Sep 27, 2018 -- Topic & Board Alerts

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Started by Esmera, Sep 24, 2018, 10:09 AM

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Sep 24, 2018, 10:09 AM Last Edit: Sep 24, 2018, 10:12 AM by Esmera
Okay, so here's the deal: in short, the alert system for topic and board watches on SMF 2.1 are a bit broken. Sometimes, it'd fail to send an alert for no apparent reason. I found the thing in the back-end. I found where it's going wrong. I don't know why. (No, I have no freakin' idea why that breaks.)

In short tl;dr form, basically, the system will check to see if you want alerts and then set up the alert stuff to send you one. Cool beans, right? Right. Somehow, somewhere in there, it starts failing intermittently. So I made it stop checking. If you are watching a thread, you will get alerts, period, no matter what you tell the system.
This does not matter, because this server cannot send emails, anyway.

You won't get multiple ones for the same thread, if you don't read it in-between, but you will always get alerts, even if you turn them off. If you don't want alerts anymore, delete the thread from your watches, because turning alerts off no longer works! Now, there's an important thing to note here, if you don't get into the thread and read it, it won't reset to 0, and you won't get another alert for it if someone posts again later. So make sure you're actually reading the thread when you remove the alert if you want more alerts later.

Quick edit is also broken, I know why. I'm working on a new theme for Aphelion now, so hang tight. If you want full functionality back, use the Curve2 theme.

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