'd just outright kill them.  So, just getting that out of the way now. He may love his kids, but he also considers them his responsibility, and as much as he does not want to, he can and he will take them down himself, because he exists to guide, protect, and make sure they don't turn into fucking monsters.

Strange? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

In any case, Sati is very old, and very wise, and at this point, he generally knows exactly where you're at at any given time, as he's learned to sense raw aura patterns. He knows what you're up to. You'll have a pretty hard time hiding anything from him, and while he may not call you on it, expect that he just, knows. Obviously, he encourages talking to him about whatever it is, and he maintains a pretty open relationship with his children; whatever it is, talking about it openly will get you in far less trouble than you trying to hide it and lie to him, and he wants his kids to know that he's always there if they need him, no matter how stupid the subject matter seems to be. That's his job as your parent, and he's going to do his part of it, if you'll let him.

These kids may be part of the Desert Storm, or the Ten no Ikari; actually, the Drago di Napoli is also a viable choice, given the Lucains and the Essairs, and thereby the Storm and the Drago, tend to operate as one ( same thing with the Storm and the Ikari ), and their cousin Sepheres is already Drago. So, yeah. Big family, lots of connections to a lot of people, come be an awesome vampire.

Rakaia Lucain
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Her wand was an amethyst and apple.

Rakaia is sort of solidified already, there's some specifics to how she was designed to function that are important parts of her persona.

During the time-frame when Rakaia was turned, by a sire that uhh we have no idea what happened to, maybe Rakaia killed them at some point, if not, Sati did, anyway, vampirism was rumored to be a thing but no one really knew how to deal with it in Japan. The Japanese were still illogically superstitious, and considered her possessed by a youkai, and tried torturing this youkai out of her. Obviously, there wasn't one, and well... let's just say she went nuts. Her memory center more or less broke; short-term memories tended to drop off randomly, she'd forget her friends, forget her name, forget where she was, what year it was, etc etc. Wands became a trigger for her, besides her own, and seeing one would send her into a mad frenzy of wild violence. She also could not catch sight of herself in a mirror, because her internal perception of herself was warped to such a point that she saw things that were not there, and flipped out. She also started calling herself 'we,' as in, we are legion, not royal we.

Makoto was turned by her; he was her boyfriend before she lost her head, and he caught her off-guard, startled her, and she attacked and turned him. While he was more controlled than she was, he too basically left a trail of bodies, and Sati came to find them both hiding in the mountains. Fortunately, Rakaia reacted to the spark that Sati has from being father of vampires, and she let him intervene and calm her down. Sati was the only person she'd respond positively to, and listen to, for a while, and then Makoto came to be on the list, and then Alexios and Surya. Sati built the Ten no Ikari around her, to give her a 'home' and a grounding. It worked. Makoto did okay managing the more specific management of the coven, and no one in Japan ended up like her again. In time, though, Sati, Rakaia, Makoto, and Alexios came to care for one another a lot more deeply than expected. Sati and Alex were already a thing for a long time, but eventually, Rakaia and Makoto were added to that, and they became a quad.

Rakaia, remembering enough to know she didn't remember a lot of anything, even often forgot who her closest and dearest were, sometimes flirting with her own kids, found a healer, on her own, and she got her head back, over time. Layer by layer, she uncovered and dealt with varying traumas, and nowadays, she's not forgotten anything significant in quite a long time. Still calls herself 'we,' still can't stand her reflection, doesn't totally flip it now she just doesn't like seeing it, and still becomes a hurricane of murder-death when threatened or pissed off.

Alex died some fifteen years ago, now, and didn't come back. The Ikari also followed the Storm to Luxerion, so they've been helping keep Luxerion International safe. ... and Sati's been moping a lot, so Rakaia and Makoto have probably been cuddling him a lot.

Makoto Lucain
883 | Male | Sati. @Alexios', and Rakaia's husband | Ten no Ikari Alpha | Suggested PB: Uhhh Matsushita Yuya I think

Read the above one, because beyond that, the rest is up to you. Makoto probably does not have a wand anymore, because they used to set Rakaia off, but aside, he's fairly open-ended.

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