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Started by giratina, Sep 08, 2018, 01:19 PM

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Joining Aphelion is fairly straight-forward, but, for those that need it, here's a step-by-step guide!

First, please register. Always register using your OOC name, and then create characters using the Character Manager. The software will automatically log you in when you've registered, but by default, this is only for an hour. It is recommended to log out, and back in, when you first register, ticking 'stay logged in' on the way back in. You will lose data if you're doing something when the automatic log-in times out!

Once registered and logged in, click the Character Manager option on the top bar ( the dark one ), and from there, click Manage Characters.

Once there, click Create New Character, and go for it.

When you're done with it, tick the Ready for Play box at the bottom, and save with it checked; Aphelion does not have an approval process, so you will be able to use the new character immediately after marking it complete. You can edit everything except Character Group post-completion, so make sure you're sure you've placed them where they go.

That's... pretty much it! Now, you can go post somewhere, and there'll be a drop-down selector for it at the top on the posting screen, and in quick reply. Change this to post with a character. Yep, that's it!

After creation, you'll have a row of buttons under their entry. This allows you to manage them after creation. Transfer will allow you to give a character to another player. It has a drop-down selector of all players on the site, so you don't have to type anything fancy in, just select the right one and click save. The thread tracker button does what it sounds like; from this screen, you can remove tracker entries (perhaps ones added on accident?), and add notes and summaries to the entries that are in their tracker. The journal button allows you to add, edit, and delete journal entries for that character. Journal entries display in their own tab in the character's biography, useful if you want a diary or such for your character.

We recommend you have a plotter, a lot of members don't feel comfortable PMing, and find it easier to plot in threads. Alternatively, post an open! We're really kind of more of a 'do it' community, instead of a 'talk about it' one, so we tend to just dive into things. If you wanna give diving into things a go, boy are we the people for you.
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